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GitHub suffers biggest ever DDoS, goes down for just 10 minutes

GitHub has reported a DDoS attack believed to be the biggest on record. Despite the scale, the company's infrastructure went offline for less than 10 minutes. The incident demonstrates the growing sophistication of both cyberattacks and cyber-defences.

Botnet of 100,000 routers could unleash cyberattack at any moment

A botnet of 100,000 home broadband routers is lying dormant and could be activated at any time, according to a security researcher. A new strain of the virulent IoT malware Mirai is being used to amass devices, perhaps in preparation for a major attack.

Webcam company recalls devices that caused internet outage

Chinese webcam manufacturer Xiongmai has announced it is recalling many of its products in the wake of last week's internet outage. The attack affected sites including Spotify and Twitter and is believed to have been triggered by hijacked 'smart' devices.

Skype update stops it revealing your IP address to the world

An update to the Microsoft-owned Skype messaging software has finally removed a known issue present for over three years. The flaw makes it easy for outsiders to uncover a user's IP address, allowing them to execute DDoS attacks or other hacks.

34k Steam users saw each other's details in 'Winter Fail' outage

Over five days after users of the Steam PC gaming service were shown private account details of other members, Valve has responded with a statement explaining what went wrong. A configuration error caused the security issue, affecting 34,000 users.

Lizard Squad claims responsibility for Black Friday PSN outage

Hacker group Lizard Squad has claimed responsibility for a major service outage on Sony's PlayStation Network for hours on Black Friday. Gamers found they couldn't login or play online, adding another attack to the list of Lizard Squad's claimed actions.

650,000 Chinese smartphones behind massive web server outage

It has been discovered that a massive DDoS attack that took out a web server was fuelled by spam requests originating from the combined might of 650,000 Chinese smartphones. The server was forced offline by the massive overload.

Torrent network could let single hacker bring down major websites

A vulnerability has been found in several widely used torrent applications that could allow a single undetectable hacker to use the software as a tool for executing devastating DDoS attacks against major websites, throwing them offline.

Major online games providers hit by DDOS attacks

Many major gaming services were forced offline yesterday by what is suspected to be a targeted DDOS attack on the companies involved.

DDoS cyber attacks get bigger, smarter, more damaging

Crashing websites and overwhelming data centers, a new generation of cyber attacks is costing millions and straining the structure of the Internet.

Map offers cyber attack visualization in real time

Google and Arbor Networks released an online map available free in real time that allows anyone to see a representation of Distributed Denial of Service attacks happening all over the world.

Op-Ed: How to curb cyberattacks

The internet has brought many benefits from communications to accessibility, and even to job creations. However, it has also brought the need to protect ourselves with the latest tools to prevent identity theft, breaches, and more.

The Pirate Bay hit by DDoS attack on Wednesday, problems continue

The Pirate Bay, which is the most popular file-sharing website on the Internet, was shut down for part of the day on Wednesday. The site shut down in response to a DDoS attack. (Updated).

Op-Ed: RT's website suffering a massive DDoS attack (update)

Many people from all over the world are complaining on RT's Facebook page that they cannot access the RT News website. Turns out they are suffering a massive DDoS attack.

The Pirate Bay hit by DDoS attack — Anonymous not responsible

The Pirate Bay was hit by a DDos attack and has been largely unavailable for 24 hours. They say that Anonymous are not responsible.

Anonymous takes down CIA website

Anonymous, famous for targeting certain websites, especially since the SOPA/PIPA debacle, has now taken down the CIA website. The website is currently unavailable with an error 101.

Sixteen arrested in Anonymous hacking investigation

Washington - The FBI announced today that they had conducted a series of raids in 10 states this morning resulting in the arrest of 16 individuals associated with the hacking group Anonymous. The investigation was related to the cyber-attack on PayPal's website.

Westboro Church website hacked by Anonymous during live interview

Topeka - The Internet group Anonymous confronted Shirley Phelps-Roper from the Westboro Baptist Church on the David Pakman show claiming the alleged letter threatening Westboro was a hoax and then hacked the Westboro website as a warning and display of power.

Twitter under attack, partially online

The popular short-message social networking site Twitter was attacked Thursday morning. The site is partially online, but won't be completely functional for several more hours.

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