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Dementia News

Review: TIFF 2020: ‘The Father’ is devastatingly authentic (capsule) Special

‘The Father’ puts viewers in the shoes of a man with dementia by creating a purposefully confusing and disorienting narrative.

Artificial intelligence used to detect early signs of dementia

Researchers have developed an artificial intelligence test which can detect the early signs of dementia. The aim is to use the test in the clinical setting to help to detect cases early so that appropriate treatment can be given.

Removing 'zombie' cells deters Alzheimer's in mice

Paris - Eliminating dead-but-toxic cells occurring naturally in the brains of mice designed to mimic Alzheimer's slowed neuron damage and memory loss associated with the disease, according to a study published Wednesday that could open a new front in the fight...

Air pollution linked to cognitive decline

A new study has drawn a connection between levels of air pollution and cognitive decline. This is of a major societal concern, given that the majority of the world’s population live in areas that exceed WHO pollution recommendations.

Teetotallers, like big drinkers, more prone to dementia: study

Paris - People who have sworn off alcohol for decades or longer run a higher risk of dementia late in life than moderate drinkers, according to a study published Wednesday.

Dementia clearly linked to chronic boozing: study

Paris - Chronic heavy drinking is a major risk factor for all types of dementia, especially early onset of the disease, according to a study published Wednesday in The Lancet Public Health.

Wayback VR project aims to help those with dementia

London - The Wayback project aims to bring back vivid memories for those struggling with dementia. This is through a series of recreations using digital technology and 3D goggles.

Security flaw spotted with some health apps

Health apps designed to assist dementia patients have serious security flaws according to a new expert study. Either the security policies are inadequate or they are lacking altogether.

The dementia timebomb: Ageing Japan faces healthcare crisis

Kawasaki - Kanemasa Ito compares caring for his wife Kimiko to waging a daily war with the devil. The woman he loved has all but disappeared -- lost to dementia, she can no longer eat, bathe, or go to the toilet alone.

Does the Māori haka and language delay dementia?

Auckland - A new study, investigating the low rates of dementia among the Māori people, suggests the Maori haka and language could help to keep dementia at bay.

Essential Science: Can taking yeast extract boost brain function?

York - A new study suggests that yeast extract (as sold in the form of popular consumer products like Marmite) could boost brain function and lower the chances of a person developing dementia in later life.

Living close to major roads increases dementia risk: study

London - People living near major roads have a higher chance of developing dementia, according to a large-scale study published in British medical journal The Lancet on Thursday.

Frequent use of saunas prevent dementia in men

A new research, from Finland, suggests that regular sauna bathing by men can lower the risk of developing dementia. This is the outcome of a twenty-year study.

Is Alzheimer's disease associated with loneliness?

New research, based on small sample of adults, indicates that cortical amyloid levels in the brain a marker of preclinical Alzheimer disease has an associated with self-reported loneliness.

Smart stuffed animal toys used to help patients

A new ‘smart’ toy has been devised to give to Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. The toy is designed to ‘smooth’ the patients and the smart functionality adds therapeutic capabilities.

Scientists find a new treatment to slow down Alzheimer's Disease

A team of German, Swedish and Italian researchers from Örebro University found a new strategy to slow down Alzheimer's Disease (AD) progression. They tried an old drug (clopidogrel) to test out a new therapeutic strategy.

China, India face huge mental health burden: Study

Paris - China and India are home to more than a third of people with mental illness, but only a tiny fraction of them receive medical help, according to studies released Wednesday.

Can a dementia drug help with Parkinson’s?

A new study using an existing drug for dementia has indicated that the therapy may also be effective against Parkinson’s disease.

Astonishing — Music beats Parkinson’s, dementia? Yes!

Sydney - The grim truths of Parkinson’s and dementia are all too well known. The level of mental dysfunction is appalling. Imagine finding out that music can reconnect mental functions and restore memories, almost literally bringing people back to normal.

U.K. study may have discovered Alzheimer's Disease breakthrough

Scientists from the University of Southampton released results of a study on Friday that they believe is an important next step toward finding a cure for Alzheimer's Disease and other dementia. It involves blocking one of the brain's receptors.

Dementia Research Institute to be established in U.K.

London - Although the U.K, government has been pushing through many cuts to its departments, it has protected science spending in real terms. One area where resources will be distributed is towards a new Dementia Research Institute.

Cancer drug shows promise with reversing Parkinson's disease

A drug already approved to treat leukemia in the U.S. and Canada has shown promise in early studies for treating an entirely different disease, Parkinson's.

Dementia may be stabilising in some countries: study

Paris - The occurrence of dementia and Alzheimer's disease may have stabilised in some wealthy nations, according to a study released Friday.

Is modern living responsible for rise in dementia cases?

A wide-ranging study of patients in 21 western countries has led researchers to suggest modern living, with its rising levels of pollution and increased use of insecticides, may be behind why people are developing dementia at increasing rates.

Startling figures on U.S. disability rates

Washington - One in 5 adults in the U.S. has some form of disability, according to a new report. The most commonly reported issue is mobility, shown with difficulty in climbing stairs. This is followed by dementia.

Need for improved awareness of symptoms of dementia

London - The number of people admitted to hospital, and who show signs of dementia, has increased within the U.K. in recent years. This has triggered calls for better recognition of the condition.

Alzheimer's: Low memory test scores may be early sign of dementia

A new study has found low scores on memory and thinking tests may be a signal a person will develop Alzheimer's Disease. Researchers found that a signal that Alzheimer's is there may be detected up to 18 years before a diagnosis of the illness.

New Alzheimer's drug being tested, may reverse disease

Researchers in Florida are enrolling participants in a large-scale study to be conducted on a new drug in the fight against Alzheimer's Disease. The drug is aducanumab and in smaller trials scientists say it has performed very well.

Alzheimer's Disease: Poor sleep may be trigger for dementia

New research has found that poor sleep may be the trigger that leads to Alzheimer's Disease. The sampling size was small — 26 persons were part of the study - but the results suggest a lack of REM sleep increases a protein that leads to Alzheimer's.

Alzheimer's study finds link between diabetes and dementia

A study from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis has found a link between diabetes and Alzheimer's Disease. A high-level of blood sugar glucose increases levels of a protein called amyloid, a cause of Alzheimer's, researchers found.
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Dementia Image

PET scans showing the differences between a normal older adult s brain and the brain of an older adu...
PET scans showing the differences between a normal older adult's brain and the brain of an older adult afflicted with Alzheimer's disease.
National Institutes of Health
A scene from  The Father
A scene from 'The Father'
Elevation Pictures
The Vielight Neuro is designed to direct pulsed near infrared light (NIR) to the targeted brain hubs...
The Vielight Neuro is designed to direct pulsed near infrared light (NIR) to the targeted brain hubs through a safe, portable device.
Robots being developed at the Salford Institute for Dementia
Robots being developed at the Salford Institute for Dementia
University of Salford Press Office
Brain inflammation is present in brains of autistic patients. — Neurons often have extensive netwo...
Brain inflammation is present in brains of autistic patients. — Neurons often have extensive networks of dendrites, which receive synaptic connections. Shown is a pyramidal neuron from the hippocampus, stained for green fluorescent protein.
Wei-Chung Allen Lee, Hayden Huang, Guoping Feng, Joshua R. Sanes, Emery N. Brown, Peter T. So, Elly

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