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Denmark holds first PEGIDA rallies

Copenhage - The Danish wing of Germany's anti-Islamic PEGIDA movement staged its first rallies on Monday, drawing several hundred people in the capital and in other cities although marchers were outnumbered by counter-demonstrators.

Charlie Hebdo 'paid the highest price': Danish editor

Copenhage - The Danish editor who triggered global protests by publishing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed said Wednesday that French weekly Charlie Hebdo had "paid the highest price" for defending press freedom."Charlie Hebdo didn't shut up...

Denmark claims potentially energy-rich Arctic waters

Copenhage - Denmark will lay claim to energy-rich but contested territory around the North Pole on Monday by submitting data to the UN which it says demonstrates the area is an extension of its continental shelf.

Russia denies military jet near miss with airliner over Sweden

Moscow - Russia's defence ministry on Sunday denied a report by Swedish military that a Russian military plane nearly collided this week with a passenger plane over Sweden.

Greenland ruling party ekes out win in snap election

Copenhagen - Greenland's ruling Siumut party narrowly won a snap election called after it became embroiled in a graft scandal, results showed on Saturday, but it faced tough negotiations to form the next government to lead the vast Arctic island.

Denmark: Public-supported ban on male circumcision sparks debate

A poll conducted by a newspaper in Denmark showed that almost three-quarters of Danes think that circumcision should be restricted or banned completely, and this prompted Denmark's parliament to debate the issue earlier today.

New study: One in every six Danes has stolen a bicycle

Copenhagen - Bicycles are a popular mode of transport in Denmark, but it seems there is a problem. According to a new study, 17 percent of Danes have, at some stage, stolen another person's bicycle and it's costing Danish insurance companies a fortune.

Danish immigrant party challenges populist right

Copenhagen - A political party targeting the immigrant vote by advocating looser immigration laws and "a ban on banning" religious symbols has launched in Denmark amid record support for the populist right.

Sex with animals to be banned in Denmark

Denmark's food and agriculture minister said the country plans on banning bestiality, following in the recent footsteps of Germany and Norway.

Greenland government calls election amid PM expenses scandal

Copenhagen - Greenland's government has called an election for November 28 after an expenses scandal prompted Prime Minister Aleqa Hammond to step down as leader of her party.

Danish grandad 'guns down lawyer' in Copenhagen

Copenhagen - An angry grandfather shot and killed a lawyer and critically wounded another man after opening fire with a sawn-off shotgun in a court in Denmark Tuesday, police and media said.

Celebrities join battle to stop Faroe Islands dolphin 'grind'

Copenhagen - Celebrities and animal lovers from around the world are flocking to the Faroe Islands in a bid to stop a controversial dolphin hunt that activists describe as an "archaic mass slaughter".

Video: Sky Tower drops visitors from 100 feet with no rope

Aarhus - Sky Tower is the name of an unconventional thrill ride at Tivoli Friheden. Patrons literally fall 100 feet into a giant net at the bottom of the ride.

Indictment in The Pirate Bay co-founder case made public

Copenhagen - Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, hacker and co-founder of The Pirate Bay, has been behind bars in Denmark since November last year. Up until now, his court appearances have been behind closed doors, but a freedom of information request has changed things.

Merkel backs Juncker but hints ready to reach out to Britain

Berlin - German Chancellor Angela Merkel reiterated support for Jean-Claude Juncker as the European Commission's next head Thursday but indicated a willingness to consider concessions to Britain, which opposes him.

Scandinavian anti-immigrant parties face mixed fortunes

Copenhagen - Denmark's anti-immigrant party is expected to become the country's largest in Sunday's EU election while their Swedish peers lag behind, highlighting different political and economic landscapes in the two countries.

Eurovision win for Austria drag queen sparks anger in Russia

Moscow - Victory for Austria's bearded transvestite Conchita Wurst at the Eurovision Song Contest prompted an outpouring of anti-gay anger from Russian politicians and stars on Sunday.

Minecraft Denmark map attacked

A virtual replica of the entire landmass of Denmark, created on Minecraft to help educate children, has been disrupted by "cyber vandals".

Minecraft recreates all of Denmark

Copenhagen - The entire land mass of Denmark has been recreated, to scale, within the virtual world of the computer game Minecraft. The re-imaging has been endorsed by the Danish government.

