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Daggers drawn as Trump, Cruz wage delegate warfare

Washington - Donald Trump is bent on securing the Republican presidential nomination before the party's convention in July, but well-organized rival Ted Cruz has been cleverly out-maneuvering him in the all-important delegate battle.

Ron Paul grabs majority of delegates in Nevada, Maine for RNC

Las Vegas - Didn't former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney win the states of Maine and Nevada in February's caucuses? He was able to win the popular vote, but three months later, it turns out that Texas Congressman Ron Paul is the winner.

Ron Paul wins majority of delegates in Iowa, Minnesota contests

Des Moines - Is Texas Congressman Ron Paul's strategy of accumulating delegates in the Republican primary process actually working? Recent delegate confirmations suggest that Dr. Paul will come out with the most delegates in Iowa, Minnesota and possibly Colorado.

No Party Unity For Some Democratic Delegates And Supporters

The Barack Obama campaign decided to replace so already designated delegates with Obama backers, which has created a very nasty exchange between Democratic National Committee (DNC) member Jon Ausman and Obama's Florida finance chair Kirk Wagar.

Rules and ByLaws Committee Meets Today. What Does Hillary Clinton Really want?

The most powerful people for the Democratic party, at least for this weekend, is the 30 members of the Democratic Rules and ByLaws Committee.

Alan Keyes is on the Ballot for the Constitution Party's Presidential Nominee

The national Constitution Party will hold its presidential nominating convention on April 23-26 in Kansas City, Missouri. Six candidates are on the ballot. Among them are 1996 and 2008 Republican Party candidate Alan Keyes.

Op-Ed: Delegate Dither-athon- Where’s the democracy?

So the inability to come up with single rule, and the ability to polarize any situation have wound up with yet another set of ideas to deal with the Democrats’ self-inflicted problem. If you were looking for an unnecessary mess, this would be it.

For Democrats The Long Battle Begins and Party Leaders Worry

American politics is a confusing issue for many and the primaries last night in four states has managed to muddy the waters of comprehension even more. Hillary Clinton took three out of the four states, yet she still trails in delegates by a large margin.

The Texas Democratic Party Says Clinton May Sue

In a never ending pattern to "change" the rules, once again we see reports that Hillary Clinton's campaign may be planning to pursue litigation against the Texas Democratic Party over the party's complicated delegate selection process.

Op-Ed: Obama Supporters Slamming Clinton Campaign Tactics

A report about the Clinton campaign which is disturbing to Democratic voters comes from a Politico article that claims, via confirmation from a "high-ranking Clinton official on Monday," that Hillary will "go after" Obama's pledged delegates.

Op-Ed: Howard Dean 'Concerned' About Democrats

Howard Dean, the Democratic National Committee chairman, is voicing concern over the idea of a brokered convention at the end of the party's White House nominating contests, calling it a "bad scenario".

Mitt Romney Suspends Campaign

Mitt Romney has decided to hang up his coat and quit the campaign for a Republican presidential nomination. By suspending his campaign, Romney will keep his delegates and not give them to those still active in the presidential race.

Puerto Rico Could Determine Democratic Convention Delegates

With 63 winner-take-all delegates, Puerto Rico could be the determining factor in the battle for the Democratic presidential nomination between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

John Edwards' Only Hope: A Brokered Democratic Convention

Jonathan Prince, who is John Edwards' Deputy Campaign Manager, said on Monday that the candidate probably would receive enough delegates by the Democratic Convention to play a significant role in its outcome.

Deal on Climate Change Ushers in First Roadmap to Environmental Clean-Up

Delegates to the IPCC meeting in Bangkok say science has trumped politics, as an agreement was reached for a blueprint on combating climate change. Despite pressure from China, the world's first roadmap to deal with greenhouse gas emissions was made.

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Ybor City  Tampa  Florida welcomes RNC Delegates. Ybor is the Cuban quarter of Tampa and is one of t...
Ybor City, Tampa, Florida welcomes RNC Delegates. Ybor is the Cuban quarter of Tampa and is one of the most party-oriented parts of the city. While there I met Congressman Aaron Schock and Chelsea Clinton.
Ybor City  Tampa  Florida welcomes RNC Delegates
Ybor City, Tampa, Florida welcomes RNC Delegates
Conference delegates at the Pharmig microbiology conference discuss a  hot topic  during an open dis...
Conference delegates at the Pharmig microbiology conference discuss a 'hot topic' during an open discussion session.
Conference delegates discussing new technologies with exhibitors  at the Pharmig event.
Conference delegates discussing new technologies with exhibitors, at the Pharmig event.
Delegates preparing for the first lecture of the day  with a  focus on best medicinal practices.
Delegates preparing for the first lecture of the day, with a focus on best medicinal practices.
Delegates at the Pharmig conference  visiting exhibition stands in-between sessions.
Delegates at the Pharmig conference, visiting exhibition stands in-between sessions.

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