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Op-Ed: Why Lord McAlpine will not sue David Icke for libel

Ryde - Lord McAlpine has sued and received large libel payouts from both the BBC and ITV; he is suing other people too, but he won't sue David Icke, not though for the reasons the latter may think.

Op-Ed: David Icke dices with criminal libel — again

Ryde - In the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, other names have been floated as involved in organised child abuse. Ted Heath is dead so can't defend his reputation. Others are still very much alive, and may not have to.

Op-Ed: Newborn babies to be microchipped by order of the Government

The British Government has ordered that from now on, all newborn babies are to be microchipped. The good news is this is to apply only in Northern Ireland, and to dogs. For now.

Op-Ed: David Icke's own mini-world conspiracy

Ryde - David Icke is one of the foremost prophets of our time, in his own mind at least; he sees conspiracies everywhere. But not, apparently, in his own back yard.

The sad tale of Robert Green

Stonehaven - Anti-abuse campaigner Robert Green has been gaoled for a year for handing out leaflets, at least that is what his supporters say. As usual, the truth isn't that simple.

Op-Ed: 9/11 Truth – its ‘reliable’ sources and proponents

9/11 Truthers insist the US Government is lying about the September 2001 atrocities, but how do their own witnesses and self-styled truth-seekers stack up?

Op-Ed: David Icke and the price of gullibility

Ryde - David Icke sees himself as a fearless exposer of financial corruption, terrorism and sexual abuse. Others regard him as a latter day Don Quixote.

Op-Ed: Will cash become extinct?

A recent survey has found that cash is becoming increasingly unpopular with the British public; the big question is, will it become extinct?

Op-Ed: More conspiracy nonsense about Norway – and maybe some sense

As the investigation into the mass murders in Norway continues, so does the lurid speculation, but one British commentator may be talking more sense than most.

Op-Ed: The Bin Laden Hoax

An article looking at the way conspiracy theorists view the US raid on Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan and his death at the hands of Navy Seals.

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