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Denver News

Denver first US city to allow social cannabis use

Denver - Denver has become the first city in the United States to legalize the social use of cannabis in businesses, including bars, yoga studios and art galleries.

Colorado's own Joey Canyon discuses 'The Joey Canyon Show' Special

Veteran singer/songwriter Joey Canyon has lived in the Centennial State for over 40 years (he was born in California) and presents his own country music and variety television programme from his adopted hometown of Denver. Digital Journal meets him.

San Francisco gets $5 million bill from police for Super Bowl 50

San Francisco - San Francisco taxpayers are on the hook for millions of dollars in police overtime incurred as the city hosted weeks of festivities before Super Bowl 50.

Bill Clinton makes quiet trip to Colorado to help wife's campaign

Denver - Former U.S. President Bill Clinton made an under-the-radar trip to Denver last week to rally support for his wife's campaign before the Colorado caucuses on March 1.

Review: A Denver couple goes West to pursue dream of Ice Cream Special

Sonoma - It's not everyday that a young couple would move over 765 miles just to follow a dream to open an ice cream shop. Yet that is what Joe and Ramie Hencmann did, leaving their well-established lives in Denver to venture to a place unknown, like Sonoma.

Op-Ed: Inside the great Peyton Manning

With the Super Bowl right around the corner it seems only natural, as two teams get set to see who is the best in the world, we consider greatness and what constitutes it, and who truly has it.

Heroin is getting cheaper in Denver and beyond

Heroin is a fairly cheap drug. In Denver, Colorado a single dose costs from $10 to $25. That price is much less than some of the most commonly used legal prescription drugs that are used for recreational use like Oxycodone.

Cucumbers at Jimmy John's blamed for E. coli outbreak in Denver

Denver - It took a year of detective work, but authorities have finally tracked down the cause of an E. coli outbreak last year at Jimmy John's restaurants in Colorado. Cucumbers, it turns out, are the guilty party.

Video: Denver cops trip pregnant woman face-first; beat husband

Denver - When Mayra Lazos-Guerrero, seven months pregnant, walked up to two two police officers who were were beating her husband while he was on the ground, she asked them to stop. Instead, one of the officers swept her feet out from under her, a witness said.

Denver Broncos boss steps down, keeps franchise in the family

Denver - On Wednesday, the sports world reacted with a resounding show of remorse and respect in response to news that Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen is relinquishing control of his beloved team due to Alzheimer's disease.

Op-Ed: Supreme Court twiddles thumbs on gay marriage as Obama plays pool

Denver - Sometimes it seems that if Colorado isn’t the center of the universe, at least it is the center of the United States. Take same-sex marriage or marijuana.

Frontier Airlines pilot treats delayed passengers to pizza

Cheyenne - Passengers on a Frontier Airlines flight from Washington DC to Denver probably thought their trip could not get much worse after their plane was diverted to Wyoming because of bad weather.

EPA tells employees to stop pooping in the hallway

Denver - Like all major organizations, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) faces a number of challenges that it must overcome. The latest challenge is one in which no amount of schooling could have prepared them — employees pooping in the hallway.

Op-Ed: Why cavity searches matter in high-crime areas

Many of us are frustrated by airport cavity searches but in some areas they are valuable. Denver police were allegedly attacked by a man who had hidden a gun between his cheeks, in a manner of speaking.

Colbie Caillat surprises airlines passengers with impromptu songs

Multi-platinum-selling recording artist Colbie Caillat surprised her fans on Wednesday night while aboard a Southwest Airlines flight from Denver International Airport to Bob Hope Airport in Burbank.

Marijuana buyers line up outside shop to buy first legal weed Special

Denver - More than 100 people lined up in the snow outside Cannabis 3D Center to buy legal marijuana Wednesday. They lined up outside because there were dozens of journalists, reporters and TV crews inside.

Op-Ed: Clock ticking down to first legal weed in the nation

Denver - John Denver's Rocky Mountain High attracted many people to Colorado. Now the real thing will be legal, effective at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday.

Op-Ed: Denver decides to make it less dangerous to buy pot

Denver - The city of Denver is preparing to become the marijuana capital of the U.S., working out some loose ends. Colorado and Washington voted to legalize

'Mais non!' 6 bottles of very rare French wine stolen in Denver

Denver - Six bottles of a very rare French wine have been stolen from the wine cellar at The Brown Palace Hotel in Denver. It is unclear when the wine was stolen and it is not marked with any kind of identification.

Watch Broncos RB Knowshon Moreno cry HUGE tears during national anthem

Kansas City - Denver's running back Knowshon Moreno didn't just cry during the national anthem before Sunday's game versus Kansas City. Moreno wept what some are calling "gigantic and frightening tears."

