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Top Pakistani activist says prevented from leaving country

Lahore - Pakistani authorities refused to let a top human rights lawyer leave the country, citing her "anti-state activities", she told AFP on Monday, in what appeared to be the latest example of an ongoing rights crackdown.

Parrot that insulted elderly woman detained in India

Rajura - Hariyal, a parrot from India, was detained after it hurled obscenities at an 85-year-old woman. The woman was his owner's stepmother.

Op-Ed: Another American detained. What isn't 'rash' by DPRK standards?

Pyongyang - Another American is detained on equally stupifying reasons as the other two. The US is trying to get them out, but how effective can negotiations really be?

85-year-old Korean war vet detained in North Korea

Now that the State Department has relaxed some of its previous travel restrictions, the prospect of visiting the once forbidden land of North Korea has tempted many an adventurer. For Korean War veteran Merrill Newman, it was the chance of a lifetime.

'Unflushed toilet' leads to passenger being detained

A passenger on a Virgin flight said that he was detained after a member of the cabin crew accused him of not flushing the toilet.

Assange lawyer detained at London airport on 'inhibited fly list'

London - An Australian-born WikiLeaks lawyer and human rights activist has been stopped at a London airport and advised that she is on an “inhibited fly list.”

Pakistan charges bin Laden's widows

Islamabad - Pakistani authorities have charged Osama bin Laden's three widows with illegally entering and living in the country, the interior minister, Rehman Malik, told reporters Thursday.

Ted Williams detained by Los Angeles Police

Los Angeles - Ted Williams, the Ohio homeless man turned celebrity with a radio voice, was detained by Los Angeles police after a disturbance at a hotel in Hollywood, California.

Cuban Doctors Bound For US Detained In Venezuela

Seven Cuban doctors seeking to fly to Miami from Venezuela have been detained and their passports seized by local authorities. It is feared that they will be deported to Cuba, where they could face reprisals.

Foreign Journalists Held in China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Province

Authorities in China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region have detained a number of foreign journalists covering the unrest there. Reports also say information reaching Xinjiang is being blocked by the Communist Party government.

Terror Suspects To Be Held Indefinitely Without A Trial?

As part of a "re-tool" of the military commission trials President Obama is mulling over the possibility of detaining some alleged terror suspects indefinitely, and without trial, on US soil.

Parents of China milk scandal victims detained

Parents of victims of the tainted milk scandal in China have accused authorities of trying to silence them by blocking a news conference. Several parents have been arrested.

Bilal Hussein Should Be A Free Man Soon

The story of a journalist for the AP has finally got a bit of good news. An Iraqi judicial panel has dismissed all criminal allegations from Bilal Hussein and ordered his release after a detainment of two years and one day with the U.S. military.

Infant Dies After Being Detained At the Airport

Michael Futi of Tafuna, American Samoa died Friday in a locked room at Honolulu International Airport. The infant was 14 days old and on route to hospital for heart surgery when he, his mothers and a nurse were detained at the airport.

Sylvester Stallone Detained at Sydney Airport

After prohibited imports in his luggage and that of his entourage were found, Sylvester Stallone was detained for hours on arrival at Sydney Airport.

Soldiers detained after picking fight in bar

Three Fort Lewis soldiers have been arrested in connection with a bar fight in Lacey.

Hundreds Detained Ahead of Anti-Government Rally

Russian authorities pulled hundreds of opposition activists off buses and trains and detained them along with scores of others on Saturday ahead of a rare anti-government rally in Moscow, organizers said.

Turkey Pope Protesters occupying building detained

Police on Wednesday detained about 40 members of a Turkish nationalist party who earlier had occupied one of Istanbul's most famous buildings, the Haghia Sophia, to protest the visit next week of Pope Benedict XVI

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