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Op-Ed: If it's not Bernie, choose the worst

The common cliché taken as general wisdom for voters heading to ballot boxes is to “choose the lesser of evils.” But the 2016 race for the Oval Office is a unique beast that brings the supposed axiom to its knees.

Democrats in Arizona want you to vote Libertarian

As this year's election closes in, Democrats in Arizona are scrambling to get a few last minute votes. But the candidate they're trying to get people to vote for might surprise you.

Huge NYT/CBS News/YouGov poll boosts Republicans

Washington - With midterm elections bearing down, most polls continue to suggest Republicans will maintain control of the House of Representatives and take control of the U.S. Senate.

Op-Ed: Obama's minimum wage attempt offers nothing for middle class

Ahead of President Obama's State of the Union address tonight, it might be helpful understand the scope of the mathematics that are being tossed around on the minimum wage question.

Obama's 'promise zones' versus Senator Paul's 'freedom zones'

President Obama's "promise zones" very much resemble Senator Rand Paul's ideas on "economic freedom zones" the Republican introduced in Detroit in December. Is imitation flattery, as Paul insists?

CNN/IRC poll: It's Clinton and Christie in 2016 White House race

According to the latest CNN / ORC International poll on the possible candidates for the 2016 presidential election, the contest may be between Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie.

Quinn: Anthony Weiner 'not qualified' to be New York's mayor

New York - Democratic mayoral primary candidate Christine Quinn insists that Anthony Weiner is not worthy of the mayoral position, citing his scandals and his record in congress.

Leno evokes White House troubles on Weiner's mayoral candidacy

Speaking to Anthony Weiner's bid for New York City mayor, 'Tonight Show' host Jay Leno attached the challenges of the Weiner candidacy to the issues facing the White House.

Obama criticism 'offensive,' but Benghazi is not Paris

Washington - Making the Sunday morning press circuits, White House insider Dan Pfeiffer condemned GOP criticisms of President Obama as "offensive" and "absurd," while Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) insisted on a need for greater embassy security.

GOP weekly address offers precursor to federal budget dialog

In this weekend's weekly address to the nation, and in the hours before the presidential inauguration, the Republican Party emphasized the need to focus on the federal budget.

Scott Brown could make Governor's run instead of US Senate run

While Scott Brown could have a shot at being a US Senator again, there is the possibility of him not running and waiting to run for state governor in 2014.

White House informs Congressman Ryan it will miss budget deadline

Citing the late conclusion of the 'fiscal cliff' negotiation, the White House informed House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan that it would not submit a budget on time - an action that is required by law.

Op-Ed: Gallup — Millions of Americans renounced GOP in 2012

A recent poll has found that 47 percent of Americans identify themselves as either Democrats or Democratic-leaning independents.

Ashley Judd's a strong Democratic challenger, according to poll

According to a recent PPP poll, if Ashley Judd ran for US Senate on the Democratic ticket, GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would still win; but, it would be by a slim lead.

Former GOP Governor Charlie Crist joins Democratic Party

Tallahassee - Former Republican Governor Charlie Crist, 56, announced his switch from independent to the Democratic Party with a post to Twitter on Friday night after he attended a Christmas event at the White House.

GOP and Democrats continue playing chicken in fiscal cliff battle

As the Democrats and Republicans continue their "chicken" match on the fiscal cliff, more people are coming out and giving their two cents on it. One analyst says that Congress should go off the fiscal cliff.

US fiscal cliff continues to be a shaky 'Mexican standoff'

As a growing number of Republicans become more shaky, the fiscal cliff confrontation still remains an unpredictable "Mexican standoff."

Grover Norquist fires back at 'Sugar Plum' Republicans

As more Republicans are toying with the idea of breaking away from the "anti-tax" pledge, Grover Norquist criticized what he called as "Sugar Plum" Republicans.

