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Defence News

Israel defence minister says resigning after Gaza ceasefire

Jerusalem - Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman announced his resignation on Wednesday and called for early elections after a sharp disagreement over a Gaza ceasefire deal, throwing the government into turmoil.

China says is no threat to EU, after Macron army call

Bejing - China said on Wednesday that it had never posed a threat to Europe as it responded to a proposal by French President Emmanuel Macron for a "European army" to defend the bloc against China, Russia, and even the US.

Merkel calls for a 'real, true' European army

Strasbourg - German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday made a clear call for a future European army, in an apparent rebuke to US President Donald Trump who has called such proposals "very insulting".

EU defence efforts musn't hurt transatlantic bond: NATO chief

Berlin - NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg warned Europe against undermining transatlantic ties, following a defence spat between US President Donald Trump and French leader Emmanuel Macron.

Finnish PM: Jammed GPS signals may be work of Russia

Apo - Russia denied Monday being behind the recent disruption to GPS signals across Lapland which put civil aviation at risk, after Finland's prime minister said the interference was "almost certainly deliberate".

Macron snubs US arms in defence spat with Trump

Paris - Europe should not spend higher defence budgets on US-made weapons, French President Emmanuel Macron said in an interview due to air Sunday, after a defence row with President Donald Trump.

New Okinawa governor plans US tour to raise military base issues

Apo - The newly elected governor of Japan's Okinawa said Friday he will take the island's long-running concerns about US military bases there directly to Americans when he visits the country next week.

Nine countries meet to kickstart European force

Paris - Defence ministers from nine European countries will meet in Paris on Wednesday to set out plans for a joint force that could rapidly be deployed in response to a conflict or natural disaster.

Aussie airline aborts veterans-first boarding plan before takeoff

Sydney - Virgin Australia on Monday jettisoned plans to allow military veterans to board its flights first, as popular outcry at American-style "tokenism" appeared to kill the idea before it got off the ground.

NATO urges Russia to comply by nuclear treaty

Apo - NATO on Wednesday urged Russia to comply fully with a Cold War nuclear weapons treaty after US President Donald Trump announced he wanted to pull out of the deal.The message came after a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council (NRC) in Brussels.

Russia to respond to NATO exercises with missile tests

Norway - Russia plans to test missiles off Norway this week in an area where NATO is carrying out its biggest military exercises since the end of the Cold War, a move seen as an escalation of tensions in the Far North.

China's defence minister to visit Washington: Mattis

Manama - US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis said Saturday his Chinese counterpart Wei Fenghe would visit Washington next week, following tensions between the two powers.

Belgian purchase of US jets 'against European interests': Macron

Bratislava - French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday criticised Belgium's decision to buy US-made F-35 fighter jets instead of European planes, saying that "strategically it goes against European interests".

Arms sales vs taking a stand: the West's Saudi dilemma

Paris - Across the West, governments face a difficult balancing act after the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi: pressuring Saudi Arabia over an appalling killing, while preserving their own economic and military interests.

NATO shows Russia its military might in giant exercises

Oslo - Norway hosts NATO's biggest exercises since the end of the Cold War from Thursday, to remind Russia the Alliance stands united despite seeds of doubt planted by US President Donald Trump.

Former US Europe commander warns of likely 'war with China'

Warsaw - The former commander of US Army forces in Europe warned on Wednesday of a "very strong likelihood" of an armed conflict between his country and China in the Pacific.

NATO does not want new nuclear arms race: alliance chief

Apo - NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said Wednesday he did not see the alliance's member states deploying more nuclear weapons in Europe in response to a new Russian missile programme.

France launches plan for new aircraft carrier

Le Bourget - France's government launched plans on Tuesday for a new aircraft carrier, saying it will make a decision on how to build the multi-billion-euro warship in 2020.

NATO to show military muscle in massive Norway exercises

Oslo - Some 50,000 troops will kick off NATO's biggest military exercises since the Cold War on Thursday in Norway, a massive show of force that has already rankled neighbouring Russia.

China, ASEAN start inaugural joint maritime drills

Bejing - China and Southeast Asian states kicked off their first joint maritime exercises on Monday in an effort to ease regional tensions linked to rival claims in the South China Sea.

Guantanamo prison takes on geriatric airs

Fpo - The controversial Guantanamo Bay prison still houses 40 aging inmates -- and with no plans to close it, many of them will probably remain there until they die.

France to send aircraft carrier to Indian Ocean next year

Marseille - France said Friday it would send its aircraft carrier to the Indian Ocean next year, to defend freedom of navigation at a time of growing Chinese assertiveness in disputed waters.

Guantanamo prison to stay open at least 25 years: US admiral

Fpo - Former president Barack Obama had vowed to close the US military-run prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, but now it will stay open for at least 25 years, the officer in charge of the facility said Tuesday.

British NATO troops to show post-Brexit 'commitment'

Hook Of Holland - A convoy of British troops landed in The Netherlands on Wednesday en route to NATO's largest exercise since the Cold War, pledging London's commitment to defend the continent despite Brexit.

Japan military officer killed during US-Philippine drill

Apo - Japan's military said Sunday one of its members was killed in a car crash in the Philippines during joint exercises with US and Filipino troops.

Hugs as Putin clinches India defence deal

New Delhi - Russia and India's leaders announced on Friday a raft of deals worth billions of dollars including for a military defence system, as New Delhi walks a tightrope between Moscow and Washington with a wary eye on China.

Putin talks arms, nuclear deals in India

New Delhi - President Vladimir Putin was expected Friday to sign a deal in India worth more than $5 billion for the S-400 air defence system, despite US warnings of sanctions against countries buying Russian military hardware.

Russia's missile treaty defiance 'untenable': Mattis

Apo - US Defense Secretary James Mattis warned Thursday that Washington would respond if Russia refused to end its "blatant violation" of a Cold War nuclear arms treaty.

US, Chinese unease as Putin seeks India arms deals

New Delhi - Russian President Vladimir Putin headed for India on Thursday looking to tie up billions of dollars in arms deals with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, likely irking the US, China and Pakistan in one fell swoop.

US, China look on as Putin seeks India arms deals

New Delhi - Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives in India on Thursday looking to tie up billions of dollars in arms deals with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, likely irking the US, China and Pakistan in one fell swoop.
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