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Death sentence News

U.S. to seek death penalty for South Carolina church shooter

Washington - U.S. officials said Tuesday that they would seek the death penalty in the trial of a young white man who killed nine black parishioners at a South Carolina church last year.

Fort Hood shooter asks to join Islamic terror group

Fort Leavenworth - The U.S. Army psychiatrist who murdered 13 people at a Texas military base in a 2009 rampage wants to join ISIS, the Islamic militant group currently terrorizing northern Iraq and western Syria.

Some U.S. states may return to firing squad for executions

With European manufacturers boycotting the sale of the drugs normally used to painlessly execute prisoners in the United States, some politicians are panicking. Now they are looking for alternative methods to kill.

Amnesty International hails Maryland's abolition of death penalty

Annapolis - Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley yesterday signed abolition of capital punishment into law in Maryland in a move welcomed by campaigners Amnesty International. Maryland becomes part of a worldwide trend away from state-sanctioned execution.

Ohio inmate claims he's too fat to be executed

Columbus - According to papers filed in federal court, Ronald Post, 53, is too obese to be executed by lethal injection and carrying out his death sentence would be tantamount to torture.

Op-Ed: Many questions remain in suspended sentence of China's Gu Kailai

Hefei - After being sentenced to death, Gu Kailai, wife of former Chinese Politburo member Bo Xilai, had her sentence suspended by the court. She will most likely now face life in prison for last year’s murder of British businessman Neil Heywood.

Briton sentenced to death in UAE after drug conviction

Dubai - A 21-year old man from the UK has been sentenced to death in the United Arab Emirates, after he and a Syrian national, 19, were convicted on drug charges in the Gulf state.

Four alleged gay men sentenced to death in Iran

Four men in a southwestern province in Iran have been sentenced to death for “sodomy," according to a recent report by the Human Rights Activist News Agency (HRANA).

Canadian blogger sentenced to death in Iran; journalists detained

Tehran - Iranian Supreme Court confirmed the death sentence imposed on Canadian resident and web developer, Saeed Malekpour. No explanation was given for the reinstatement that was annulled in June 2011. Malekpour is one of many bloggers sentenced in 2012.

Mesothelioma and the unspoken death sentence of 9/11 survivors

New York - Over 400,000 tons of asbestos blew into New York on September 11, 2001, when terrorists attacked the Manhattan Twin Towers, killing over 2,500 people. First responders and fleeing survivors were immediately put at risk for mesothelioma cancer.

Russia leads calls to spare Tariq Aziz the death sentence

Baghdad - Citing humanitarian grounds, the Russian foreign ministry has requested that Iraq not carry out the death sentence that was imposed on Tariq Aziz yesterday by an Iraqi court.

Death sentence imposed on Tariq Aziz

The Iraqi Supreme Court has sentenced former Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz to death. For years, Aziz was the international face of Iraq, often seen on TV screens during the Iraq War of 2003.

Sakineh Ashtiani sentenced to execution by hanging

Teheran - The attorney general of Iran announced Monday that Sakineh Ashtiani Mohamadi, the Iranian woman accused of adultery and complicity in the murder of her husband, has been sentenced to death for the second crime and will die by hanging.

Iranian woman escapes stoning (graphic video)

Tehran - Protesters around the world raced to stop the stoning of a woman who was wrongly convicted of adultery in Iran. The Islamic Penal Code lists stoning as punishment for this crime. A world call for help has been answered and for now her life has been saved.

Saudi Arabia delays death sentence of Lebanese sorcerer

Riyadh - A Lebanese television host arrested in 2008 while on pilgrimage to Mecca and sentenced to death for sorcery had his death sentence stayed by a Saudi court on Friday, April 2, 2010: The day he was to be executed.

Serial killer Rodney Alcala sentenced to death

Los Angeles - A serial killer whose crime spree took place during the 1970's was given a death sentence Tuesday in Los Angeles. Rodney Alcala had been sentenced to death twice before for the death of Robin Samsoe.

Four Tanzanian Men to Hang, Albino Man Killed for Body Parts

A court in the Shinyanga region of northern Tanzania this week sentenced to death four men convicted of killing a 50-year-old albino man whose body parts the killers believed to have magical powers.

First Death Sentence Handed Down to Protester in Iran?

A reformist website in Iran is reporting that a man arrested during the protests that followed the country's presidential election in June has been sentenced to death.

China Plans to Reduce Number of Executions

The Vice-President of the Supreme People's Court (SPC) in China has announced that in future the number of death sentences carried out in the country will be reduced.

Lam Luong Sentenced to Death For Murder of Four Children

Lam Luong, who in January 2008 threw his four children off the Daupin Island Bridge, was sentenced to death in an Alabama courtroom Thursday.

Tibetans Continue to Protest in China

Tibetan farmers are refusing to plant their spring crops in an expression of peaceful protest against measures taken by the Chinese authorities.

Three Death Sentences for Iraq's Chemical Ali

Ali Hassan al-Majeed receives his third death sentence for his role in killing and terrorizing Shi'ite Muslims in 1999. He was originally convicted in June 2007 for directing the campaign against Iraqi Kurds in the 1980s.

After 25 Years Of Molesting And Murdering, Pedophile Given Death Penalty

A violent murderer, kidnapper and rapist was handed the death penalty following the Idaho trial involving the bludgeoning deaths of a family and the kidnapping of two young children, one of whom was murdered.

Patrick Kennedy Awaits Lethal Injection For Raping A Child

If you ask the state of Louisiana, child rapists deserve the death penalty. It is the only state of the United States that condemns felons to death for crimes other than murder. Patrick Kennedy will is set to be executed for that crime.

China is "Dead Serious" about Tainted Food and Medicine

Former Director of China's Food and Drug Administration has been sentenced to death for accepting bribes, which allowed tainted food and medicine to be sold to the public.

Death sentence for India burning

A court in southern India in Tamil Nadu state has sentenced the workers of a regional Political party to death on ground of killing three female students in burning in the year 2000.

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