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Dell News

Dell Venue 8 7000 set to release in early November

The emphasis on Dell’s newest tablet, the Venue 8 7000, has been promoting on how thin it is. The tablet is reportedly the world’s thinnest table with a profile of only 6 mm.

Dell Venue 8 7000 set to release in early November

The emphasis on Dell’s newest tablet, the Venue 8 7000, has been promoting on how thin it is. The tablet is reportedly the world’s thinnest table with a profile of only 6 mm.

Mozilla accuses Dell of charging for Firefox

Internet browser specialists Mozilla are investigating reports that Dell computers is charging users with new computers to install the Firefox browser.

Dell will fix laptops that smell like cat urine

On Wednesday Dell issued a statement to their customers last week, saying that it will replace a part in their laptops that smell like cat urine.

Dell drops Microsoft RT

The computer company Dell has decided not to release a Windows RT device among its latest line-up of tablets and laptops.

Dell committee agrees to founder's offer to take company private

Round Rock - Michael Dell’s hopes of being allowed to take the company he founded private received a boost on Friday after a special committee of Dell’s board agreed to accept an increased offer that would see the tech mogul tack a dividend to his original offer.

Dell founder wants to use his own money to take company private

Michael Dell is seemingly willing to put his money where his mouth is, as he seeks to use his fortune to take the tech company private.

Op-Ed: Personal Computer sales suffering a serious slump

Brandon - Two of the big names in personal computers Hewlett-Packard and Dell report disappointing sales as new products compete with laptops and desktops.

Portability with power: The benefits of taking your business mobile Commissioned

A business owner choosing the road warrior lifestyle wants the right tools to help scale a company successfully. But once you have the roadmap to reach the next level, what kind of hardware would best suit your needs?

Why businesses looking to scale should look to Dell’s Precision Workstations (Sponsored)

Businesses today run on laptops, desktops, workstations, servers, mobile technology – the list goes on. But as you look to scale, one of the most important decisions you will make in IT is what technology your business should be investing in.

How virtualization changes the game for your SMB (Sponsored)

Your company’s IT infrastructure is critical to your overall business. That’s an obvious statement. But can you say for sure your small- or medium-sized business (SMB) is running at total efficiency?

How SMBs can leverage Dell’s 12th generation server technology to become market leaders (Sponsored)

You’ve got a business and want to grow. You need to scale your company to a competitive position where you can save time and leverage resources while also leading the pack in your market. You hire people, you grow and do more with less.

Dell Launches Dell Voice, similar to Google Voice, but for Canada

Dell has launched a Canadian-only service similar to Google Voice. They're calling it Dell Voice, and it's powered by a VoiP app developed by Waterloo, Ontario tech company Fongo.

Op-Ed: Android makes 'girl friendly' phone, raises eyebrows

Recently, TechCrunch covered the soon-to-be Verizon released Android phone that is “women friendly”--since, you know, a woman’s capacity to understand technology is far less superior than a man’s.

Dell Mini 3i coming to China soon

On the heels of the recently released Motorola Droid, Dell has entered the smartphone market with the Mini 3i, a new Android-based smartphone.

On heels of Motorola's Droid, Dell enters smartphone market

Following on the heels of the much-hyped Motorola Droid, Dell announced on Friday its intention to enter the smartphone market in China and Brazil.

Dell to acquire Perot Systems

The computer firm Dell has said it will buy the Texas-based IT provider Perot Systems. Dell is said to be paying $3.9 billion.

Dell generates more than $3 million in sales through Twitter

One of the world's top PC makers has been using Twitter to help earn a profit for the company this year. Using the popular microblogging tool, Dell has actually seen some stunning results.

Agility in Tech: Verizon to Offer Netbooks, Dell to Make Phones

Verizon Wireless is planning to offer netbooks and Dell has smart phones on the horizon. Is this agility good for technology markets - or is it just plain confusing?

Greenpeace is undertaking letter campaign with tech companies

Greenpeace is calling out the tech industry on its environmental claims and challegenging the heavy weights like Google and Dell to pressure the government to adopt real meaningful emissions reduction targets.

Dell's Fourth Quarter Profits Drop

Dell Inc profits have dropped 48 per cent in the fourth quarter; and the company says the recession means people are spending less on technology and job cuts may be necessary.

Rumour Mill: Dell Will Launch Smartphones Next Month?

In a report by Wall Street Journal, sources close to Dell reveal how the PC company will debut a smartphone lineup as early as next month. Supposedly, a group of engineers have been working on a Dell phone for more than a year.

Apple Rates Higher Than PC in Customer Service

VocaLabs has released evidence that shows the customer service from Apple is far superior than that of a PC manufacturer. Around 60 per cent of survey respondents are happy with Apple's customer service, compared to 44 per cent with Dell.

Dell Shows Off Notebook PCs, Debuts Security Upgrades, 19-Hour Battery Life

Today, Dell unveiled a batch of new Precision and Latitude notebook PCs. They are wowing notebook nerds with the lightest laptop in the company’s history, coming in at 2.2 lbs, while also introducing security upgrades and instant access to the Web.

Dell Launches Super-Small 'Green' Desktop PC Line

Dell has announced a new line of mini desktop PCs that are 80 per cent smaller than the average desktop computer. They also consume about 70 per cent less energy. The "Green" mini PC also shows off some beautiful design features.

Exclusive: Looking into Dell's Future as Kiosks Close and Retail Boosts Business has learned Dell is closing all of its retail kiosks across Canada as part of its corporate growth strategy. In an exclusive interview, Dell says its retail business is booming across North America and times are changing.

Dell Overhauls PC Sales Strategy, Partners with Canada's Best Buy and Future Shop

Dell is in a bad slump, but the PC manufacturer is not sitting on its hands: it recently announced the company will expand to retail outlets in Canada in an attempt to catch up to HP's pole position in PC market share.

Dell To Shut Down Canadian Call Centre And Cash In On High Street Trading

According to Associated Press, computer giant Dell is set to shut down their Canada call center in time for their big shake up of their "global workforce." This massive close down will mean 900 employees will be hitting the dole queues this Spring

Dell and Google to produce the First Android Phone?

Dell is planning to sell handheld devices again and this time around they want to sell smartphones incorporating Google’s Android operating system. Rumors indicate Dell may introduce these new phones during the Mobile World Congress next month.

Dell Debuts First Tablet PC, Attempting to Muscle Into Young Market

Dell introduced its first tablet PC recently, joining a niche market predicted to quintuple within three years. The Latitude XT offers a 12.1-inch touch screen and weighs in at less than four pounds.
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Courtesy Dell
INC Party @ #DellVenue in Austin  Texas for SXSWi 2014
INC Party @ #DellVenue in Austin, Texas for SXSWi 2014
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Courtesy Dell
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Michael Dell
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The Dell Venue 8 7000 series Android tablet is the world’s thinnest at 6MM thin
The Dell Venue 8 7000 series Android tablet is the world’s thinnest at 6MM thin
Dell Inc.