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Data privacy News

Where next for ethical data and data privacy? Special

What will happen with ethical data usage and digital identities in 2021? Will we see portable digital passports, issued by governments or will corporations willingly hand back data to consumers? We look into the digital crystal ball.

Data privacy restrictions are set to become more demanding Special

From European Union wide to the economic giant that is the state of California, data privacy regulations are tightening. Things won't end here and businesses need to get ready for 2021.

How to avoid being scammed during the health crisis Special

A new report reveals U.S. citizens have heightened concerns when it comes to healthcare. This comes as the HHS reported a near-50 percent increase in cyberattacks across most of 2020, compared to the same time frame last year.

UK introduces new security law targeting telecoms Special

The UK government has unveiled a new security law which includes new fines if telecoms operators fail to meet security standards. Companies which fail to tighten their security could receive fines which amount to 10 percent of their turnover.

What businesses need to focus on during 2021 Special

The last few years have seen a new raft of legislation that businesses have had to grapple with. As we move into 2021 it is likely that there will be a renewed focus on data privacy, as well as a continued vigilance upon cybersecurity.

Why executives will be focusing on privacy and security in 2021 Special

Businesses have been hit hard during 2020, not least due to the coronavirus measures needed to maintain company operations remotely. As coronavirus restrictions look set to continue into 2021, what else will executives need to contend with?

Q&A: Data privacy expert untangles the regulatory web Special

This year, U.S. businesses began facing several confusing new regulations regarding consumer data privacy rights, and tech companies may be more at risk than they realize. Data privacy expert Zak Rubinstein outlines the main concerns.

New technology to hide your social media past Special

Social media allows us to connect with our friends, families, and coworkers more than ever before, it has also invaded our privacy and could negatively impact one’s livelihood. Users can potentially lose their job based on something they shared.

Data privacy: How private are COVID-19 apps?

While there are many mobile apps designed to track the spread of COVID-19, there are concerns with what happens to the data. Many apps collect personal data but they fail to indicate whether the information will be secure.

Are you ready for (CCPA) privacy rights and consumer protection? Special

Is your company ready for CCPA? With the law passed in January with an enforcement date six months after the final regulations were in place, this means as of July 1, 2020 businesses have needed to conform with the requirements.

Google announces new privacy functions with new browser update

Google has announced new privacy improvements and data retention practices across their core products. The intention is to keep all user information safe and to put the user back in control.

COVID-19 and contact tracing: How safe is your data? Special

Contact tracing apps and the use of people employed to be 'tracers' is seen as an important aspect of the fight against coronavirus. However, what happens to the data and who controls it?

NHS contact tracing app carries risks of vulnerabilities Special

The U.K., as with other countries, is moving towards introducing a contact tracing app. There are, nonetheless, concerns in relation to security flaws, which have been found in the contact tracing app that the NHS is planning to introduce.

What are the data privacy concerns from contact tracing? Special

Some people are concerned about data privacy and coronavirus contact tracing apps. This relates to questions around the algorithm that automatically assigns everyone a risk score as well as the wider purpose of the apps.

Contact tracing app prioritises testing over self-diagnosis

Many nations are implementing contact tracing apps, as a means to help deal with the coronavirus pandemic within nations. However, not all apps work in the same way and the German approach differs to many.

Q&A: Digital tools offer help to businesses over data privacy Special

While most businesses are aligned on the need for data privacy regulation, many small/mid sized businesses may find themselves dreading the next law, as one violation could mean fines upwards of $1.5 million. Mike Puglia, of Kaseya, looks at solutions.

Q&A: Strategies businesses need to address data privacy issues Special

Data privacy is a major issue for businesses, as they seek to grapple with new regulations and face a public who are becoming more aware of how their data is used. These issues become more important as companies embark on digital transformation projects.

Q&A: Importance of data privacy in the age of PropTech Special

With the continuous growth of smart apartments equipped with innovative platforms and services to help tenants live simply as well as more efficiently, protecting residents’ data must be a priority explains Felicite Moorman of STRATIS IoT.

Q&A: How one digital company is embracing Consumer Privacy Act Special

With the CCPA now in effect, one digital company that uses data to connect businesses and customers across devices is actually embracing the new law. The company is FullContact and its President explains more.

Lessons to be learned ahead of Data Privacy Day 2020 Special

Data Privacy Day 2020 is coming up on January 28, and to recognize this observance, Bitglass experts have prepared some stats to demonstrate how companies still have a long way to go to perfect their security strategies and keep consumer data safe.

Amazon given access to all 'healthcare information' of NHS Special

Concerns have been expressed by the public and the medical establishment over news that Amazon has been given access to all “healthcare information” of the NHS in England except patients’ records.

Q&A: Using AI to fool facial recognition systems Special

As more organizations use facial recognition technology, concerns continue to persist around privacy, anonymity and regulation. For some, 'de-identification' is the answer, as Gil Perry, the CEO/co-founder of D-ID discusses.

Q&A: How companies can prepare for new privacy regulations Special

A data analytics and privacy expert explains to Digital Journal readers about how companies can prepare for new privacy regulations under the impending CCPA deadline.

What's behind Autoclerks' leaky database? Special

Autoclerk's database has been found to be leaking information, which exposed travel data and personal details of hundreds of thousands online (including U.S. government personnel). CTO Vinay Sridhara of Balbix dives in.

Q&A: How to future-proof your privacy policy Special

Organizations must begin to view regulatory compliance as a floor for security rather than a ceiling, focusing on protecting customer data instead of just addressing the requirements demanded by regulations, according to Jacob Serpa of Bitglass.

How many regulations is too much? Businesses weigh in Special

With major businesses seeking a federal data privacy law, the pressure is on Congress to make a decision. With new regulations forming in states companies are finding themselves short of compliance .Jacob Serpa, Bitglass, explains more.

Q&A: Tech CEOs are asking Congress for Federal Data Privacy Law Special

Recently 51 tech CEOs sent an open letter to Congress asking for a federal data privacy law, signalling that companies do not want a patchwork of regulations. What might this federal law look like? Chris Hertz of DivvyCloud takes a look.

Californian businesses will pay $55 billion for data privacy law

A new regulatory impact analysis on the impact of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) estimates the initial costs for state business compliance with the new data privacy law to be $55 billion.

First international standard for data privacy published

The first international standard aimed at tackling privacy information management head on has been published by the International Standards Organization (ISO). The standard addresses the privacy issues relating to a connected world.

How Vancouver Coastal Health left patient data vulnerable Special

Vancouver - A nonprofit privacy advocacy group called Open Privacy Research Society discovered that the sensitive medical information of patients being admitted to certain hospitals across the Greater Vancouver Area. Eve Maler of ForgeRock explains more.
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Data is the new oil.
Data is the new oil.
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