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Families of Vietnamese missing in UK stuck with crippling migrant loans

Ha Tinh - They borrowed thousands of dollars to fund their children's illegal trips to Europe, and now the Vietnamese parents of missing migrants feared dead in Britain have no idea how to pay off the crippling loans.

Op-Ed: Time for our governments to stand up to the banksters

With the world headed for a double dip depression, what can the British or any government do? The answer appeared last week in a women’s magazine.

Op-Ed: How to Create One Million American Jobs

If Congress exempted prison industries from labor and employment restrictions, a million jobs would be created -- and not just inside American prisons.

President of Greece says his nation on the brink of an 'abyss'

Athens - The angry protests in Greece are gaining momentum. Three people, two women and one man, were killed today when a gas bomb was thrown into a bank.

Moody's warns high debts of U.S., UK may lead to AAA rating loss

A new report released by Moody's shows that the high national debt in the United States and the United Kingdom could lead the two states to lose their AAA credit rating.

Family Practise Doctors Becoming Rare Breed

Getting a General Practitioner in the United States may become even harder in the years to come with only 2 percent of graduating med students planning to work in primary care.

Op-Ed: You've heard of subprimes, but the new four letter word is 'CDO'

Subprimes aren’t the only dubious debts around. Australia’s biggest bank has just announced $830AU million provision for losses on collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) which like subprimes are bundles of loans.

Hillary Clinton is Stiffing The Working People

The Hillary Clinton campaign has avoided paying hundreds of bills and vendors and service providers are warning people to get paid up front before rendering any services to the Clinton campaign or they may not get paid at all.

Le Monde's In Financial Trouble

Yet again, the prestigious newspaper Le Monde is in financial trouble. At the end of last week, its stockholders met to find ways to redress their debts of at least E10 million.

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CRISIS: Message posted on ATMs in Greece last month at height of country s dispute with European Uni...
CRISIS: Message posted on ATMs in Greece last month at height of country's dispute with European Union lenders. Banks were closed for more than three weeks but reopened Monday with limits on withdrawals.
SucreRouge/Wikimedia Commons

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