Teenager shot dead as prank goes horribly wrong

Denver - Teenage pranksters often bite off more than they can chew but Premila Lal, 18, definitely got more than she bargained for when she leaped out of a closet to make her friend jump -- she was shot dead.

Video shows shooting at 4/20 event in Denver

Denver - A video has surfaced, and it shows performers singing on stage at a 4/20 festival held in Denver, Colorado. Gunshots can be heard and then the crowd disperses.

In photos: Winter Storm Virgil greets Denver and moves east Special

Denver - A large snowy storm system has been moving itself across the U.S. From Denver and points west to the east coast, wintry weather has been wreaking havoc this past weekend continuing into Monday.

Op-Ed: What makes Downtown Denver unique, have you been there?

Denver - Are you one of those people that remember and miss a traditional downtown, vibrant with life, excitement and things to do. A place where real people go and you'll run in to your neighbour?

Members-only pot clubs spring up in Colorado

Denver - Marijuana smokers in Denver now have somewhere to go to light up, relax and enjoy themselves with friends. While pot is not sold there, members are free to bring it and smoke it, after paying a membership fee.

12 people killed in shooting spree at Batman movie premiere

Aurora - A dozen people were killed and around 59 were injured in Aurora, near Denver, Colorado when attending a midnight showing of the new Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. One of the suspects, a 25-year-old man, has been taken into custody.

Cultivate Festivals heading to Denver and Chicago later this year

Not only will the upcoming Cultivate Festivals bring out the food and music,they will benefit a non-profit organization that works with family farmers and organizations.

Report: Peyton Manning signing with Denver, Tebow to be traded?

The most sough-after quarterback in the NFL is signing with the Denver Broncos, according to an ESPN report. It's expected Denver will trade their star QB Tim Tebow.

TopFinds: Barkley calls out QB Tebow, a bungee jumping scare

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is being called a "national nightmare" by former NBA star Charles Barkley. A bungee jumper's cord snaps but she survives a deadly fall. Dolphin activists gather in Japan. These are the top stories on

Flight bound for Los Angeles makes emergency landing in Colorado

Denver - A flight leaving Denver bound for LAX had to make an emergency landing Sunday after the aircraft lost one of its two engines shortly after takeoff.
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Rental bicycles abound across the city of Denver  where you can pick them up to ride from place to p...
Rental bicycles abound across the city of Denver, where you can pick them up to ride from place to place, parking them at each kiosk you arrive at.
Scenes from downtown Denver along the 16th Street Mall.
Scenes from downtown Denver along the 16th Street Mall.
Sidewalk vendors  downtown Denver  CO.
Sidewalk vendors, downtown Denver, CO.
Scenes from downtown Denver along the 16th Street Mall.
Scenes from downtown Denver along the 16th Street Mall.
Informative cow  downtown Denver  CO.
Informative cow, downtown Denver, CO.
Evening buggy ride waiting on the 16th Street Mall  Denver  CO.
Evening buggy ride waiting on the 16th Street Mall, Denver, CO.
AIRLINE FOOD: Flight attendants pass out boxes of pizza on a Frontier Airlines flight that was diver...
AIRLINE FOOD: Flight attendants pass out boxes of pizza on a Frontier Airlines flight that was diverted from Colorado to Wyoming and ran out of food. The pilot ordered the pies from a Domino"s outlet in Cheyenne and paid for all 35 of them.
Logan Marie Torres
File photo: Kansas City Chiefs facing Denver QB Tim Tebow
File photo: Kansas City Chiefs facing Denver QB Tim Tebow
Ed Clemente Photography
Scenes from downtown Denver along the 16th Street Mall.
Scenes from downtown Denver along the 16th Street Mall.
Art travel cow  downtown Denver  CO.
Art travel cow, downtown Denver, CO.
Flowers growing along the streets of the 16th Street Mall  Denver  CO
Flowers growing along the streets of the 16th Street Mall, Denver, CO
Bus traveling along the 16th Street Mall  with mountains in the distance  downtown Denver  CO.
Bus traveling along the 16th Street Mall, with mountains in the distance, downtown Denver, CO.
Colorful chairs offer a seat  downtown Denver  CO.
Colorful chairs offer a seat, downtown Denver, CO.
Sunrise from a near by hotel high near the 16th St Mall  Denver.
Sunrise from a near by hotel high near the 16th St Mall, Denver.
Artistic chess stations  downtown denver on the 16th Street Mall.
Artistic chess stations, downtown denver on the 16th Street Mall.

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