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Venezuela in new defaults on two bonds: ratings agency

Caracas - Crisis-wracked Venezuela has defaulted on two bonds, failing to make a $183 million coupon payment, ratings agency S&P said Friday.

Venezuela suffers another blow as PDVSA declared in default

New York - Crisis-plagued Venezuela suffered another blow Thursday as a committee of creditors ruled that state oil company PDVSA has defaulted on its debt, a decision that triggers payment of default insurance to investors.

Creditors rule Venezuela state oil firm PDVSA in default

New York - A committee of creditors on Thursday ruled that Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA has defaulted on its debt, a decision that triggers payment of default insurance to investors and deals another blow to the oil-rich but cash-poor nation.

Venezuela payments could alter default grade; not outlook: S&P analyst

Washington - If the crisis-stricken Venezuelan government manages to scrape together funds to make payments on its delinquent bonds, that would change the default designation but not the nation's prospects, a top ratings agency told AFP on Wednesday.

Venezuela creditors committee postpones default decision

New York - A committee of Venezuelan creditors postponed until Monday a decision on whether state oil company PDVSA has officially defaulted on its debt payments.

Venezuela default contagion easily contained: economists

Paris - A looming Venezuelan debt default is unlikely to trigger any domino effect in neighbouring economies as markets have long since priced in such an eventuality, economists say.

Microsoft's default Windows 10 background is a radical departure

Earlier this week, Microsoft revealed the image that will be the default desktop background for new Windows 10 computers. Now referred to as "the hero image," the shot features the Windows logo made of light amid an aurora of smoke and haze.

EU should prepare for Greece default, German official says

Berlin - European Union nations should prepare for Greece's expected default and departure from the common currency, a German official said Monday.

Eurozone has discussed Greek default scenario: Sources

Brussels - Senior eurozone officials have discussed the scenario of a default by Greece if talks with its creditors fail, European sources told AFP on Friday, ratcheting up the pressure on Athens to bow to tough reform demands.

Six China shadow banks threatened with default over coal firm exposure: paper

Six Chinese trust firms have lent more than 5 billion yuan ($824.6 million) to a delinquent coal company, state media reported on Friday, raising the prospect of further defaults in China's so-called ...

Op-Ed: President Obama threatens to default on US loans

President Obama has steadfastly refused to negotiate with House Republicans on funding the government, and the end result could be defaulting on US debts. Some are calling the President petulant, others simply call him childish and self absorbed.

Facebook migrates to https as default

Https is now the default standard for everyone browsing Facebook. This means that almost all traffic will be established through a secure connection.

US Postal Service nears default, losses mount

Washington - The US Postal Service (USPS), faced with a looming $9.2 billion deficit, is so short of funds it cannot make a $5.5 billion payment due this month, and unless Congress implements emergency action, could face a complete shutdown by winter.

Ron Paul: Go ahead and default, we've done it three times before

As the political theater on the federal debt ceiling peaked moving into the weekend, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul sought to downplay the Armageddon-like impact of a default.

Eurozone leaders decide on a European Monetary Fund

Brussels - The French President Nicolas Sarkozy told the press on Thursday that the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) represents the beginning of a European Monetary Fund.

Portugal: Is there an alternative to bailout?

An article relating to the so-called bailout of Portugal by the IMF and questioning the wisdom of the Portuguese Government effectively throwing in the towel.

Tear gas and Molotov cocktails as Greek protesters attack banks

Athens - Thousands of protesters gathered in Greek cities today, attacking banks and businesses, trying to gain entrance into the finance ministry. Flames, smoke and war-cries made May 1 in Athens almost look like Bangkok in the last weeks.

Wide-open wireless networks are a security risk

You may think that your friendly neighbourhood wireless network is safe and sound but you would be wrong....

Daydreaming is brain's default setting, study finds

Daydreaming seems to be the default setting of the human mind and certain brain regions are devoted to it, U.S. researchers reported Friday.

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