GOP & Democrats spar over UN Disability Treaty in US Senate

Senate Republicans, led by Utah Senator Mike Lee, are voicing opposition to the ratification of the UN disability treaty called the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Ex-RPOF Chair: FL's voting laws focused on voter suppression

Ex-Florida GOP chair, along with former Florida Governor Charlie Crist, accused GOP of using Florida voting laws to suppress Democratic voters. Democrats have called for a hearing on Florida's voting laws.

Senator Reid maneuvers to reduce GOP filibuster tactics

Just hours after a contentious US presidential election that has reinstated divisions in many congressional corridors, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) moved to limit GOP filibusters.

Warren victorious, Massachusetts US Senate seat turns blue again

In the US Senate Race in Massachusetts has ended with the victory of Elizabeth Warren. Warren's victory makes her the state's first female US Senator. Her victory allows Democrats to reclaim the state's US Senate seat.

Op-Ed: Why I'm a Democrat — The champions of civil rights

As a rape survivor and member of the black community, watching the GOP push voter ID laws to suppress the minority vote and forcing a woman to carry a rapist's baby to term, the question "Why am I a Democrat?" seems like a punch-line to a very bad joke.

Obama advisor reportedly intimidated Gallup Poll staffers

Washington - After a mid-April Gallup poll showing Mitt Romney leading the president was published, Obama advisor David Axelrod attempted to intimidate Gallup staffers with a string of bully emails.

Op-Ed: Labor unions scale down support for Democrats

Charlotte - The president of the AFL-CIO Richard Trumka said organized labor will have less involvement with the Democratic Party in the 2012 elections. Trumka claims that labor will build its own political organizations rather than simply supporting the Democrats.

White House predicts 4th trillion-plus deficit in row

Washington - Coming on the heels of an anemic 1.5 percent quarterly GDP report, the White House has predicted a $1.2 trillion deficit for 2012.

Another Democratic Senator to shun Obama's nomination party

Tuesday, Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill, her re-election bid in trouble, reportedly joined a growing list of high-profile Democrats choosing not to attend the Democratic National Convention.

Op-Ed: Public-sector unions are Democrats’ albatross

Gov. Scott Walker’s recent victory in Wisconsin is not a political fluke, nor is the notion that big unions, particularly public-sector unions, have become an impediment for Democratic candidates in local, state and national elections.

Obama re-election campaign, Democrats raise $29.1 million in Jan.

Washington - President Barack Obama's re-election campaign and fellow members of the Democratic Party have raised a total of $29.1 million in the month of January. The campaign stated that 98 percent of its donations were $250 or less.

Myanmar clears Suu Kyi party to participate in next year's polls

The banned National League for Democracy (NLD) headed by Myanmar's democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi, may now re-register as a legitimate political party under the new Myanmar dispensation, clearing the way for the party to field Suu Kyi in next election.
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Radio Row at DNC in Charlotte  NC before Thursday s session.
Radio Row at DNC in Charlotte, NC before Thursday's session.
Hillary Clinton  Democratic 2016 presidential candidate and former Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton, Democratic 2016 presidential candidate and former Secretary of State
Democratic Party Photo
A view from the Convention Floor at the Time Warner Cable Arena  prior to Thursday s session.
A view from the Convention Floor at the Time Warner Cable Arena, prior to Thursday's session.
Senator Harry Reid (D-NV)
Senator Harry Reid (D-NV)
Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
Democratic Party Photo
Mary J. Blige looking very small from my crow s nest vantage point  during DNC in Charlotte  NC.
Mary J. Blige looking very small from my crow's nest vantage point, during DNC in Charlotte, NC.
Democratic Party Photo
Santiaga  ace orc in World of Warcraft aka Colleen Lachowicz (inset) Democratic Party candidate for ...
Santiaga, ace orc in World of Warcraft aka Colleen Lachowicz (inset) Democratic Party candidate for US Senate in Maine
Facebook Colleen Lachowicz/US Battlenet screen shot
An actual Democrat Party campaign poster.
An actual Democrat Party campaign poster.
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