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Dolly Parton receives award for 100 million albums sold

Country queen Dolly Parton has another accolade to add to her illustrious resume of musical accomplishments. This time, it involves an impressive number of sales.

Irish duo Heathers talk about new album 'Kingdom' and tour dates Special

Irish breakout duo Heathers will release their new album "Kingdom" in the United States on April 8 on Aunthill Records/Big3 Records, with a distribution through RED/Sony.

Photo Essay: Dates — Desirably sweet and deliciously nutritious Special

Beit Shean - The date season has started in Israel. Summer is coming to an end and the markets are full of these soft, juicy, sticky nutritious delights. What kinds of dates are there and which dates to choose?

Brittny Pierre admits going on 3 dates a week only for free meals

A fashion blogger Brittny Pierre has admitted in a confession posted online that she was a "dinner whore." She revealed that she went on more than 60 dates with men she met online only because as a struggling musician in New York she needed free meals.

Softball coach accused of sending team out to find him dates

A high school softball coach decided to submit his resignation after being accused of sending his team of girls out to find him dates.

Petrol station workers complain of impotency in UAE

Workers in petrol stations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are worried that continued exposure to petroleum-based chemicals and aerosol gasoline is causing impotence.

Love and Star Wars: Speed dating in costume

Orlando - It was speed dating Star Wars style when costumed fans got together to find someone special during the recent Star Wars V convention in Florida.

Michael Jackson puts back tour dates

Michael Jackson caused a huge stir in the United Kingdom earlier this year when he announced a series of concerts but today it was announced they were to be postponed.

The Nintendo Money Calendar

Nintendo has taken the liberty to release the dates of when most games will be coming out for the Nintendo Wii and DS for the next few months to come. This is a handy tool for those Nintendo fanatics.

Making Sense Out of Food Expiration Dates

Food companies use different terminologies to convey how long their food remains fresh, some use “Best if used by”, “Born on”, “Freshness Date” etc. This article gives tips on how to make sense of these different expiry dates.

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Dates Image

Hayani – fresh dates.
Hayani – fresh dates.
Hastavi dates - a  mine  of nutrition.
Hastavi dates - a 'mine' of nutrition.
Zahidi dates.
Zahidi dates.
Hadrawi dates drying out.
Hadrawi dates drying out.
Hastavi (Khastawi) soft and syrupy.
Hastavi (Khastawi) soft and syrupy.