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Data breach News

Another Twitter security flaw, affecting millions of users Special

Twitter has found yet another security issue, this time affecting a number of Android users. The flaw could potentially allow malicious apps to access private messages.

In the cyber-vulnerable world how much do we trust the banks?

Digital banking is increasingly becoming the standard way for businesses and consumers to complete transactions and to manage money. As the check withers, does digital finance have our full support and trust?

Cosmetics firm Avon leaks 19 million customer records Special

The latest data breach has struck the purveyor of lower-cost cosmetics - Avon. Once a staple of door-to-door selling, the company has operated a successful online business for many years.

Drizly, an alcohol delivery startup, experiences data breach Special

Drizly, an alcohol delivery startup, has announced that it has experienced a data breach. The company indicates that no financial data was taken in the breach, although data appears to be on sale on the dark web.

Looking behind the Gedmatch data breach and law enforcement Special

Gedmatch, a DNA analysis site, confirmed today that they suffered two breaches on consecutive days during July 2020. This comes after the site was pulled offline while it investigated how user profile data became available to law enforcement.

US actor casting company leaks private data of wanabee stars Special

It has been revealed that the online agency,, which is a popular website used to cast U.S. talent in movies and television shows, exposed the data of roughly 260,000 individuals online.

Frost & Sullivan suffers from global data breach Special

Frost & Sullivan, the business consulting firm involved in market research and analysis, has suffered from a major wide data breach, resulting in the exposure of some personal data.

Fitness brand leaks personal data linked to fitness trainers Special

Security researchers have found an unsecured Amazon servicer (AWS S3) bucket belonging to fitness brand V Shred. This led to personally identifiable information relating to trainers and customers being exposed online.

Aspire News suffers from a data loss Special

A data breach has struck Aspire News, an app backed by Dr.Phil to help domestic violence victims covertly signal distress. This led to some personally identifiable information being exposed.

How an unsecured OneClass database exposed students Special

Over one million students in the U.S. have had personal data exposed onto the web. This followed a popular online learning platform leaving data in a publicly accessible cloud database.

Frost & Sullivan exposes data: What this means for customers Special

It has been announced that Frost & Sullivan experienced a data breach exposing sensitive information such as first and last names, log in names, and hashed passwords. This carries implications for customers.

Bharat Interface for Money hit by major data breach Special

Bharat Interface for Money suffered a data breach that exposed the personal details of over 7 million users, including dates of birth, addresses, names and Ardaar cards.

Transport firm Amtrak hit by significant data breach Special

Amtrak, the U.S. public transportation unit, announced that it has suffered a data breach causing Amtrak to reset user passwords after a Guest Rewards data breach.

Quidd data breach exposes 4 million users, including youngsters Special

Quidd, an online marketplace for trading stickers, cards, toys, and other collectibles, has suffered a data breach and the details of 4 millions users have been exposed.

ShinyHunters hacker: Mathway data breach reported Special

ShinyHunters hackers have hit the education site Mathway, causing a data breach. As a result of the hack, more than 25 million emails and passwords have been stolen. Many of these are most likely to belong to children.

Home Chef involved in a significant data breach Special

Home Chef, a US-based meal kit and food delivery service, announced a data breach today after a hacker sold 8 million user records on a dark web marketplace.The user records for Home Chef was one of the databases being sold.

Australia: NSW hit by data breach via phishing attack Special

The New South Wales Government (NSW) has confirmed that it has fallen victim to a phishing attack, putting citizen data at risk. Some 50 staff Service NSW email accounts were accessed.

Do U.S. citizens have the world's weakest passwords? Special

How good is your password? When did you last update it? Is it formed of a combination of letters, numbers and symbols? While your own password might be secure, you'll be surprised just how weak many are.

Website provider GoDaddy suffers from a data breach Special

GoDaddy has confirmed a data breach that occurred back in October, impacting web hosting account credentials. The breach was caused by an unauthorized individual.

Five tips for creating a stronger password Special

May 7 each year marks World Passport Day. Despite repeated advice, many people still have weak passwords, and while biometric technology is still in its infancy most people remain reliant upon the keyboard password.

Edtech company suffers from third data breach Special

Edtech company Chegg confirmed earlier today that it had suffered its third breach in as many years. This not only raises questions around the company itself, it also raises concerns about corporate security overall.

Le Figaro caught out in database exposure Special

Le Figaro, a French daily newspaper, has been found to have inadvertently exposed roughly 7.4 billion records containing personally identifiable information (PII) of reporters and employees.

Gamers beware: 160K Nintendo accounts breached Special

Nintendo has confirmed that 160,000 Nintendo Accounts have been breached. With this, a number of the impacted accounts were reported to have purchased digital items without owner consent.

Looking into the iPhone email app flaw Special

Cybersecurity researchers have identified that all types of Apple iPhones are at risk of being hacked through the email application that comes with the smartphone device. Sam Bakken of OneSpan has been looking at the issue.

Payment processor exposes 2.5 million credit card transactions Special

Paay, a New York-based card payments processor, left about 2.5 million credit card transactions publicly exposed for roughly three weeks. Chris DeRamus, CTO and co-founder, DivvyCloud looks into the issue.

Children's game Webkinz suffers from a data breach Special

It has been announced that the Canadian-based online game Webkinz has experienced a data breach, leaking over 23 million usernames and passwords from the children's platform. The game has significant reach worldwide.

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) in data breach Special

Every week seems to result in a major data breach being announced. This time around it is San Francisco International Airport (SFO), where personally identifiable information relating to airport travelers appears to have been exposed online. data breach exposes 600,000 users Special

It has been announced that the Italian email provider has seen a data breach leading to personal information relating to more than 600,000 users is being sold on the dark web.

Norwegian cruise line involved in data breach Special

As the travel sector battles with the economic consequences of the global coronavirus pandemic, news has come through about Norwegian Cruise Line being involved in a data breach, with customer data being exposed.

Open database exposes 425 GB of financial companies’ data Special

The latest data exposure issue relates to non-encrypted data being housed on AWS S3. These cloud services have become one of the most common vectors of large-scale data compromise in the past two or three years, explains
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Saks at the North Star Mall in San Antonio  Texas in 2014
Saks at the North Star Mall in San Antonio, Texas in 2014
Leonard J. DeFrancisci
File photo: Biometrics in use.
File photo: Biometrics in use.
Equifax put volume has skyrocketed following the company s high-profile data breach.
Equifax put volume has skyrocketed following the company's high-profile data breach.
Business Insider / Andy Kiersz, data from Bloomberg
Violent extremist and hate groups continue to get their materials posted onto social media sites lik...
Violent extremist and hate groups continue to get their materials posted onto social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, despite strong efforts to block it, a US Senate panel was told.

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