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Dentist News

AI comes to dentistry: The smart toothbrush

FOREO, a Swedish company has debuted the ISSALEXA, an artificially intelligent toothbrush that offers user support by analyzing saliva to detect nerves, anxiousness, stress and other emotional sensitivities.

Paying dentists with cryptocurrency is happening

Amsterdam - Many dentists in Europe now accept Dentacoin, the custom token created for the global dental industry, as payment for dental treatment. Consumers can acquire dentacoins through reviews.

Dentists are turning to virtual reality to help patients

Portsmouth - Dentists have been exploring the effectiveness of virtual reality for helping distract patients and to ease the feelings of pain when procedures are undertaken. Significant benefits have been reported.

Teething trouble: the worse U.S. dental records revealed

Although it is the richest country in the world, the U.S. has variable rates for dental hygiene. A new report profiles the disparity across the nation.

Manhattan dentist sues patient for posting negative online review

Manhattan - A Manhattan dentist has sued five people in four years for negative reviews posted online, prompting Yelp to issue its third-ever consumer alert.

Bringing the health economy together via dentist and dietician

For people with busy lives, visiting dentists, dieticians, medical doctors and so forth means a difficult balancing act. To help with this, Michigan State University has pioneered a test for obesity to be used by dentists.

French court to rule in 'dentist of horror' case

Nevers - A French court will on Tuesday rule in the trial against a Dutchman dubbed "the dentist of horror", who is accused of causing severe injuries to dozens of patients.

French prosecutor seeks 8 years for 'dentist of horror'

Nevers - A French prosecutor on Monday requested an eight-year prison sentence for a Dutchman dubbed "the dentist of horror" who is accused of causing severe injuries to the mouths of dozens of patients.

'Dentist of horror' on trial for mutilating French patients

Nevers - A Dutchman dubbed the "dentist of horror" by French media went on trial Tuesday after allegedly causing horrific injuries to the mouths of more than 100 patients in France.

'Dentist of horror' on trial for injuring French patients

Nevers - The trial of a Dutch man dubbed the "dentist of horror" after allegedly mutilating the mouths of more than 100 patients in France is due to open on Tuesday.

Canada begins national non-smoking week

Toronto - National Non-Smoking Week runs from January 17–23 2015. To mark it, Canada's dental hygienists are reminding people of the important need to eliminate tobacco use for optimal oral and overall health.

Hygienists call for improved dental health

Toronto - A consortium of Canadian dental hygienists is seeking to make 2016 the year of good dental hygiene and improved oral health. Plaque coats the teeth if they are not brushed properly. This contributes to gum disease and tooth decay.

Dental hygienists raise e-cigarette concerns

Toronto - Canada’s dental hygienists have raised concerns about the impact of e-cigarettes on the nation’s oral health, noting a decline in the conditions of e-cigarette smokers' mouths, particularly in youth.

Sadistic dentist accused operating 'house of horrors'

A Florida dentist accused of torturing his young patients has agreed to cease practicing dentistry amidst a series of lawsuits from former clients.

10 surprising cavity causing culprits Special

The holiday season is a great time to indulge and push the diet back. This especially includes sweet treats. However, there are other hidden risks that can cause tooth decay. Digital Journal spoke with a leading dentist to find out more.

Columbus dentist delivers medical aid through technology Special

Dr. Patrick Singley, a Columbus, MS-based dentist, has developed a simple EMR iPad solution for non-profit organizations that allows medical missions to create a ‘virtual clinic’ in a jungle tent or village.

Lasers used to rebuild teeth

Scientists have carried out a study using lasers to rebuild the teeth of rodents. It is hoped that the technology could be used on people in the near future.

10 surprising causes of dental cavities Special

Dr. Steinberg, a leading U.S. dentist has contacted Digital Journal with 10 interesting and surprising, facts about dental cavities.

Are diamond dental implants the future?

Scientists have discovered that diamonds on a much, much smaller scale than those used in jewellery could be used to promote bone growth and the durability of dental implants.

Can your dentist tell your ethnic origin?

Perhaps. Purnima Kumar, associate professor of periodontology at Ohio State University has uncovered a new uniqueness, a kind of “fingerprint,” in humans.

'Peeping Tom' dentist jailed by German court

Gera - A German dentist, who secretly filmed his female staff when they were changing clothes, has been jailed for two years and four months.

Dentists chomping at bit to attract patients with social media pizazz Commissioned

The recession has been tough on many industries, including dentistry. Dentists are losing revenue as cash-strapped patients forego routine cleanings and fillings. What's a struggling dental surgeon to do? For some, a fresh look at marketing is the answer.

Op-Ed: The dentist who came from hell

For most people, a visit to the dentist is a feared and traumatic experience, and most of the time some form of anesthesia is welcome. It can, however, be the wrong decision to make.

Oklahoma dentist may have exposed 7,000 to HIV, hepatitis B and C

The Tulsa Health Department has issued a warning to 7,000 patients that they could have contracted HIV and hepatitis B or hepatitis C at the dental clinic of Dr. Wayne Harrington, an oral surgeon with a private practice in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Report on the 2012 Zoomer Show in Toronto Special

Toronto - The wind and rain reduced attendance at the 2012 Zoomer Show held at the Direct Energy Bldg at Exhibition Place in Toronto on Oct 27, and 28 weekend. Instead of growing larger, attendance was down this year, but only because of Hurricane Sandy.

Dentist travels 4,000 miles to find woman who stole his heart

Kelowna - What would you do for love? Would you put your life on hold for a month and travel more than 4,000 miles to find a girl whose name you don’t know, who you spoke to for two minutes? That's what this Canadian dentist is doing. Here's his story.

Miami man, 81, charged after allegedly posing as a dentist

Miami - The man, together with his wife and daughter, all face charges of child abuse and child negligence after allegedly performing dental work on a young girl that left her disfigured.

Man sues orthodontist for allegedly leaving braces on for 11 yrs

Portland - A 22-year-old Oregon man is suing his orthodontist for allegedly leaving braces on him for 11 years. Over the years many of the man's teeth have rotted through and he says he has needed much corrective surgery.

Op-Ed: Melodrama filled with laughter & fun in Baker City, Oregon Special

Baker City - Theater is a language most of us can easily understand, whether it is a popular Hollywood action movie or a live stage production in your hometown.

Dentist pulls out all ex-boyfriend's teeth after he dumped her

A dentist pulled out all her ex-boyfriend's teeth after he dumped her for another woman. Now the toothless man has been abandoned by his new girlfriend who says "she can’t be with a man without teeth."
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Have you seen her? B.C. dentist Sandy Crocker returns to Ireland on a quest to find a woman he met a...
Have you seen her? B.C. dentist Sandy Crocker returns to Ireland on a quest to find a woman he met a year ago.
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A courtroom sketch shows Jacobus Marinus Van Nierop attending his trial at the Nevers courthouse in ...
A courtroom sketch shows Jacobus Marinus Van Nierop attending his trial at the Nevers courthouse in central France, on March 8, 2016
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An Teach Bia cafe in Ennistymon, Co Clare
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Tomah Veterans Administration Medical Center in Tomah, Wisconsin.
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The “rogue dentist” - Tung Sheng "David" Wu, 62
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Zack Werner and Dr Natalie Archer, Toronto Dentist in theatre