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Defense News

'Terror threat': U.S. boosts security at government buildings

Washington - The United States is to boost security at government buildings following threats from Islamist groups. The Federal Protective Service oversees security at more than 9,500 federal facilities.

Iran ordered plane carrying Americans to land

Tehran - A charter plane carrying 100 people, including Americans, out of Afghanistan was ordered to land in southern Iran because of errors in its flight plan, a Tehran-based official said Saturday.

Americans flying from Afghan air base land briefly in Iran

Washington - A charter plane carrying about 100 people including Americans was briefly diverted to Iran during a flight from Bagram air base in Afghanistan, US officials said Friday.

US urges Russia to get rid of 'prohibited' arms

Washington - The United States on Tuesday urged Russia to destroy all weapons banned under a series of pacts, warning that Moscow is in "violation of its obligations" under a 1987 treaty.

French foreign minister defends sale of warships to Russia

Washington - French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius defended in Washington the sale of two warships to Russia, despite US opposition -- while leaving open the door to re-examine the contract in October.Per a 2011 agreement worth $1.

U.S. and Philippines to sign 10-year security pact

Manila - The United States and the Philippines plan to sign a new security pact on Monday to allow a larger U.S. military presence amid ongoing territorial disputes with China.

Toronto Raptors star DeMar DeRozan on tough defense, fave music Special

I briefly spoke to the NBA all-star guard in Toronto to find out how he's stepped up his defense this season ahead of the Raptors' first playoff appearance since 2008.

Brazil to build own aircraft carrier: defense minister

Bras - Brazil is planning to build its first aircraft carrier to replace its aging only model as part of a steady upgrade to its armed forces, Defense Minister Celso Amorim said Tuesday.In recent years Brazil has purchased submarines, helicopters and superson...

Arizona infielders redeem for errors with offense, drive in 7 Special

Tucson - It was the bottom of the fifth inning on Saturday. UC Santa Barbara had just replaced its starter, and Gauchos reliever Hector Lujan was warming up on the mound. With the game tied at 3-3, the bases were loaded for Kevin Newman.

Pentagon working to share reserved airwaves with industry -officials

The Pentagon said on Thursday it was working to find ways to share more of its reserved airwaves with commercial wireless companies that need greater bandwidth for smartphone and t...

Once overlooked, Seahawks defenders dominate Broncos

The Seattle Seahawks' aggressive defense, mostly made up of overlooked and unwanted players, dominated the Denver Broncos on Sunday, setting the stage for a blowout 43-8 Super Bowl vi

Boeing profits surge but tougher 2014 awaits

New York - US aerospace giant Boeing Wednesday reported a big jump in quarterly earnings, but signaled a leaner 2014 profit outlook after last year's boom.

Video: Military might — Russia's missile defense readiness drill

On Wednesday, the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces carried out surprise live firing exercises at the Kapustin Yar testing ground, to impressive effect.

Family, friends raise money for teen who defended mother

Harned - Family and friends of a Kentucky teenager who is being tried in the case of his stepfather's death are now rallying behind the teen, trying to raise money for his defense.

Op-Ed: NBA - Thank you, Ben Wallace

Detroit - The Detroit Pistons played their season finale game against the Philadelphia 76ers Thursday night donning blue headbands in support of 4 time Defensive Player Of The Year, Ben Wallace, who may have played his last NBA game.

Military Generals brag about Iran’s defenses

Military commanders say no country dares attack Iran and measures have been taken to counter the US missile shield in Persian Gulf.

China announces large hike in its defense budget

China has announced plans to increase its defense budget by 11.2% this year. The increase was announced earlier today by parliament spokesman, Li Zhaoxing.

Boeing to close Wichita, Kansas facility after more than 80 years

Wichita - The Boeing Company has announced it will shutter its Defense, Space & Security (BDS) facility in Wichita, Kansas by the end of 2013, impacting more than 2,160 employees, and city officials there claim the defense giant was dishonest with them.

Congressional supercommittee likely to admit failure

Washington - Members of the Congressional ‘supercommittee’ met this morning in an attempt to reach a last-minute deal on cuts to the United States budget. It's looking increasingly unlikely they will come to an agreement in time to meet the Wednesday deadline.

New radar can see through buildings

MIT's Lincoln Laboratory researchers announced they developed a new radar technology that can "look" through concrete walls, a capability the scientists hope will soon help troops in urban combat, and be adapted for emergency responder use amid disasters.

Op-Ed: Debt ceiling talks a game of cat and mouse for Obama and Boehner

Washington - In what has to be described as the most pathetic displays of political leadership, President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner continue engaging themselves in a cat and mouse game, all while showing what rats they truly are.

