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Delta airlines News

Parents, toddlers kicked off Delta plane over seat they bought

Another airline video has surfaced showing a Delta employee telling parents they would end up in jail and their toddlers put into care if they did not leave the plane. Conflicting rules led up to the incident.

Woman claims she was thrown off United flight because of a cat

Another day, another airline story. A woman claims she was kicked off a United Airlines flight because she told an agent at the gate she had respiratory problems and needed to sit as far away as possible from a cat that was in the passenger cabin.

Man kicked off Delta flight for using washroom prior to takeoff

Atlanta - When you gotta go, you gotta go. A Delta passenger was removed from a flight for going to the washroom while the plane was sitting on the tarmac prior to takeoff. Employees telling the man to get off the plane was filmed by fellow passengers.

Some Americans willing to pay more, travel longer to avoid United

The results of a poll is not good news for United Airlines. Taken in the wake of Dr. David Dao being seen physically removed from a plane show a significant number of people would choose another airline even if the flight was more expensive and longer.

Two female flight attendants get into fight, plane diverts

Minneapolis - Incidents of planes having to divert because of unruly passengers seems to be increasing. But one Delta flight made an unscheduled landing after two flight attendants engaged in a mid-flight fist fight. The airlines has apologized.

Op-Ed: The future of flying — Delta’s dog passenger goes viral

Atlanta - He’s better behaved than most airline passengers. He’s well groomed, sanitary, sits up in his seat, and just happens to be a dog. Forget cattle class; the new step up is canine class.

U.S. airliners land in Atlanta after 'credible bomb threats'

After landing safely, two airliners are being searched at an Atlanta airport by police after "credible" bomb threats were received.

Op-Ed: McConnell gets political donation from CEO after Senate breakfast

Washington - Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has been accused by his opponent, Alison Lundergan Grimes, that he spends too much time in Washington, D.C., and not enough time in Kentucky. Sen. McConnell says it is because he fights for the people in the Beltway.

Child on Delta Airlines flight poops on seat

Passengers on a Delta Airlines flight were not happy when they witnessed a couple encouraging their toddler to poop right on the seat.

Delta Airlines apologizes to Ghana for giraffe tweet

Delta Airlines sent out a tweet last night with a picture that was supposed to represent Ghana. Unfortunately that picture was of a giraffe. Giraffes do not live anywhere in Ghana.

Airline pet ban leaves dog stranded in Indiana

Vancouver - A Canadian woman was forced to leave her dog stranded in Indianapolis because Delta airlines wouldn't allow her pet on the return flight.

California man, 67, charged with groping teen on Delta flight

Salt Lake City - A man was taken into custody after a flight landed in Salt Lake City. A 15-year-old girl complained after the plane landed that the man had groped her.

Changing your American Airlines or Delta flight? That'll be $200

The next time you think about changing your flight, get ready for your wallet to take a hit. Especially if you are booked on American Airlines or Delta.

Delta Airlines sued by California for privacy rights violations

Los Angeles - Airline giant Delta has been sued by the state of California for collecting a wealth of private consumer information through its "Fly Delta" app, without providing consumers with any kind of clear privacy policy about how that information will be used.

Needles found in turkey sandwiches on 4 Delta flights

Delta Airlines has enlisted the help of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to determine how sewing needles ended up in five turkey sandwiches served to passengers on four different flights on Sunday.

University president sues Delta Airlines over gun arrest

Sioux Falls - The lawsuit raises the issue of whether airlines are responsible for advising passengers of what the law is in the place they are travelling to.

Rapper 2 Chainz arrested at New York airport for 'brass knuckles'

New York - Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz was arrested at LaGuardia Airport in New York Tuesday when Delta TSA officials thought they saw brass knuckles in his carry-on bag, and called the police. Turns out, according to TMZ, it was just a 4-finger ring.

Delta cuts ads from ‘The Daily Show’ over Catholic League's fury

Delta Air has pulled its ads from “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart ,” following the Catholic League’s outrage from a skit featuring a naked woman with her legs spread and a manger in between that the host called a “vagina manger."

Crews quarantine Delta Airliner at Midway for bug bites

Chicago - Delta Flight 3163 was quarantined at Chicago's Midway Airport because a passenger had a skin rash. Turns out it was just insect bites.

NYC flights delayed due to puppy on runway

New York - Flights were delayed for up to 20 minutes yesterday after a puppy being placed on an aircraft escaped from her cage and went for a stroll on the tarmac.

Air Canada loses constitutional challenge to class action Special

Vancouver - A BC Supreme Court judge dismissed yesterday Air Canada’s claim that provincial consumer law is inapplicable to Air Canada as a federally regulated undertaking. Other airlines are also affected by the decision in the fuel surcharge class action.

Flight diverted to remove 'unruly' couple

Atlanta - A Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta to Costa Rica made an unscheduled stop in Tampa after it was alleged a couple demanded champagne and refused to sit down.

Man arrested for viewing child pornography while on flight

A Utah man was arrested Saturday after a fellow passenger noticed him viewing child pornography on a Delta Airlines flight from Salt Lake City to Boston.

U.S Airways CEO arrested on drunk driving suspicion

The US Airways CEO Doug Parker was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving charges after being pulled over for driving 65 mph in a 45 mph zone just hours after pulling his company's hostile bid to acquire Delta Airlines.

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Delat plane skids off runway at LaGuardia Airport  March 5  2015.
Delat plane skids off runway at LaGuardia Airport, March 5, 2015.
Screengrab via NBC 4, New York
File photo: Delta jet taking off.
File photo: Delta jet taking off.
Adrian Pingstone
Twitter/Nick Weathers
Delta Airlines plane
Delta Airlines plane
Hans Loudermilk  67  charged with sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl on a Delta Flight
Hans Loudermilk, 67, charged with sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl on a Delta Flight
Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office

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