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Story of Detroit man walking 21 miles daily inspires donations

Detroit - The story of a Detroit man who walks a staggering 21 miles to work, Monday through Friday, has inspired people across the world to help him get a car.

Santa impersonator shoots two men at Detroit gas station

Detroit - Maybe St. Nick isn't so jolly after all. A man dressed as Santa was arrested early Sunday and faces charges after allegedly shooting two men outside a gas station in downtown Detroit.

Homeless in Detroit set up tent city in the shadow of downtown

Detroit - With Detroit, Michigan looking to the future after shedding a $7.0 billion bankruptcy debt, city officials are now going to need to address the tent city of homeless people that has been set up in the shadow of the downtown area.

Metro Detroit real estate prices surge as many residents move to suburbs Commissioned

Detroit - The city of Detroit, Michigan, and its nearby and even far-flung suburbs share a unique real estate relationship. For many years, there has been a tremendous give-and-take relationship between the city and suburbs.

Review: Ted Nugent — 'Shut Up & Jam!'

The Motor City Madman returns with his first album of new material since 2007's 'Love Grenade'. But is it any good? Digital Journal gave it a listen.

Op-Ed: Detroit's controversial water shutoff reeks of 'too big to fail'

Detroit's deep financial woes have been public for years. Many of its residents are behind on their water bills, and the city has been controversially shutting off water to some delinquent residents. But are delinquent businesses getting a free ride?

Canadians bring 1,000 litres of water to Detroit residents

Detroit - Supporters from nearby areas of Canada came into the United States to bring fresh water to residents of Detroit. Many of those living there have no water now due to unpaid bills which led to mass shutoffs from their companies.

Op-Ed: Detroit's water shutoffs — The crisis overlooked by the media

Detroit - When Michigan Governor Rick Snyder appointed a bankruptcy lawyer as Detroit's manager in 2013, the "motor-city" was seemingly at the end of its rope. Bogged down in high-crime, high unemployment and a distrustful citizenry, what was going to happen next?

Coatis, lemurs among exotic animals found caged in Detroit home

Warren - Michigan police received a rather unusual call that they have almost certainly never heard before: a neighbor calling into report an aardvark on the front lawn of a house in Warren, a suburb of Detroit.

Detroit reaches out to the UN as water runs dry

Detroit - The city of Detroit is shutting off water to over half its residents because of the shortfall in bill payments. This has prompted many to consult the U.N. for human rights violations.

Detroit art museum contents proposed for debt payment

Detroit - The number of pieces that debt collectors are targeting after a default by Detroit has risen from 1,700 to 66,000 after a change in terms and negotiations.

Op-Ed: Detroit's $1000 home auctions full of dangers for buyers

Detroit - Detroit began auctioning off houses seized for delinquent tax payments, but the program’s rules and regulations demonstrate that the bankrupt city has learned nothing about the perils of government overreach.

Leafs lose 8th consecutive in regulation: longest skid since 1985 Special

Toronto - With desperation lingering in the atmosphere at the Air Canada Centre, the Toronto Maple Leafs failed to keep up with the Detroit Red Wings, dropping their 8th consecutive game while seeing their playoff hopes all but vanish before them in a 4-2 loss.

Detroit woman defends home with gun, self defense trend continues

Detroit - A Detroit resident shot and killed a man who was trying to break into her home Friday afternoon, continuing a developing trend of self defense with firearms in Detroit and around the nation.

U.S. automakers extend discount wars through March

General Motors Co <GM.N> and Ford Motor Co <F.N> this week ramped up deep discounts on many of their U.S.

Michigan GOP official: 'Turn Detroit into an Indian reservation'

Detroit - The top official of a suburban Michigan county has raised eyebrows and ire by opining that neighboring Detroit should be turned into an "Indian reservation."

Detroit police chief suggests residents should get guns

Detroit - The police chief of Detroit, a city plagued by gun violence, recently suggested that crime could decrease if more residents armed themselves.

Earl Pose: Interview with Detroit rapper Earlly Mac Special

Detroit - 2013 was an incredible year for Finally Famous artist Earlly Mac. He was featured on albums by Big Sean and Slum Village, and he went on tour. The Detroit rapper is doing an amazing job of representing the D, bringing us Detroit hip-hop at its finest.

Don't kick snow in a stray cat's face; watch the video to see why

Detroit - If you want to defend your dog from a stray cat never kick snow in its face. Why? Do you really need to ask? Maxx from Detroit learned the hard way that cats are tough cookies and stray cats the meanest of the bunch.

