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Depression News

New approach for treating teens with depression

Washington D.c. - Depression is a growing problem among teenagers as the pressures from schools increases, together with interactions with peer groups and from social media. The rise requires new strategies for treatment by health authorities.

Study: Probiotics reduce stress and anxiety

A study on animals suggests that increased knowledge about gut health could lead to the use of probiotics to alter the microorganisms of the gut and modulate behavioral responses to stress.

New insights on how depression and anxiety change the body

A new study suggests that depression and anxiety change the body in different ways, with depression affecting the stomach and anxiety affecting the skin. This highlights how mental problems and physical disorders are often interlinked.

Brain area where depression occurs is detected

Feeling low? Scientists now know where in the brain depression is most strongly associated with. The region is associated with reward and it also interacts with a second region of the brain that stores memories.

Op-Ed: Magic mushroom tests — Strong positives for treating depression

London - Despite bureaucracy, Imperial College researchers in the UK have found that magic mushrooms show strong positive indicators for people suffering from depression. Trials have shown that some subjects remain free from depression months later.

China, India face huge mental health burden: Study

Paris - China and India are home to more than a third of people with mental illness, but only a tiny fraction of them receive medical help, according to studies released Wednesday.

d-Methadone elicits antidepressant-like effects after single dose

The chemical d-Methadone elicits antidepressant-like effects after a single administration, according to a new animal study.

Virtual therapy helps tackle depression

London - Instead of pills, and in conjunction with counselling,a medical study suggests forms of "virtual therapy" using headsets might act as a cure for depression.

Vagus nerve stimulation helps cure depression

A new technique, where the Vagus nerve is stimulated, has been found to be effective for treating certain types of depression. This follows trials involving adult patients.

Catching depression early for good mental health

Is it possible to diagnose depression before it takes a grip? Two research groups think so and they have devised a new brain imaging system, aimed at children.

Woman charged after student shot to death after minor car crash

Tempe - A 32-year-old woman was arrested after she allegedly shot and killed a Chinese exchange student in Arizona after a minor fender bender. Police say the woman was depressed and planned to commit violence.

Time in nature fights depression, diabetes, ADHD, cancer and more

Urbana - After reviewing hundreds of clinical studies, scientists have found that simply spending time in nature has "huge, broad effects on health" and the immune system.

Can eating fish keep depression at bay?

New research suggests that a high consumption of fish helps to keep depression at bay, for those who are risk from mental health problems.

Op-Ed: Having children can increase unhappiness

The image of smiling parents, cute child in two, sauntering happily through a woodland or meandering around a shopping mall could be a myth, according to new research.

New study says bullies have lowest rates of depression

Vancouver - A new study out of Simon Fraser University not only suggests bullying is a genetic trait — it also says bullies have high self-esteem and social status, with low rates of depression.

New compound may treat depression rapidly with few side effects

Researchers tested compounds that reversed depressive symptoms in less than 24 hours, which may lead to faster-acting antidepressant treatment.

Excessive smartphone use linked to depression

A new study suggests the more time that someone spends gazing into their smartphone, clicking away, then the more likely they are to suffer from depression.

Abortion Recovery: How to continue Special

Each year there are about 1.1 million abortions in the United States. (Abortion Incidence and Service Availability in the United States, 2011)

Study suggests higher mortality rates among depressed patients

Seville - Scientists in Europe have presented a study linking together depression and the likelihood that an individual will suffer heart failure.

Millennials more likely to be depressed at work

Millennials have a reputation for being more fickle in regards to their working habits when compared to older generations. Turns out that millennial difficulties in the work force might be tied to depression.

Can existing drugs help to combat MS?

Edinburgh - Existing medications for conditions like depression and heart problems could hold the clue to treating multiple sclerosis, according to medical experts.

Prenatal yoga could lessen depression symptoms

New research published in the Women's Health Issues journal has concluded that prenatal yoga can help pregnant mothers beat depression.

Germanwings co-pilot had suffered depression: Report

Berlin - The Germanwings co-pilot said to have deliberately crashed his Airbus with 149 others aboard into the French Alps suffered serious depression six years ago, German daily Bild reported Friday.

Study: Psychedelics improve mental health, reduce suicide risk

Baltimore - Despite the fact that psychedelic substances are classified as illegal in many countries, a large new study has found that lifetime use of them is associated with lower levels of psychological distress and suicidal tendencies.

Smokers 70% more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression

A new study from the British Heart Foundation concludes that smokers are 70 percent more at risk of suffering from depression and anxiety, as compared to non-smokers.

Student loans linked to depression and high levels of stress

Columbia - In the first national study of its kind, researchers have found that the heavy burden of student loans is causing serious mental health issues in America's young adult population.

Marijuana's relationship with mental illness

Washington D.c. - Stories about the success of medical marijuana have frequently hit the news wire, now an abstract from a Cato Institute study has given medical marijuana activists another reason to fight for the cause.

'A Reason' — indie sleeper film of the year Special

A Reason is an independent film written and directed by Dominique Schilling and produced by Caroline Risberg (Risberg Schilling Productions).

Miraculous help with depression from hallucinogenic drug

Potentially the "most exciting new treatment for depression in years" is how the New York times is reporting the results of a new, medical study to assess the effects of the popular, hallucinogen drug, ketamine, on mood disorders.

Study: Meditation as effective as psychotherapy for depression

Stockholm - Group meditation classes improve depression and anxiety just as well as expensive private therapy sessions, according to a brand new study.
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Urban Outfitters  controversial t-shirt glamorizing depression
Urban Outfitters' controversial t-shirt glamorizing depression
Urban Outfitters
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File photo: About 50 individuals and five nonprofit organizations are suing (PDF) the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, claiming that the process is illegally denying benefits to Texans.
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Dogs can help deal with depression.
Dogs can help deal with depression.
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Caught on camera: Tiger attacks Chinese man after he jumps in enclosure.
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An image showing the effects of PTSD on soldiers
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Pamela Durham: Care Net Director of Abortion Recovery for Care Net Pregnancy Services of the Treasure Coast
Pamela Durham: Care Net Director of Abortion Recovery for Care Net Pregnancy Services of the Treasur...
Pamela Durham: Care Net Director of Abortion Recovery for Care Net Pregnancy Services of the Treasure Coast