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Data protection News

Remote working has increased the risk to organizational data Special

Many citizens are unaware of and uninformed in relation to how their personal information is being used, collected or shared in the digital society, especially by business venture. For this reason awareness about regulations is important.

UK introduces new security law targeting telecoms Special

The UK government has unveiled a new security law which includes new fines if telecoms operators fail to meet security standards. Companies which fail to tighten their security could receive fines which amount to 10 percent of their turnover.

What businesses need to focus on during 2021 Special

The last few years have seen a new raft of legislation that businesses have had to grapple with. As we move into 2021 it is likely that there will be a renewed focus on data privacy, as well as a continued vigilance upon cybersecurity.

New technology to hide your social media past Special

Social media allows us to connect with our friends, families, and coworkers more than ever before, it has also invaded our privacy and could negatively impact one’s livelihood. Users can potentially lose their job based on something they shared.

Rialto school district hit by a cyberattack Special

The latest cybersecurity issue to impact upon the education sector has struck the Rialto school district, in California. The cyber-incident forced the school to suspend its online learning program.

New IoT Security Rating to demonstrate cybersecurity status Special

UL, a global safety science company, has devised a IoT Security Rating to help manufacturers demonstrate cybersecurity posture in preparation for upcoming regulations.

eSentire Survey: Defining and guarding crown jewel data

While it is possible for an organization to lack formal data classification and still have an understanding of what it needs to protect, yet most organizations hold sensitive data that cybercriminals can monetize or leverage for other purposes.

New York lawmakers reject data privacy act in surprise turn

New York - The New York Privacy Act’s failure to pass the New York Legislature took many commentators by surprise. Had it passed, the bill would have introduced a regulatory framework that mirrored the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Global security concerns reach record high

According to the 2019 Unisys Security Index, a long running snapshot of consumer security concerns conducted globally, global security concern has increased to the highest level in 13 years of the Unisys Security Index.

Many businesses unfamiliar with California Consumer Privacy Act

A study by MediaPRO indicates that many employees have a significant gap in their awareness of crucial impending data privacy laws, which will affect the U.S. state of California.

Firefox tests out new anti-tracking feature

Internet browser Firefox is testing out a new anti-tracking feature. The aim is to prevent sites that are visited from tracking a user as they proceed to other sites. Some sites continue to do so even after cookies are cleared.

VoterVoice voter preference data exposed through security issues Special

VoterVoice, a “grassroots advocacy system” that allows lobbying firms and groups to alert citizens about hot-topic issues, left a server exposed that contained over 300,000 unique email addresses. Leading cyber experts discussed the implications.

Q&A: Businesses need to prepare for data privacy challenges Special

In 2018 GDPR came into force, leading to businesses within Europe changing their practices. This has led to discussions in the U.S. about the need for similar legislation. Greg Young, from Trend Micro considers the impact.

IT security-focused predictions for 2019

Consultants Trend Micro predict the biggest upcoming technology trends expected to have an impact on security. A special summary of these predictions have been provided to Digital Journal readers.

Is Facebook pushing the U.S. closer to a form of EU GDPR?

Is the U.S. heading for a increased data protection legislation, along the lines of the European Union GDPR? Issues surrounding Facebook make this more likely, according to the International Association of IT Asset Managers.

Q&A: Analyzing GDPR's impact so far Special

Although it's now been over 90-days since it was enacted, GDPR has left corporations across the world at a loss for what to do and ensure compliance. Some solutions are provided by Bryan Clark, of global law firm Vedder Price.

Why California's data privacy law is set for U.S. roll out: Q&A Special

The U.S. state of California has agreed to implement a new data privacy law, along the lines of a new regulation recently enacted in Europe. Could this be the trigger for a U.S.-wide roll-out? We talk with data privacy expert John Tsopanis, of

Twitter bug is a reminder that your data is vulnerable

This morning Twitter users opened their accounts to find a prompt asking them to change their password because of a bug in the system. Twitter Inc. is definitely not the only company to have a data protection incident this year, here are a few others.

Is it time for European businesses to learn to love GDPR?

According to a new review, instead of being something to worry about, the European GDPR provides new opportunities for businesses to keep customers happy, improve brands, and to improve business analysis.

Current privacy practices will work in an autonomous world

For those developing autonomous and connected technology, and who see considerable value in collecting and analyzing data, a new approach might be needed if consumers are to continue to ‘buy into’ their personal data being used for such purposes.

Consumers 'keenly aware' of data breaches, will boycott services

Almost 70% of consumers would refuse to use a company with poor data protection standards, according to new research. Inadequate data protection could severely impact a company's reputation. 55% of consumers would avoid firms with historical incidents.

European business needs to get smart about data protection

Businesses operating within the European Union need to make a number of changes in order to meet a new data protection regulation coming into effect on May 25, 2018.

How Algebraix Data aims to give consumers their data rights back Special

Algebraix Data is a company that is taking on Internet giants like Facebook, with the aim of giving consumers their data rights back. Digital Journal caught up with Charlie Silver, CEO of Algebraix Data.

Interview: Protecting intellectual property with blockchain Special

A new blockchain based technology allows creators to protect their intellectual property and prove that it's theirs. According to co-founder Eric Klein, the platform even aims to replace lawyers in the future.

Google says it's 'committed' to keeping data 'safe and private'

Google has detailed how it intends to make its services compliant with Europe's incoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy rules. The company said it is "committed" to ensuring its products meet the guidelines and offer safety assurances.

Microsoft: Windows 10 users 'positive' about privacy changes

Windows 10 users have been "positive" about privacy improvements made with the recent Creators Update. Microsoft said that feedback suggests its customers are now pleased with the options available but it recognised there's "still work to do."

Op-Ed: ECJ safeguards EU citizens’ rights with Safe Harbor ruling

Luxembourg - The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has taken another step towards strengthening the European Union and helping to ensure the European integration will leave a lasting legacy, with its recent ruling that invalidates the transatlantic Safe Harbor clause.

Op-Ed: It'll come as no surprise U.S. privacy confidence is at a new low

Last month I entered a bank to enquire about a new savings account it was offering. A staff member at the bank arranged a meeting, took my mobile phone number and name. Within a day my phone was hot with cold callers.

European data protection agencies take aim at Google over privacy

Internet giant Google has once again come to the attention of data protection authorities across Europe as six European countries launched concerted action against Google yesterday claiming that Google had done nothing to meet privacy concerns.

Austrian politician snapped having sex in forest

An unnamed Austrian politician who was snapped by an automated concealed wildlife camera whilst having sex in a forest, stands to profit by $25,000 if a court decides his privacy was violated.
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