'Ghost At The Finish Line': Chatting with rapper Quelle Chris Special

Los Angeles - Today I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with hip-hop artist Quelle Chris. Quelle has a sound and style like no other. No gimmicks, no trends; just unique, honest, and real. Quelle just has this really refreshing passion for hearing and making music.

Thieves rob photojournalist Christopher Morris twice in one day

Detroit - World famous photojournalist Christopher Morris has been robbed twice in one day whilst in Detroit. The thieves stole $15,000 worth of camera equipment. Ironically, Morris was on assignment for a positive piece on Detroit and the Jeep brand recovery.

In Detroit visit, Senator Rand Paul seeks diversity for the GOP

Detroit - Speaking at the opening of the Republican Party office in Detroit, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) stressed the need for the GOP to infiltrate markets the party has largely ignored.

Interview: Improv Comedy Games Wild N Out Edition Special

Royal Oak - The sold out crowd was on fire Sunday night at Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle in Royal Oak, Michgan for the first ever Improv Comedy Games Wild N Out Edition.

Review: Sting has new album and is headed for Broadway

New York - It has been 10 years since his fans have been delivered a Sting album of all new music, and “The Last Ship” delivers a sort of troubadour-like experience that one could imagine hearing around a campfire.

In Detroit, black girl shot as she sought aid after auto accident

Detroit - Renisha McBride, a 19-year-old black girl was seeking help after she had a car accident at 2:30 a.m. on November 2. She died after she was shot in the head on the porch of a house where she had sought help.

'MAHD Almighty' An interview with Detroit rapper MAHD Special

Detroit - My interview with Detroit rapper MAHD begins with a conversation about influences. When I asked him what he thinks of when he hears the term "hip-hop," he said "music" because one of MAHD's greatest influences is simply "good music."

U.S. Attorney General Holder to announce $100M grant for Detroit Special

Detroit - U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is in Detroit with three other top Obama administration aides to formally announce a $100 million federal grant for Detroit, Mich.

Interview with Detroit rapper Adubb Da Gawd Special

Detroit - It's been a huge year for Detroit rapper Adubb Da Gawd. He's opened for many of today's most popular hip-hop artists. Adubb's star is definitely rising, but that should be no surprise from a guy who has been listening to rap since he was 4-years-old.

New Detroit doughnut shop to honor J Dilla's legacy

Detroit - One of late Detroit producer J Dilla's favorite foods was doughnuts. He loved them so much he even named his final album after the delectable treat.

Op-Ed: U.S. economic collapse nears

Today more U.S. cities could experience bankruptcy like Detroit. Detroit's bankruptcy filing spread major concerns throughout the financial world in America. The U.S. economy could collapse by years end.
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A fire on Detroit s West side. Firemen and women work to put out the blaze.
A fire on Detroit's West side. Firemen and women work to put out the blaze.
A demolished house in Detroit  Michigan; part of Mayor Dave Bing s plan to demolish 10 000 vacant ho...
A demolished house in Detroit, Michigan; part of Mayor Dave Bing's plan to demolish 10,000 vacant homes
Graffiti in Detroit
Graffiti in Detroit
Occupy Detroit
Occupy Detroit
Magglio Ordonez fooling around with the camera
Magglio Ordonez fooling around with the camera
Snow blankets the night sky in Detroit
Snow blankets the night sky in Detroit
Autumn shows itself on Wayne State s Gullen Mall
Autumn shows itself on Wayne State's Gullen Mall
Under a bridge in Detroit
Under a bridge in Detroit
Will Rhymes waits on deck
Will Rhymes waits on deck
Leaves change on a tree-lined Forest Ave. in Midtown
Leaves change on a tree-lined Forest Ave. in Midtown
The abandoned Fisher Body 21 building in Detroit
The abandoned Fisher Body 21 building in Detroit
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Miguel Cabrera steps out of the dugout to take pictures with fans on Comerica Park s  Photo Day
Miguel Cabrera steps out of the dugout to take pictures with fans on Comerica Park's "Photo Day"
Cardinals in Detroit  Michigan
Cardinals in Detroit, Michigan
Sunset in Detroit  Michigan
Sunset in Detroit, Michigan
A fire on Detroit s West side. Firemen and women work to put out the blaze.
A fire on Detroit's West side. Firemen and women work to put out the blaze.
Graffiti in Detroit
Graffiti in Detroit
Detroit s first snowfall of 2010
Detroit's first snowfall of 2010
Stray kitten
Stray kitten