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Clinton swipes at Trump over Brexit

Washington - Democrat Hillary Clinton has taken a swipe at Republican rival Donald Trump's stance on Brexit, saying that "bombastic comments" do more harm than good during such times.

Sanders says will vote for Clinton in US election

Washington - Bernie Sanders said Friday he will vote for Hillary Clinton in the US presidential election in November, bowing to his rival for the Democratic nomination but stopping short of endorsing her.

U.S. election is about more than beating Trump: Sanders

New York - Senator Bernie Sanders exhorted his millions of supporters to fight to implement progressive policies to transform America, saying the general election was more than about beating Donald Trump.

House Democrats stage sit-in to demand vote on gun-control bill

A group of congressional Democrats staged a sit-in Wednesday on the House floor to demand Republicans allow a vote on gun-control legislation proposed in the wake of the Orlando terrorist shooting.

Sanders continues 'revolution' but vows to work with Clinton

Washington - Liberal White House hopeful Bernie Sanders declined to bow out of his race against Hillary Clinton, declaring that his "political revolution must continue" and urging supporters to help reform the Democratic Party.

Sanders vows to 'work together' with Clinton

Washington - Thwarted presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders refused Thursday to bow out before the final Democratic primary next week, but said he would meet rival Hillary Clinton soon to foster party unity in the battle against Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders at White House for Democrat unity talks

Washington - Thwarted presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders arrived at the White House Thursday for talks with President Barack Obama on how to unite the Democratic party after a testy primary campaign.

Hillary Clinton wins California Democratic primary: US networks

Washington - Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary in the state of California, US networks reported early Wednesday.

Euphoric Clinton supporters feel hand of history in New York

New York - For ecstatic Hillary Clinton supporters it was a celebration of history in the making, a night of euphoria setting aside moments of past doubt to dream what once seemed impossible.

Hillary and Bernie, in each other's words

Washington - Hillary Clinton locked in the Democratic White House nomination on Tuesday, but Bernie Sanders has yet to officially throw in the towel -- having vowed to fight on all the way to the party convention in July.

Sanders campaign: No Democratic nominee until July convention

Los Angeles - Bernie Sanders has insisted that his rival Hillary Clinton has not yet clinched the Democratic nomination as US media has projected, saying unbound superdelegates cannot vote until the party's national convention in July.

Clinton wins Puerto Rico, on cusp of Democratic nomination

Washington - Hillary Clinton defeated her rival Bernie Sanders in Puerto Rico's Democratic primary Sunday, taking her to the brink of victory in their long-fought battle for the party's presidential nomination.Former secretary of state Clinton won with 59.

Clinton's challenge: Convert tepid support into enthusiasm

Oxnard - Hillary Clinton, about to clinch the Democratic presidential nomination, rallied with supporters Saturday in this California farmtown.

Clinton struggling to vanquish Sanders in California

Washington - Hillary Clinton ventures to California aiming to snatch a Democratic nomination victory next week and dash the White House dreams of rival Bernie Sanders, allowing her to finally turn to her election matchup against Donald Trump.

Clinton declines final debate with Sanders

Washington - Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton rejected an invitation to take part in a final campaign debate against her rival Bernie Sanders, her campaign said.

Clinton woos blue-collar voters in Kentucky, raps Trump

Esbon - Presidential primaries in Oregon and Kentucky on Tuesday will give Hillary Clinton a chance to bolster her almost insurmountable delegate lead over Democratic rival Bernie Sanders, who has vowed to slog on despite long odds.

A determined Clinton woos wary voters, blue-collar whites

Paducah - No Democratic presidential candidate has won Kentucky since 1980 except Hillary Clinton's husband Bill, but she is treating the state as an opportunity to appeal to a demographic that has consistently snubbed her: working-class white men.

Sanders wins Indiana Democratic primary: U.S. networks

Washington - Senator Bernie Sanders mounted a come-from-behind victory in Indiana's Democratic primary, denying the former secretary of state a feather in her cap as she seeks their party's presidential nomination.

Sanders scales back W.House campaign as Clinton cruises

Washington - Democrat Bernie Sanders is laying off hundreds of campaign workers after a string of losses to frontrunner Hillary Clinton, focusing his forces on the last big presidential primary in California -- and on the battle for the party's platform.

Sanders pressured to quit White House race as Clinton weighs VP picks

Washington - Bernie Sanders fended off pressure Sunday to bow out of the race for the White House, as his rival, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, weighs potential runningmates.

Bernie Sanders courts New York with Spike Lee-directed ad

Washington - Spike Lee has directed a new campaign spot for Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, with rights activists giving the Vermont senator their endorsement.

Clinton's challenge: How to solve a problem like men

New York - Hillary Clinton has the biggest chance in US history of shattering the ultimate glass ceiling and becoming the first female commander-in-chief. But could men spoil it for her?

Sanders wins Wisconsin Democratic primary: U.S. networks

Washington - Senator Bernie Sanders has scored a crucial victory over Hillary Clinton in the US state of Wisconsin, throwing a road block in his Democratic rival's march toward the party's presidential nomination.

Sanders, Clinton finally agree to New York debate

New York - Democratic presidential rivals Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will face off in a debate on April 14 in Brooklyn, after sparring for days about having a New York debate ahead of the state primary.

Battle heats up for crunch New York primary

New York - The US presidential circus is barnstorming New York, where adoptive daughter Hillary Clinton and native-born sons Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are battling to win the state's most important primary in decades.

Most Americans appear to support torture against terror suspects

According to a recent poll, nearly two-thirds of Americans believe torture is an acceptable way of extracting information from suspected terrorists -- a level of support similar to that of Nigeria, where attacks are more common.

Sanders hails 'momentum' after trouncing Clinton in three states

Washington - A buoyant Bernie Sanders said Sunday he has the momentum as he attempts to claw back Hillary Clinton's handsome lead in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, after scoring a trio of big wins.

Sanders beats Clinton in Alaska Democratic caucuses

Los Angeles - Bernie Sanders soundly defeated Hillary Clinton in Alaska's Democratic caucuses on Saturday, giving his campaign a much-needed boost as he seeks to disrupt Clinton's path to the party's presidential nomination.

Sanders goes after Clinton lead as three states vote

Seattle - A resilient Bernie Sanders sought to upset Hillary Clinton's commanding lead as the western states of Alaska, Hawaii and Washington held caucuses on Saturday in the Democratic presidential nominating contest.

Sanders presses Clinton as three western states to vote

Washington - US states Alaska, Hawaii and Washington take their turn voting Saturday in the Democratic presidential nominating contest, with Hillary Clinton unlikely to deliver a knockout blow against resilient rival Bernie Sanders.
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Sen. Carl Levin speaks to press in 2008.
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Sen. Carl Levin speaks to press in 2008.
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