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Dark web News

Stolen Fortnite accounts sold on $1 billion black market Special

News has broken that thousands of Fortnite users' accounts are being sold on a $1 billion black market for stolen video-game accounts. The data could enable hackers to access individual user profiles.

Q&A: Hackers are sharing your digital data on the dark web Special

Trade in digital data, especially data that reveals are person's or company's digital identity is becoming big business on the dark web, according to Ariel Ainhoren of InSights.

Q&A: How to respond to the latest big data breach? Special

Around 617 million online account details have been stolen from 16 hacked websites, and these have been placed are on sale by the criminals on the dark web. Cybersecurity experts tell Digital Journal about the implications.

How to stop employees stealing and selling data: Interview Special

All companies are at risk from insider threats, be they from disgruntled employees stealing and selling data or taking contact lists. Cybersecurity expert Kurt Long provides some advice to companies so they can take measures to protect themselves.

Dark web ransomware economy growing at 2,500 percent annually

San Francisco - A new report was released Wednesday at the Cb Connect a conference in San Francisco, highlighting the astounding increase in ransomware sales on the dark web. Sales rocketed from about $250,000 last year to over $6.2 million so far in 2017.

China-U.S. opioid pipeline fuels our drug crisis via 'Dark Web'

The United States is in the midst of a major health crisis, and it is not just our young people who are at risk. Synthetic opioids, far cheaper than heroin are flooding our streets and they have been linked to underground labs in China.

China's latest chemical weapon is sold openly on the Internet

Since July this year, a string of overdoses across the U.S. has been linked to a deadly opioid called carfentanil, an analog of Fentanyl. This chemical weapon is sold openly on the Internet by Chinese vendors to anyone with the money, no questions asked.

33 million Twitter accounts appear online but site wasn't hacked

A hacker has released a database containing around 33 million Twitter user credentials on the dark web. The nature of the data suggests Twitter itself has not been hacked. Instead, it has been assembled using malware to steal passwords.

Four 'mega dumps' in a month spark fears of hidden data hacks

The user credentials of hundreds of millions of hacked Myspace and Tumblr accounts have turned up online in separate databases. The hack appears to have occurred several years ago and could be related to the recent release of LinkedIn user details.

1 billion email accounts offered for sale on the dark web for $1

A lone hacker is selling over a billion email usernames and passwords for only a dollar on the Russian dark web, according to a report. The majority of the accounts are for, Russia's most popular provider, but some cover Google and Microsoft.

1,500 pedophiles busted by FBI hacking the Dark Web

In perhaps the largest pedophile sting in history, the FBI hacked the Dark Web server to infiltrate and investigate 1,500 pedophiles using the secret website named the Playpen.

Hackers selling stolen Netflix account access for less than $1

Hackers could be selling lifetime access to your Netflix subscription for just $0.50. A recent report by McAfee Labs revealed you can buy access to “many online streaming entertainment” services, like Netflix and Spotify, in “Dark Web” marketplac

200,000 Comcast customer passwords found for sale on the dark web

Comcast has confirmed that 200,000 of its customer email addresses and passwords have been found for sale on the dark web, forcing it to contact the affected people and automatically reset their accounts.

UK pedophile ring sentenced in Bristol court for raping babies

A group of seven men in the UK, who referred to babies as "sexy" and encouraged others to watch them raping the young children on videos posted to the "dark web," were sentenced in Bristol Crown Court on Thursday.

Dark Web Watches Out For Terrorists

How do you Blog? If you use your Blog to post rants you just may have your Blog watched by the Dark Web. Terrorists and extremists use the Internet to recruit. The government uses it to monitor the ones that could be a threat.

Inside the Dark Web of Terrorism

Terrorist groups can’t hide on the Web. A team of university researchers have quietly collected the largest digital library of information on terrorist groups. A look inside the part of the Web most of us never see.

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Brian Beyer  cofounder and CEO of Red Canary Co. discussed the importance of data sharing at CbConne...
Brian Beyer, cofounder and CEO of Red Canary Co. discussed the importance of data sharing at CbConnect.
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