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Fourth day of virus protests in Serbia as virus cases spike

Belgrade - Thousands protested for a fourth day Friday across Serbia over the government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic as officials condemned the demonstrations and announced a record jump in cases.

Fourth day of virus protests in Serbia

Belgrade - Thousands of people protested for a fourth day Friday in several Serbian cities over the government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic with protesters hurling stones at police in front of the parliament in Belgrade.

Alarm in Germany as 'corona demos' take off

Munich - Angered by a slew of lockdown measures, purported vaccine plans or alleged state surveillance, thousands took to the streets on Saturday in Germany in a growing wave of demonstrations that has alarmed even Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Bolsonaro, supporters rally in Brazil despite coronavirus

Rio De Janeiro - Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and thousands of supporters ignored coronavirus warnings Sunday to hold rallies supporting the far-right leader and accusing Congress and the courts of obstructing him.

Suspected Hindu nationalist opens fire at Delhi student demo

New Delhi - A suspected Hindu nationalist Thursday live-streamed himself minutes before opening fire on university students protesting against India's new citizenship law.

Thousands march in Spain's Basque region for return of ETA prisoners

Bilbao - Tens of thousands of people demonstrated in the Basque Country on Saturday to demand prisoners linked to the former armed separatist group ETA be transferred to jails closer to the northern Spanish region.

Romanians pay tribute to victims of 1989 revolution

Bucharest - Thousands of people marched in the Romanian capital Bucharest on Sunday to remember those who lost their lives in the revolution 30 years ago that ended the communist dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu.

Poles protest bill aimed at punishing judges

Warsaw - Thousands of people took to the streets across Poland Wednesday to protest government proposals aimed at punishing judges critical of controversial judicial reforms.

Tens of thousands march against far-right in Italy

Florence - Tens of thousands rallied in Florence in Italy on Saturday against the far-right League party, the latest in a series of demonstrations called by the new, youth-driven "Sardine Movement".

Defiant Georgia opposition stages fresh protest despite crackdown

Tbili - Up to 20,000 opposition supporters rallied in Georgia on Monday, stepping up pressure on the increasingly unpopular ruling party, despite a police crackdown last week and the arrest of protesters.

Tens of thousands join far-right Independence Day march in Poland

Warsaw - Poland's far right attracted tens of thousands to a march in Warsaw on Monday to mark the country's Independence Day just weeks after making significant gains in national elections.

Separatists protest in Barcelona as Spain's king visits

Barcelona - Several thousand Catalan protesters massed in Barcelona on Monday seeking to disrupt a visit by King Felipe VI as the country barrelled towards another election under the shadow of the separatist crisis.

Thousands protest sentences in Basque bar brawl trial

Pamplona - More than 7,000 people marched in the northern Spanish city of Pamplona Saturday to protest revised sentences handed down to eight people convicted of beating up two off-duty policemen in 2016.

A surge in protests around the world in October

Paris - The past weeks have seen a wave of often unprecedented protest movements erupt in countries around the world.Here is an overview of the main ones that started this month and others that are continuing.- Bolivia -When? Since October 21.Trigger?

Croatians protest over release of teenager's suspected rapists

Zagreb - Thousands protested Saturday in major Croatian cities against the release of five men suspected of gang-raping a teenager, saying the judiciary had repeatedly failed to protect girls and women.

Outrage in Croatia over release of teen gang rape suspects

Zagreb - Anger is brewing in Croatia after a judge released five men suspected of gang-raping a 15-year-old girl from their village, triggering calls for protests against a judiciary that women say is failing to protect them.

Poles hold rally to defend sex education

Warsaw - Some 1,000 people demonstrated Wednesday in Warsaw against a Polish bill that proposes jail time for anyone who "promotes or approves underage sexual activity.

Extinction Rebellion trains Berliners in civil disobedience

Berlin - Seated on the floor, Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists are rehearsing blocking a street at the base of a disused building in central Berlin, one of their planned actions to pressure governments to "tell the truth" about "climate and ecological emerge...

Tens of thousands march for independence in Scottish capital

Edinburgh - Tens of thousands of Scottish independence supporters marched in Edinburgh on Saturday, as calls grow for a fresh vote on Scotland breaking away from the United Kingdom with Brexit scheduled for within weeks.

Greta Thunberg hopes climate strikes will be 'social tipping point'

New York - Teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg told AFP that she hoped Friday's massive worldwide climate strikes would mark a turning point in persuading leaders to take decisive action on global warming.

Germany commits 100 bn euros for climate as protests heat up

Berlin - German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced Friday a sweeping climate protection plan worth at least 100 billion euros by 2030, as hundreds of thousands protested for action against global warming.

Thousands march against racism in Dresden ahead of key state polls

Dresden - Around 35,000 people marched against hate and racism in the eastern German of city Dresden on Saturday, organisers said, a week before state elections when far-right party AfD is projected to make huge gains.

Tears, fear as Russian students jailed over opposition protests

Moscow - In a court on the outskirts of Moscow, fellow students of Yegor Zhukov started weeping as he delivered a speech via a video link from jail."I don't know if I'll become free myself," he said, "but Russia definitely will.

Baltic human chain still inspires activists 30 years on

Vilnius - From Catalan separatists to Hong Kong pro-democracy activists, the human chain that helped the Baltic states win independence from the Soviet Union three decades ago still inspires freedom-seekers the world over.

Police tear gas gay pride paraders in Istanbul

Istanbul - Turkish police on Sunday fired tear gas at gay rights groups and activists who defied authorities to march for the Istanbul pride parade, banned for the fifth year in a row.

Two AFP journalists beaten, detained in C. Africa

Libreville - Security forces in Central African Republic beat and detained two journalists working for French news wire Agence France-Presse (AFP) covering a banned opposition protest in the capital Bangui, the reporters said Sunday.

Thousands protest price hikes, corruption in Liberia

Monrovia - Thousands of people took to the streets of Liberia's capital Monrovia Friday to protest rising prices and corruption, posing a key political test for President George Weah.

Liberia's Weah faces key test with protests over economy

Monrovia - Liberian President George Weah faces a key test on Friday when demonstrators take to the streets of Monrovia to protest at inflation and corruption.

Thousands of Poles, including Tusk, hold pro-EU rally before vote

Warsaw - European Council chief Donald Tusk on Saturday joined thousands at a pro-Europe opposition rally in Warsaw, calling on his fellow Poles to vote against the eurosceptic governing conservatives in this month's EU elections."You have no choice....

At least three die in Somali auto-rickshaw protest

Mugadishu - At least three protesters died in Mogadishu when hundreds of auto-rickshaw taxi drivers took to the streets Saturday after an officer shot and killed a driver.
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Students calling for a radical change.
Students calling for a radical change.
Nazi Demo in Berlin on May 1  2010
Nazi Demo in Berlin on May 1, 2010
Chef Marc Chalopin showing off his impressive knife techniques.
Chef Marc Chalopin showing off his impressive knife techniques.
Nazi Demo in Berlin on May 1  2010
Nazi Demo in Berlin on May 1, 2010
Facebook event.
Facebook event.
Facebook-EDL National Demonstration...London
Police presence is strong.
Police presence is strong.
Relaxed students at the demo.
Relaxed students at the demo.
File photo: Demonstration of the neo-Nazis in Berlin
File photo: Demonstration of the neo-Nazis in Berlin
Nazi Demo in Berlin on May 1  2010
Nazi Demo in Berlin on May 1, 2010

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