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IMF, World Bank call for suspending debt payments by poorest nations

Washington - The International Monetary Fund and World Bank on Wednesday called for governments to put a hold on debt payments from the world's poorest nations so they can battle the coronavirus pandemic.

Argentina will need 'substantial debt relief': IMF chief

Washington - Argentina's government will need "substantial debt relief" from private creditors as the coronavirus pandemic and its economic impact exacerbates the country's financial situation, IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva said Friday.

Lebanon says to default on eurobonds as financial crisis intensifies

Beirut - Lebanon said Saturday it would default on its Eurobond debt for the first time and seek out restructuring agreements due to a spiralling financial crisis that has hit foreign currency reserves.

Argentina faces race against time to renegotiate debt

Buenos Aires - Backed by the IMF, Argentina is looking to renegotiate its debt but it faces a race against time to secure short term relief.

IMF begins debt talks in Argentina

Buenos Aires - Recession-hit Argentina opened talks Wednesday with a team from the IMF, seeking relief from what President Alberto Fernandez says is an unsustainable foreign debt.

IMF due in Argentina for debt restructuring talks

Buenos Aires - Recession-hit Argentina opens talks this week with a team from the IMF, seeking relief from what President Alberto Fernandez says is an unsustainable foreign debt.

LendEDU Report: Data reveals average student loan payment

Using an exclusive dataset that included nearly 150,000 student loan payments, digital finance company LendEDU has determined the average monthly student loan payment by U.S. state.

Lebanon regains UN voting rights after paying arrears

New York - Lebanon regained its voting rights at the United Nations after paying outstanding dues it owed the international body, a UN spokesman said Monday."Lebanon has just made a payment.

Argentina approves economic measures aimed at ending crisis

Buenos Aires - Argentina's center-left government approved on Monday a package of emergency measures aimed at lifting the South American country out of its worst economic crisis in years.

Argentina is in 'virtual default' says president

Buenos Aires - Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez said Sunday the South American country is in virtual default and compared the situation with the 2001 crisis -- the worst in its recent history.

IMF approves release of $498.4 mn for Ecuador

Washington - The International Monetary Fund on Thursday approved a delayed loan tranche for Ecuador, releasing nearly $500 million under a three-year aid program.The IMF board gave the go-ahead for a $4.

Massive debt wave could crash on developing countries, World Bank warns

Washington - A wave of debt in emerging and developing nations has grown faster and larger than in any period of the last five decades and could end with another crisis, the World Bank warned Thursday.

New leftist Argentine government announces tax hikes

Buenos Aires - Argentina's new leftist government announced Tuesday a 30 percent tax on foreign currency purchases and a six-month freeze on public utility prices as part of a raft of measures to boost growth.

Argentina's president-elect rejects remaining IMF money

Buenos Aires - Argentina's leftist president-elect Alberto Fernandez said Tuesday he would renounce the remaining $11 billion tranche of the country's International Monetary Fund loan as soon as he takes office next month.

Moody's downgrades Britain debt outlook to negative

Washington - Credit ratings agency Moody's on Friday downgraded the outlook for Britain's debt, citing mounting policy challenges amid the Brexit debate.The agency cut the outlook to negative from stable but kept the debt at the investment grade Aa2.

Global debt surges to record high $188 tn: IMF chief

Washington - The global debt load has surged to a new all-time record equivalent to more than double the world's economic output, IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva warned Thursday.

IMF chief: 'We look forward to engaging' with new Argentina govt

Washington - International Monetary Fund chief Kristalina Georgieva on Monday congratulated Alberto Fernandez, winner of Argentina's presidential elections, and vowed to work with his government to stabilize the economy"We look forward to engaging with his administ...

IMF flags surging, risky corporate debt, calls for more oversight

Washington - Low borrowing rates put in place amid a slowing economy -- partly caused by uncertainty created by the US-China trade war -- have sparked a surge in risky corporate borrowing which could sow the seeds of a new global crisis, the International Monetary ...

Greece requests early IMF repayment: PM

Athens - Greece on Monday officially requested to repay part of its IMF loans beforethe maturity date, the prime minister said, in a bid to save interest rate costs.

Fitch upgrades Ukraine's debt rating, outlook positive

Washington - The ratings agency Fitch on Friday upgraded Ukraine's sovereign debt to "B" from "B-," pointing to the country's increasing political and economic stability as well as falling debt levels.

Argentina asks IMF to restructure debt payments

Buenos Aires - Argentina asked the International Monetary Fund to restructure its debt payments on the $56 billion bail-out loan agreed last year in a bid to calm market turbulence, Finance Minister Hernan Lacunza said Wednesday.

Average U.S. student debt rises to $28,565 per person

LendEDU has published its fourth annual 'Student Loan Debt by School by State Report' that lists the average student debt per borrower figures at nearly 1,000 U.S. colleges and universities throughout the country. This shows a rise in debt rates.

Fitch, S&P downgrade Argentina's credit rating on rising uncertainty

Buenos Aires - Argentina's peso ended a tumultuous week Friday having shed 20 percent in its value against the US dollar as both Fitch and S&P cut the South American country's long-term credit rating, citing increased uncertainty and a rising risk of default.

Democrats, White House near deal to raise debt ceiling

Washington - US Democrats have nearly reached a deal with the Trump administration to raise the debt ceiling, allowing the government to borrow more money and avoid a disastrous default, sources close to the negotiations said Monday.

France sinks deeper into debt

Paris - France has slipped further into the red, the national statistics bureau said on Friday, only days after the country's public auditor warned of "worrying" debt levels.Public debt rose to 99.

EU states adopt 'panda bonds' in Chinese outreach

Paris - EU members Hungary, Poland, Portugal and soon Austria are strengthening ties with China by issuing attractive "panda bonds" that help Beijing raise its profile on international financial markets.

Italy braced for 3 billion-euro Brussels fine: Salvini

Rome - Italy's Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said Tuesday he expected Brussels to slap Rome with a three billion-euro ($3.36 billion) fine over the country's rising debt and structural deficit levels.

Financial data reveals women to be more in debt than men

Men or women: who are fares better with money matters? New data pertaining shows that it’s men. This comes from a survey undertaken by STASH, who produce a consumer investment app. The survey marks financial literacy month.

IMF warns rising debt makes economy more vulnerable

Washington - Rising corporate and government debt levels and the sharp increase in more risky lending could leave the global economy vulnerable to another severe downturn, the International Monetary Fund warned Wednesday.

Venezuela's Guaido extends olive branch to China

Bejing - Venezuela's self-proclaimed president Juan Guaido has promised China he will honour bilateral agreements and said he was ready to start a dialogue with Beijing "as soon as possible".
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