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Danger News

Dog breeds with the highest risk of biting children identified

A new study has identified the dog breeds, together with the the physical traits of the animals, that pose highest risk of biting children. The results, pulled from U.S. data, are not always so clear cut.

Scientists say Earth in serious danger of being hit by comets

Scientists now believe we have a far greater chance of being hit by a comet than previously thought. They say that the possibility of a catastrophic impact, which would cause mass extinctions, has been seriously underestimated.

Mystery of 16ft python found dead in British canal

A 16ft-long reticulated python has been found floating in a canal in Lancashire, England, leading to a police appeal for information on how the dangerous animal came to be in the water.

Family home destroyed by fire started by jar of Nutella

A warning has been issued after a family's home was devastated by a raging fire started by a Nutella jar that had been left by a window. It magnified the sun's rays and started the huge fire.

Fishing boats finds WW2 mustard gas bomb in catch

Danish fishermen fishing around the island of Bornholm, south of Sweden, found a dangerous mustard gas bomb among their catch after trawling the hazardous region of the Baltic Sea.

Op-Ed: Is bilingualism dangerous for our society?

Some people — mainly ultra-conservative politicians — say that the social phenomenon that is bilingualism is a danger for a nation’s unity and claim it creates communitarianism, and by doing so endangers the stability of a country.

Antidepressant study sparks debate on multinational drug culture

The information about suicide risks placed on antidepressants may have caused some doctors to prescribe them less. Researchers with the British Medical Journal and at Harvard Medical School say that this could have led to increased suicides.

Op-Ed: How to work in a war zone Special

Aleppo - Syria is the most deadly place in the world at the moment for journalists. The possibility of kidnapping and death is high. Below is some of my experience and advice on working as a photographer in a war zone.

Course can kill, warns shaken Miller

Bode Miller laid bare the dangers faced by the downhillers going for gold on Sunday when he said the treacherous Rosa Khutor piste "could kill you".

Op-Ed: The struggle against lead poisoning, young children most at risk

While lead in paint has been banned in Europe and the US for years, certain companies still produce lead paint and sell it abroad. There, yet also at home, young children still suffer the consequences: lower IQ, slowed body growth, failure at school.

Beating the icy winter roads with beet juice

With the declining supply of road salt and the higher prices, many communities are switching to a more cost efficient, and yet environmentally friendly solution.

Do birds hold 'funeral' for dead?

A university of California, Davis, US study on bird behavior has come out with the startling finding that birds hold ‘funerals’ for their dead relatives. The study conducted by Teresa Iglesias and colleagues is published in the journal Animal Behaviou

Nuclear power: Ten incidents worldwide in ten days

Over a ten days period, between August 8 and August 18, ten nuclear incidents were recorded worldwide. These included events in the USA, UK and Japan.

Jeffrey M. Smith: The GMO Threat (full length video)

If you have an hour to spare, this interview with Jeffrey M. Smith will be well worth the time. Smith documents how consumption of GM foods has been directly linked with health problems in humans.

Nova Scotia closes parks, provincial beaches due to Earl

Kentville - Hurrican Earl has been downgraded to a Category 1 hurricane but it's still expected to begin affecting Nova Scotia late Friday night. Provincial authorities have closed camping parks and provincial beaches as they expect severe weather conditions.

Nova Scotia urges residents to prepare for Hurricane Earl Special

Halifax - As officials continue to monitor the path of Hurricane Earl the Nova Scotia Emergency Management Office is advising the public to take necessary steps to protect themselves and their families in the event of an emergency.

Explosive super rockets recalled, July 4th fireworks safety tips

Charleston - Super lightning rocket fireworks have been recalled. Thousands of injuries are expected from sparklers, firecrackers, and aerials this year. Consumers are urged to put safety over stupidity when using, lighting and launching fireworks at home.

Is cellphone use safe? Experts disagree with FDA study

Washington - The FDA and WHO have recently released studies on the use of cell phones and report no increased danger for users. Other experts in the field including the scientific team at Mast Sanity disagree and saying studies were funded by the cell phone companies.

Grunion lure people, sharks during annual grunion runs

They’re as predictable as high and low tides, and the annual California grunion runs and egg-laying can only be seen along the California coast from Baja in the south to the Channel Islands in the north.

Australia's Danger Twins

Five-day-old twins Billie and Ridley Lampard were both given the middle name of Danger because their dad wanted bragging rights to the popular expression: "Danger is my middle name."

Indian High Court Labels Drunk Driver 'Human Bomb'

Delhi High Court refused to give bail to a driver who caused six deaths while driving drunk. The judge called him a “human bomb."

Text Messaging Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Apparently, there have been mounting reports of injuries related to text messaging. In the modern age of electronics and instantaneous communications capabilities, the developers of such advancements neglected to take into account safety features.

Over 200 US Birds Added To At Risk List

One hundred seventy-eight species in the continental U.S. and 39 in Hawaii have the dubious distinction of landing on the newest and most scientifically sound list of America's most imperiled birds. WatchList 2007.

Tuna Fishing Fleets In The Pacific Pose Danger To Wildlife At Sea

Japan’s long line southern bluefin tuna fleet nets large amount of bluefin tuna but also captures thousands of albatrosses, sharks and marine turtles, decimating their population according to a WWF report.

Fluorescent Lights' Mercury Poses Dim Threat

Mercury in Compact Flourescent Lamps poses little threat says National Geographic

US in danger of becoming dictatorship

Presidential candidate tells interviewer that the US is in danger of soon becoming a dictatorship. {image(27156,right)}

Can someone explain to me

Why everytime someone gets hurt by a pitt it's always because those dogs are mean? Those dogs are only want you make them

Girl lied about abduction attempt

girl lied to police about abduction attempt. Now, she is in danger for what she did!

Woman strapped crocodiles onto herself

A woman with three crocodiles strapped to her waist was stopped at the Gaza-Egypt border crossing after guards noticed that she looked "strangely fat."

Wear a Seat Belt, a Billboard advertisement

Wear a seat belt, if not become a sling shot.
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Fructose drinks on shelves in a Woolworth s supermarket  Australia.
Fructose drinks on shelves in a Woolworth's supermarket, Australia.
SMC / Wikipedia
A baby can strangle in the “V” shape when the top portion of the drop side detaches
A baby can strangle in the “V” shape when the top portion of the drop side detaches
Consumer Product Safety Commission
In putting the Lanois show together  Willner says “this is a challenge  the producer honouring ano...
In putting the Lanois show together, Willner says “this is a challenge, the producer honouring another producer. But how cool is that? Let’s have a go… there’s a chance it’ll be the greatest show you’ve ever seen, and there’s the chance it won’t work at all. There’s the danger aspect Safe, I’m always bored by.”
Adam Vollick
Laptop wrapped in crime scene tape.
Laptop wrapped in crime scene tape.
Tim Robberts
Deep excavation in Centenary Square  England
Deep excavation in Centenary Square, England
Elliott Brown

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