U.S. defense official admits to theft of 24,000 Pentagon files

In remarkable commentary at a presentation at the National Defense University, the deputy secretary of defense elaborated on cyber security infiltrations that continue to raise concerns at the Pentagon.

US Pentagon can declare war on cyber attacks

Washington - The US Pentagon has decided computer sabotage falls under the category of acts of war, opening the door for US response in the form of military retaliation, a move seen as essential in the government’s attempt to keep pace with cyber attacks.

Tea Party director details movement's heart and 2012 sustenance Special

The Tea Party movement inspired political discourse and activism heading into the November 2010 mid-term elections and continues to be an influence heading into the 2012 elections. Benjamin Grivno, director and founder of Tea Party Heart explains why.

Rasmussen: Obama slipping in national security issues

As President Obama officially filed for reelection, and with Libyan intervention still fresh, a poll released by Rasmussen on Sunday reflects Obama's poor marks in national security issues among American voters.

Op-Ed: Floyd Mayweather Jr ‘shoulder roll’ defense best of decade

Las Vegas - Floyd Mayweather Jr should be considered the best defensive fighter of the decade based on how he comes out unscathed after a fight. One of the basics of his greatness is his use of the shoulder roll, otherwise known as the Philly shell defense.

Gates: US to ‘respond appropriately’ to China’s military build-up

The US Secretary of Defense arrived in Beijing on Sunday for scheduled talks on security matters and his arrival comes at a time when China’s military build-up is seen as rapidly advancing in a region where tensions continue to increase.

Israeli defense chief 'preparing for any scenario' in Gaza Strip

In reassuring comments made alongside Italy's chief of defense, IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi reiterated Israel's readiness against all possible scenarios emerging from restless Gaza.

Op-Ed: In seeking spending cuts, U.S. should examine foreign investments

The American voting public is being told that our belts have to be tightened and that our benefits have to be sacrificed and that our taxes have to be increased - but should we not take an objective look at foreign aid?

Israel's launch of high-tech spy satellite caught on video

Israel's Minister of Defense said last night's launch of the IDF's Ofek-9 Spy Satellite was "a technological and operational achievement.” Israel is using the satellite to monitor activities in foreign countries including Iran and Syria, said Al-Jazeera
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Defense Image

5th Japan-Australia Foreign and Defence Ministerial Consultations (June 11  2014  Tokyo)
5th Japan-Australia Foreign and Defence Ministerial Consultations (June 11, 2014, Tokyo)
JAPAN Ministry of Defense
A French Pluton short-range tactical ballistic nuclear missile (SRBM)  installed on an AMX-30 tank.
A French Pluton short-range tactical ballistic nuclear missile (SRBM), installed on an AMX-30 tank.
The US Defense Department plans to eventually own more than 2 000 of these F-35 fighter planes  show...
The US Defense Department plans to eventually own more than 2,000 of these F-35 fighter planes, shown here landing after a test flight at Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California, and sell hundreds to allies.
Sr. Airman Julius Delos Reyes-US Air Force/Wikimedia Commons
Deron Williams of the Utah Jazz being guarded by Tony Parker
Deron Williams of the Utah Jazz being guarded by Tony Parker
A stained lymphocyte surrounded by red blood cells viewed using a light microscope.
A stained lymphocyte surrounded by red blood cells viewed using a light microscope.
Discretionary spending for FY2011.
Discretionary spending for FY2011.
Chart courtesy National Priorities Project, Inc.
Boeing C-17A Globemaster III.
Boeing C-17A Globemaster III.
Brian Digital/flickr
The Pittsburgh Steelers on the bench
The Pittsburgh Steelers on the bench
Lincoln Labs at MIT developed the  through-wall ultrawideband radar  system that can see through bui...
Lincoln Labs at MIT developed the "through-wall ultrawideband radar" system that can see through buildings; this picture shows the system elements from the back.
Lincoln Labs, MIT
Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates addresses the audience during the 2010 National Scout Jamboree ...
Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates addresses the audience during the 2010 National Scout Jamboree at Fort A.P. Hill, Va.
US Department of Defense
Reserve soldiers conduct a training exercise (photo credit: Matanya Tausig/Flash90)
Reserve soldiers conduct a training exercise (photo credit: Matanya Tausig/Flash90)
Reserve soldiers conduct a training exercise (photo credit: Matanya Tausig/Flash90)
F-35 Joint Strike Fighter - Next Generation Fighter Capability
F-35 Joint Strike Fighter - Next Generation Fighter Capability
DND/Lockheed Martin Corporation


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