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Decline News

Virus immunity may disappear within months: study

Paris - Patients who recover from coronavirus infections may lose their immunity to reinfection within months, according to research released on Monday that experts said could have a "significant" influence on how governments manage the pandemic.

Monarch butterfly population drops by nearly one third

The annual overwintering count of monarch butterflies shows that butterfly numbers fell by nearly one-third this year reversing last year’s recovery from historically low numbers.

Computer market suffered dramatic, worst-case sales decline in Q2

The personal computer market experienced a substantial decline of nearly 12 percent in the last quarter, exceeding previous worst-case scenario estimates. Many experts consider the PC to be a dying breed but there may be reasons for this particular slump.

Doctors' groups in Canada decline to join anti-pot campaign

The main groups that represent doctors in Canada announced that they will not be participating in the upcoming anti-drug campaign targetting young people.

Apple: 43.7 million iPhones, 16.35 million iPads sold in Q1 2014

Earlier today Apple announced in a public statement that over 43.7 million iPhones and 16.35 million iPads were sold during the first, opening quarter of 2014 leading to combined sales of mobile devices of over 60 million units sold.

Cold sores linked to cognitive decline

The virus that causes a cold sore may actually put people at risk for something more harmful, lower cognitive abilities.

Is herpes killing our coral reefs?

Scientists are seeing a decline in coral reefs worldwide, but pinpointing why it’s happening has been a challenge. Now scientists are turning their focus toward looking at diseases as the cause; specifically the herpes virus.

Study shows 'brain function starts declining at 45'

A report published by the British Medical journal states that mental reasoning, memory, and comprehension begin to deteriorate at 45 years old.

UK hedgehog population in decline

The hedgehog population in the UK has declined by about 25 per cent during the past 10 years, and there are concerns that numbers will continue to drop unless steps are taken.

New HIV cases declining in some areas - increasing in others

While there is a global decline in the number of new HIV infections, some countries and populations are still showing an increase.

Mobile Phone Sales Down 11.9 Per Cent in First Quarter of 2009

Cellphone sales declined in the first quarter of 2009. There were 35 million less units shipped out than during the same period one year ago.

Hedgehogs nearly on endangered list

Hedgehogs have been around on the planet for some 20-million years. They also were long-cited as a suburban success story in the UK - with hedgehog populations making themselves right at home. However recently, there's been a 40% decline.

Study Shows That Church of England Is Facing Decline

The Church of England may be losing 90 percent of those attending services within a generation. A study by Christian Research claims by 2050 Sunday attendance will be under 88,000 compared to just under a million today.

Dollar May Extend Two-Year Decline Versus Euro on Slower Growth

The U.S. Dollar may continue to extend to a two-year decline versus the euro due to the slowing economy. This will make U.S. assets less attractive to investors in foreign regions.

Study Shows Fewer Males Being Born

Statistics now indicate that half as many boys as girls as now being born across the world. After numerous studies and tests, scientists have determined the cause to be pollution.

NY Times: 'More Readers Trading Newspapers for Websites'

Today, the New York Times details how newspaper circulations have declined over the spring and summer. Recent figures show a 3 per cent decline in sales overall as Americans move closer to getting news solely on the Internet.

Bumblebees Vanishing Along With The Honeybee

It's not just the honeybee that is vanishing, the bumblebee population seems to be dwindling also. With the bumblebee joining the honeybee on the endangered and vanishing list food production is facing a serious crisis.

The Shame of Professional Sports Op-Ed

Professional sports permeate modern American society and it may be difficult for some people to grasp the fact that this was not always the case. Once there was a strong belief that professionalism would destroy sports and help promote bad morals.

Wii on Decline

Is it the fact that once you have played one Mario Party, you have played them all? Or is it the lower Hardware Specs used to create the product. Either way, the Wii's popularity is falling faster than the Roman Empire did.

Author: Christianity in America in 'terminal decline'

Dr. Paul Zahl a leader in the orthodox Episcopal Church is warning mainline denominations in the United States that Christianity is declining in America. He says that Christianity is growing at a rapid pace in Third World nations.

Further decline for Gaming print mags

Unofficial titles suffer most as multi-formats remain steady

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