Dane joins in Philippines' bloody Easter crucifixions

- A Danish man joined eight Filipinos in re-enacting the death of Jesus Christ Friday by being nailed to crosses in a bloody annual Easter spectacle in the Philippines before thousands of surprised onlookers.

Denmark opens more 'drug rooms' after successful trial

Copenhagen - The gangly, 46-year-old father of three speaks five languages and talks effortlessly about international politics. What he can't do, for the moment at least, is kick his cocaine and heroin habit.

Carlsberg enters Czech Republic with Zatec acquisition

Copenhagen - Danish brewer Carlsberg said on Thursday it had acquired Czech producer Zatec, a transaction which will allow it to set foot in the world's first beer market per capita.

Daily Relief: Friday 28 March

A light-hearted look at the odd events happening in the world. Today includes a new TV show starring Prince Harry, a weird tattoo and a shocking look at the effects of drug abuse.

Danish travel group promotes baby-making holidays

Copenhagen - A Danish travel company on Thursday claimed it could boost Denmark's dwindling birth rates by sending more couples to romantic cities like Paris, in an advertising campaign titled "Do it for Denmark!"In a two-minute video clip featuring abandoned playg...

Danish zoo that killed giraffe puts down four lions

Copenhagen - A Copenhagen zoo that prompted international outrage by putting down a healthy giraffe and dissecting it in public has killed two lions and their two cubs to make way for a new male, it said on Tuesday."Because of the pride of lions' natural structure ...

Lego to build on movie success, tackle globalisation challenge

Billund - With record sales and a hit movie expected to propel them further, Lego could be expected to bask in its successful turnaround, but the Danish maker of colourful toy blocks is pressing ahead to face the challenges of globalisation.Last month, the world...

Lego builds up profits, hunts global talent

Billund - Toy maker Lego posted rising annual profits and revenue on Thursday and said it would set up global management hubs to attract more foreign talent to the group's management."I'm very excited that it's the ninth consecutive year of organic growth," chie...

Maersk profits drop less than expected on firm container shipping

Copenhagen - Danish shipping and oil conglomerate A.P.

Acetaminophen use in pregnancy linked to risk of ADHD

Washington - Acetaminophen, a common pain reliever considered safe for pregnant women, has been linked for the first time to an increased risk of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder in children, said a study Monday.More studies are needed to confirm the fi...

Carlsberg reports profits rise with Asian growth

Copenhagen - Danish brewer Carlsberg on Wednesday forecast rising annual profits, as Asian growth helped it post a fourth-quarter profit despite weak Russian sales.Volumes in its Asian markets "continued to grow while our Western European markets declined by an est...
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Denmark Image

It is now prohibited for Danish hair salons to charge women more than men.
It is now prohibited for Danish hair salons to charge women more than men.
Flickr Creative Commons
Cycling in Denmark.
The city of Copenhagen
Photo by Amsterdamize
2.8 tons of wine gums and dynamite - stunt by Dumt & Farligt - igen.
2.8 tons of wine gums and dynamite - stunt by Dumt & Farligt - igen.
Caroline Wozniacki at the Swedish Open in Bastad (screenshot from YouTube video)
Caroline Wozniacki at the Swedish Open in Bastad (screenshot from YouTube video)
This famous rune stone was raised by King Harald Bluetooth to the memory of his parents.
This famous rune stone was raised by King Harald Bluetooth to the memory of his parents.
Images of Copenhagen
Images of Copenhagen
A lake next to an old mill in Denmark
A lake next to an old mill in Denmark
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.
Peter Erichsen/New Media Days
The blood-stained beach of Hvalba during a pilot whale grindadrap (hunt) in the Faroe Islands. The w...
The blood-stained beach of Hvalba during a pilot whale grindadrap (hunt) in the Faroe Islands. The water turns blood red and stays that way for days to follow.
Erik Christensen
Images of Copenhagen
Images of Copenhagen
Christiansborg Palace - The Danish Parliament.
Christiansborg Palace - The Danish Parliament.
Emmelie de Forest wins Eurovision Song Contest  2013
Emmelie de Forest wins Eurovision Song Contest, 2013