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Latest in home security camera devices evaluated Special

Home security products are growing in popularity, but many are expensive, and many have poor connectivity. Two new devices from Reolink provide high-quality imaging at an affordable price.

Watch out, your employer may be watching you

In many businesses if you think that your employer isn’t monitoring your slack activity, then it’s time for a rethink. A new survey charts how and through which types of technologies employee surveillance is taking place.

Orlando begins testing Amazon's facial recognition in public

Orlando - Orlando's police have started using Amazon's controversial Rekognition facial detection system. Initially the police service said the trial was confined to its headquarters; it's not admitted the technology is in use on the streets.

Low power CO2 sensor detects building occupants

A new type of sensor to detect carbon dioxide has the ability to indicate whether people are inside buildings to enable smart building management. The sensor is also capable of running off a low level of power.

London testing cyclist detection systems for traffic lights

Transport for London is to install special cyclist detection systems at traffic lights throughout the city in an effort to make cycling safer. Traffic lights will know how many cyclists are waiting and adjust timings so they have longer to get away in.

New self-destructing virus kills computers when detected

A new form of self-destructing virus has been discovered with a unique agenda. The malware can work out when anti-virus programs have detected it and then renders the computer unusable so that it can keep on operating.

The rise of the real-time translation apps

Translation apps on the internet and phones have got much better at their jobs in recent years and are now used frequently by tourists. A major question remains though: how reliable are they and do they work? A recent BBC report attempts to answer this.

Boston's Logan Airport accused of blatant racial profiling

Boston - Federal agents taking part in a program at Boston's Logan Airport to spot mannerisms of potential terrorists, now say the operation has evolved into racial profiling, targeting people from the Middle East as well as blacks, Hispanics and other minorities.

Light used to detect wound infection

UK scientist have identified a way to use light and detect bacteria in any kind of wounds.

Computer Detects Anger Before Fights Break Out

You can tell when you hear someone is really angry—and get out of the way. Now Sigard, a new software package developed by Sound Intelligence, can also detect verbal aggression with a high level of accuracy.

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