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Watch Conan's hilarious 'tribute' to David Letterman

Late night host Conan O'Brien paid tribute to David Letterman Wednesday night by telling his viewers to change the channel and watch Letterman's final show instead of his.

Jimmy Kimmel to audience: Please do not watch our show

Jimmy Kimmel is among the comedians and talk show hosts paying tribute to David Letterman, who will host his final episode of the Late Show tonight on CBS.

Norm Macdonald makes emotional final appearance on Letterman

Things got emotional last night on the Late Show with David Letterman as comedian Norm Macdonald performed his final stand-up set for the show.

Jimmy Kimmel says he won't compete with Letterman's final episode

Out of respect for David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel says he won't be running a new episode of his own late night program on the night of Letterman's final Late Show.

Stephen Colbert announces last day for 'Report'

Popular Comedy Central late night host Stephen Colbert announced Thursday the date of his final episode for the network.

Dave Chappelle tells Letterman why he really left popular show

New York - Having once had his own mega-hit TV show and mysteriously walking away from it at the peak of its popularity, comedian Dave Chappelle appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman to explain his decision.

Stephen Colbert to replace David Letterman

Stephen Colbert, who will replace David Letterman on "The Late Show," has released a statement regarding the character he plays on Comedy Central and his new gig.

David Letterman announces retirement from late-night talk show

In the ever-changing world of late-night talk shows a new, and big, change was announced today. David Letterman let the world know that he's retiring, stepping away from his show. His last show will come sometime in 2015.

Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr slated for Grammy performance

The Grammys have announced that two Beatles will be on hand at the upcoming award show on Jan. 26. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are in.

Video: Adam Sandler attacked by cheetah on safari in South Africa

While the incident sounds worse than it actually was, American comedian and movie star Adam Sandler, while on safari in South Africa, was actually attacked by a cheetah while trying to give it a little water.

New book reveals Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show drama with Jay Leno

On Wednesday, hours before NBC officially announced Jay Leno's departure from The Tonight Show, a controversial new book was released that explores the ongoing tension behind the scenes at NBC.

Selena Gomez makes fun of ex-beau Justin Bieber on Letterman

Isn't there honor in not revealing personal stuff about your ex? If so, it's a credo in which Selena Gomez, she formerly of the high-profile relationship with Justin Bieber, doesn't believe. She told David Letterman boastfully she made the Biebs cry.

Kid Rock to President Obama: 'No Hard Feelings'

Washington - Rocker and Romney supporter Kid Rock talked to CNN about his somewhat awkward encounter with newly re-elected President Barack Obama at the 2012 Kennedy Center Honors.

New York entertainment disrupted by superstorm

New York - New York's entertainment industry has taken a major hit thanks to Hurricane Sandy. Earlier Monday night, "Late Show" host David Letterman recited his monologue to a nearly empty Ed Sullivan Theater. "Late Night" host Jimmy Fallon had the same experience.

Snubbed David Letterman suggests viewers not vote for Romney

CBS' 'Late Show' host David Letterman expressed his exasperation on Friday night that Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney had yet to visit the show and urged viewers not to vote for Romney unless he does.

Video: Kathy Griffin strips on David Letterman's 'Late Show'

Kathy Griffin once again did what she's already well known for, stripping on live TV. Many may be wondering why she is bent on making the strip act her trademark. Is this just for the publicity or has she a message besides merely exposing her aging body?

David Letterman's 'Top 10' pokes fun at Perry's $17 million

David Letterman, host of CBS' 'Late Show,' sought to provide advice to Republican presidential candidate Governor Rick Perry on how to spend the $17 million Perry raised in the third quarter, using Letterman's iconic 'Top 10' list format.

Op-Ed: Criticism of President Obama is not akin to racism

In President Obama's first two years in the White House, he has advocated for the institution of policies that reside in a political spectrum wholly different from a large segment of the US population, and this has brought him criticism; not racism.

Letterman calls Trump a racist and says he should apologize

Late night television host David Letterman accused real estate baron and potential Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump of racism and suggested banning Trump from reappearing on his show unless he apologizes for his remarks.

Daily Show, South Park, others win at the first Comedy Awards

New York - It's been well documented that comedy doesn't get a lot of respect from the Academy Awards. Comedy Central, MTV Networks and Don Mischer Productions have teamed together this year to create their own solution: The Comedy Awards.

Op-Ed: 5 Reasons to Stop Hating Jay Leno’s Guts

NBC screwed up late night. Ratings tanked, Conan's out of a job, Bill Carter's working on another Late Shift best seller and everybody's blaming Jay Leno. Come on now. Is that fair?

Kiefer Sutherland loses bet, dresses like grannie on Letterman

Kiefer Sutherland was so sure that the New England Patriots would win, he bet a friend that he would wear a dress on the David Letterman Show if they lost. Sorry, Kiefer, they lost.

Letterman Asks About Palin Resignation, 'Something I Said?'

In the wake of Sarah Palin’s resignation as Governor of Alaska many television pundits have weighed in with comments about it. David Letterman, famously of the feud with Palin, recently said jokingly on his Monday night show “Something I said?”

Op-Ed: Sarah Palin Quits - What Else Is New?

The news media cut away from the tape loop of Michael Jackson's final rehearsal before his death. It took a rambling speech by media darling Sarah Palin to knock the King of Pop off the screen. In breaking news, Palin resigned as governor. So what?

Letterman Apologizes to Palin Again

David Letterman has apologized to Sarah Palin again for his jokes about her teenage daughter. But will this stop the issue and demands from others to fire the talk-show host?

David Letterman and Sarah Palin Battle It Out About Misconduct

David Letterman says his material about Sarah Palin and her family was meant to be funny. Sarah Palin on the other hand considers his jokes to be offensive.

Cheney ‘Gets His’ on Letterman Again

While former Vice President Dick Cheney has been making the rounds of television shows making negative comments about President Barack Obama, apparently Letterman didn’t like it. He revealed Cheney’s record for a late-night joke.

McCain Visits Letterman, Refuses To Talk About The Bleeping Campaign

John McCain appeared on the David Letterman Show Thursday night in a light-hearted mood. He joked with the late night talk show host that he wasn't going to talk about the "bleeping" campaign.

David Letterman And John McCain to Meet Again

The talk show host and Republican presidential candidate will finally have their chance to meet after all the hoopla Letterman has caused in recent weeks.

David Letterman Questions John McCain's Decision To Stop Campaign In Michigan

David Letterman has been quite angry at John McCain for several weeks now. Though McCain may be on Letterman's show in the near future, the "Late Show" host hasn't stopped poking fun at the presidential candidate since canceling on his appearance.
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Madonna smoking on the Tonight Show with David Letterman -- 1994.
Madonna smoking on the Tonight Show with David Letterman -- 1994.
Screengrab/ via YouTube Uploaded by klikkbott
Adam Sandler with David Letterman
Adam Sandler with David Letterman
Norm Macdonald and David Letterman embrace following Macdonald s very emotional final appearance on ...
Norm Macdonald and David Letterman embrace following Macdonald's very emotional final appearance on the Late Show

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