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Declining honeybees News

White House to the rescue: Will aid honey bees with new policy

The White House is wading into yet another battle, but this time it's not the Islamic State, a combative Congress, or any of the other usual suspects that find themselves in the cross hairs of POTUS. Instead, Obama is taking up the cause of honey bees.

New discovery in the fight against Foulbrood bee disease

Researchers from the University of Guelph have developed an inhibitor against the American foulbrood disease, which affects honeybee populations around the world. The study will be published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

Mass extinction event wiped out bees as well as dinosaurs

Manchester - Fossil records show dinosaurs suffered mass extinction about 65 million years ago. Scientists have long suspected bees underwent a similar fate but they’ve only now documented a mass extinction event affecting bees.

Op-Ed: France bans Syngenta pesticide linked to decline in bees

France bans pesticide linked to a sharp decline in bee populations across the world in recent years. The phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder may be caused by the bees drinking the nectar from the plants spayed with a Swiss made chemical.

Review: Artemis Honey, an ethically produced gastronomic delicacy Special

Athens - A social cooperative at a psychiatric hospital in Greece is producing honey and transforming the lives of the patients and the local community as well.

Study: New bee viruses found; normal colonies also infected

During a ten-month study of healthy honey bees, scientists identified four new viruses and established a baseline for studying bee colony collapse, revealing that all the bacteria and viruses previously linked to the disorder also live in normal colonies.

Disappearing Pollinators Impact Food Supply

As much as one-third US food supply will be effected.

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Declining honeybees

Declining honeybees Image

University of New Hampshre researchers discovered a mass extinction of bees took place at the same t...
University of New Hampshre researchers discovered a mass extinction of bees took place at the same time as dinosaurs became extinct. Pictured - a small carpenter bee.
University of New Hampshire - Sandra Rehan

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