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Depression News

Germanwings co-pilot had suffered depression: Report

Berlin - The Germanwings co-pilot said to have deliberately crashed his Airbus with 149 others aboard into the French Alps suffered serious depression six years ago, German daily Bild reported Friday.

Study: Psychedelics improve mental health, reduce suicide risk

Baltimore - Despite the fact that psychedelic substances are classified as illegal in many countries, a large new study has found that lifetime use of them is associated with lower levels of psychological distress and suicidal tendencies.

Smokers 70% more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression

A new study from the British Heart Foundation concludes that smokers are 70 percent more at risk of suffering from depression and anxiety, as compared to non-smokers.

Student loans linked to depression and high levels of stress

Columbia - In the first national study of its kind, researchers have found that the heavy burden of student loans is causing serious mental health issues in America's young adult population.

Marijuana's relationship with mental illness

Washington D.c. - Stories about the success of medical marijuana have frequently hit the news wire, now an abstract from a Cato Institute study has given medical marijuana activists another reason to fight for the cause.

'A Reason' — indie sleeper film of the year Special

A Reason is an independent film written and directed by Dominique Schilling and produced by Caroline Risberg (Risberg Schilling Productions).

Miraculous help with depression from hallucinogenic drug

Potentially the "most exciting new treatment for depression in years" is how the New York times is reporting the results of a new, medical study to assess the effects of the popular, hallucinogen drug, ketamine, on mood disorders.

Study: Meditation as effective as psychotherapy for depression

Stockholm - Group meditation classes improve depression and anxiety just as well as expensive private therapy sessions, according to a brand new study.

Is depression linked to an infectious disease?

Some types of major depressive disorder (MDD) could be re-assessed as infectious diseases, according to a new study. The study suggests that some forms of depression result from parasitic, bacterial, or viral infection.

Woman commits 'death by crocodile' in apparent suicide

Bangkok - In Thailand on Friday, a despondent 65-year old woman jumped to her death into a watery pit filled with voracious crocodiles while horrified onlookers looked on. The pool is said to house hundreds of the large reptiles.

New findings into an alcohol dependence gene

Scientists have linked a gene, already identified with alcohol dependence, with a neurotransmitter involved in anxiety and relaxation.

Radio host: Prozac to blame for Robin Williams' death?

In a recent report, a popular radio host suggested that prescription drugs might have contributed to actor/comedian Robin Williams' tragic suicide.

Learning from Robin Williams: A new tune of hope for depression

The sudden and shocking death of Robin Williams has reverberated around the world this week as millions struggle to grasp a reality that seems almost too impossible to believe. But, sadly, it is.

Op-Ed: Robin Williams' death should prompt help for men with depression

The tragic loss of famed actor and comedian Robin Williams has left many wondering how such a vibrant, funny man could have been depressed. While most examine comedy and depression, we should examine masculinity and depression.

Op-Ed: Silence is the killer

Toronto - Social Media went wild last night as the news that it appeared that Robin Williams took his life. The world was in shock that a man so talented would end his life. Williams was not alone.

Op-Ed: The ignorant reaction to suicide

Malibu - Suicide is the coward's way out, killing yourself is a selfish act. Those two sentences hit my news feed when I got off of work and heard about the death of Robin Williams. If you are a person who believes those things, you are a heartless fool.

Using 'magic mushrooms' to treat anxiety and depression

Psilocybin, the psychedelic component of certain mushroom species, is being investigated for its use in treating anxiety and depression. Scientists have found out that the compound triggers brain activity characteristic of dream states.

Tiny molecule may help battle depression

Researchers have found a tiny molecule (miR-1202) that may provide a marker for major depression. The molecule may also help scientist find better treatments to fight depression.

New study reports that depression can be found through blood test

Many people can go through depression in their lifetime, though a new test can find whether it has the ability to affect one’s daily life. How? Through the blood.

New ‘natural antidepressant’ reported

A substance, called neuritin, has been heralded as a natural antidepressant. The substance is found in the brain and it has a role in nerve transmission.

Op-Ed: Doctors discourage others from joining the profession

According to The Daily Beast, nine out of 10 doctors discourage others from joining the profession, and 300 physicians commit suicide every year. A few years ago, physicians were named as having the second-most suicidal occupation.

Stress hormone linked to depression

Cambridge - Scientists have identified elevated levels of a stress hormone in teenage boys. The researchers think that this hormone is a signpost of major depression.

Op-Ed: Depression is neither fashionable nor funny

Retail marketers say that you have to capture one's attention and close the sale before the next guy does or you will find yourself on the short end of the stick.

Unborn babies can contract depression from their mothers

Unborn babies can contract depression from their mothers while they are still in their wombs, according to new research.

Depression can 'speed up aging'

Cells in the bodies of depressed people appear older and contain chromosomes that are shorter, according to a new study. This can lead to physical manifestations of aging.

Lonely and depressed Chinese man cuts off his own penis

Jiaxiang - Frustrated due to his lack of a girlfriend a Chinese man decides to cut his own penis off since it was of no use to him.

Research shows poverty produces adults less able to cope

Denver - Research using brain imaging hardware demonstrates that childhood poverty makes adults less able to cope. It is the first data to confirm what seems like common sense.

A parent's worst nightmare: The dark side of the Internet Special

Fourteen year-old Hanah Smith had been threatened with a sadistic rape attack, her abuser threatened to attack Hanah with a hammer, anonymous messengers taunted Hanah about her weight, the death of an uncle and urged her to engage in self-harm.

The many faces of bipolar disorder Special

Christine Adewunmi, a 37-year-old stay-at-home mom and a former physical education teacher from Missouri, was struggling with bipolar disorder, depression, including researching suicide methods online.

Being ‘happy’ makes for good health, it's all in the genes

According to a new study, a good state of mind affects your health. The study looked at how positive psychology impacts upon immune cells and the body’s ability to fight disease.
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An image showing the effects of PTSD on soldiers
An image showing the effects of PTSD on soldiers
Urban Outfitters  controversial t-shirt glamorizing depression
Urban Outfitters' controversial t-shirt glamorizing depression
Urban Outfitters
Dogs can help deal with depression.
Dogs can help deal with depression.
File photo: About 50 individuals and five nonprofit organizations are suing (PDF) the Texas Health a...
File photo: About 50 individuals and five nonprofit organizations are suing (PDF) the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, claiming that the process is illegally denying benefits to Texans.
Andrew Stichbury
Caught on camera: Tiger attacks Chinese man after he jumps in enclosure.
Caught on camera: Tiger attacks Chinese man after he jumps in enclosure.
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