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Dangerous News

Linda Bella talks new single 'Dangerous,' future and David Guetta Special

Actress and Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Linda Bella chatted with this journalist about her new single "Dangerous." Digital Journal also premiered her new song's lyric video.

Micro-robots designed to work in dangerous areas

The British government is helping researchers to develop micro-robots. The multi-million investment is to help to produce micro-robots that can work in dangerous areas, like underground pipe networks or within decommissioned nuclear facilities.

Hurricane Michael has the 'potential to be a historic storm'

Residents of Florida's Panhandle frantically filled sandbags, boarded-up homes and secured boats Monday as they anxiously awaited Hurricane Michael, which forecasters warned could make Landfall as a major Category 3 storm.

Do not underestimate the threat of Florence — It is dangerous

As Hurricane Florence approaches the East Coast of the United States, the governors of Virginia, North and South Carolina have issued mandatory evacuation orders affecting hundreds of thousands of residents in coastal areas.

Category 4 Hurricane Florence to hit East Coast later this week

Hurricane Florence is now a major Category 3 hurricane and forecasters now say the storm could mount a direct, devastating hit on North and South Carolina as the most powerful storm to hit the area in three decades.

Ominous-looking pyrocumulus cloud looked like nuclear bomb

Ventura - In a phenomenon only seen during the biggest wildfires, a pyrocumulus cloud, which resembled an erupting volcano or a nuclear bomb, was seen above the San Ynez Mountains of western Ventura County in Southern California on Monday.

Irma to pass just North of Puerto Rico on its way to Florida

Hurricane Irma smashed small northern Caribbean islands Wednesday morning as one of the strongest storms recorded in the Atlantic, as its path moves it closer to the British Virgin Islands and northern Puerto Rico later today.

Over one million Fiat Chrysler trucks recalled for software error

Fiat Chrysler is currently scrambling to notify over one million customers that trucks they bought from the company are being recalled due to a dangerous software error.

Op-Ed: Outrageous EpiPen prices drive some people to make their own

There is one sure way to fuel the entrepreneurial spirit in people. All you have to do is say "it can't be done." Social media sites, including Twitter and YouTube, are awash with instructions on how to make your own EpiPen, and that is dangerous.

Ariz. doctors forced to say 'Abortions may be reversed'

Phoenix - Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona succeeded in putting his state back in the national spotlight over abortions after he signed legislation on Monday that mandates a doctor must tell a patient seeking a drug-induced abortion the procedure may be reversible.

Warning: Do not try this at home, or at school!

New York - Warnings and safety precautions are everywhere. Many save lives. But some come to late or are not disseminated far and wide enough.

Beijing air pollution hits dangerous levels (Video)

Beijing - Residents in Beijing are being recommended to stay indoors by local authorities, as the air pollution goes way over the permissible levels.

Op-Ed: Tree well dangers, know them and ski with a buddy Special

The extreme lack of knowledge on the existence and dangers of tree wells became very apparent me to me a year ago when skiing with my brother at Whistler Mountain, British Columbia.

Op-Ed: Detroit not as 'dangerous' as its police union claims Special

Detroit - About 300 plain-clothes officers of the Detroit Police Officer's Association were handing out fliers before Game 1 of the American League Division Series at Comerica Park Saturday to "let the public know they enter Detroit at their own risk."

Hippo stuck in South Africa swimming pool

Johannesburg - A hippopotamus that was chased away from its herd at a South African game reserve Tuesday, has found the a nice, relaxing swimming pool to relax in. Unfortunately, now the hippo is stuck there.

'Yoga is dangerous' article spurs controversy

Proponents of the soothing art of yoga were outraged on Sunday after reading that their healthy practice was not very healthy, according to a New York Times feature story.

U.S. national forests being hurt by marijuana growers

Entiat - Outlaw reefer growers are increasingly using parkland because the forests are huge, security is almost nonexistent and the soil conditions are fertile. But the practice is harming National Forest System lands, and the cost to fix it is astronomical.

Op-Ed: Donald Trump Was Right About China

New York - Donald Trump believes China takes advantage of the United States. In at least two ways, from the perspective of just one individual, he is right.

Candy advertised as dangerous recalled

A U.S. company, Candy Dynamics of Indianapolis, is recalling part of their Toxic Waste candy line; Some Nuclear Sludge Chew Bars, imported from Pakistan, are actually hazardous.

Study: TV portrays misleading image of mental illness

Almost half of the television characters with mental illness are portrayed as being dangerous to others, a study commissioned by the UK Department of Health has found.

Prez of ALF says Alberta dangerous for workers

Alberta has many dangerous industries for employees, with a government that is spending less on workplace safety than they were in 1991.

Clarcon hand sanitizer products recalled

Clarcon Biological Chemistry Laboratory has issued a voluntary recall of their hand sanitizers and skin protectants due to findings by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Butt-Building Silicon Injections Critically Injure Two Women

They wanted to look better. So they went to a woman who had no medical degree and allowed her to give them injection after injection of a homemade silicon solution. Both women are now extremely ill in the hospital with complications.

Denver, Colorado: Most Dangerously Drunk City

In 1916 on New Year's Day the state of Colorado stopped all alcohol sales, predating Prohibition by 4 years. Today, Colorado tops the charts of the drunkest cities list once again.

Dangerous Convict at Large

Since this photo was taken, this man has shaved his head and moustache. Michel Poulin walked away from a halfway house. He is considered dangerous and police need your help in finding him. Do not approach him! If you see him, call 911.

Study Says Internet More Dangerous than School Violence and Sexually Transmitted Diseases for Children

A University of Michigan Poll finds Internet safety more dangerous than school violence, abuse and sexually transmitted diseases.

Is Cheerleading too dangerous?

Do high-flying routines in cheerleading come with too high a risk?

FDA warns Consumers not to drink Jermuk water

A drinking water has a toxic substance that can cause us cancer!

Dangerous to Work with Girls? Funny Video

It is not always easy for man to work with beautiful Girls at work

Five of the Ten Most Dangerous Volcanoes, including Mt. Rainier, are located in the Pacific Norhtwest

The USGS recently ranked the United States volcanoes in terms of the most dangerous in the potential for loss of life and destruction of property, including Mt. Rainier in the Cascade Range, near Seattle, Washington. It poses a real threat to that city.
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The forecast highs do not include the heat index that would bring the  feels like  temperatures even...
The forecast highs do not include the heat index that would bring the "feels like" temperatures even higher.
Weather Channel
Twenty-five size 0 capsules of 500mg of Malaysian Kratom. It takes about ten pills to get a high. Th...
Twenty-five size 0 capsules of 500mg of Malaysian Kratom. It takes about ten pills to get a high. The high is opiate-like and therefore considered an opioid even though it acts on different receptor sites.
Following the first report of an unidentified gunk on the streets  Dc Public Works and Metro Police ...
Following the first report of an unidentified gunk on the streets, Dc Public Works and Metro Police shut down traffic in this area.
Powerful Category 5 Hurricane Matthew
Powerful Category 5 Hurricane Matthew
Just one more reason to quit smoking... pig s blood has been found in some cigarettes.
Just one more reason to quit smoking... pig's blood has been found in some cigarettes.
Just one of the most dangerous selfies ever made.
Just one of the most dangerous selfies ever made.
Fox News/Twitter

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