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Another Paris school closed over lead levels after Notre-Dame fire

Paris - A sixth school in Paris has been closed after tests found lead levels above alert thresholds, a source told AFP on Wednesday, as officials continue to monitor for the toxic metal after April's fire at Notre-Dame cathedral.

Notre-Dame cathedral 'still at risk of collapse' after fire

Paris - Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris is still at risk of collapse after being gutted by a fire in April, with more stonework falling during the recent heatwave in the French capital, the government said on Wednesday.

Restart of Notre-Dame restoration pushed back to August 19

Paris - Renovation work at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris could resume on August 19, a government official said Friday, after the clean-up was halted last month over fears that workers could be exposed to lead poisoning.

French NGO files suit over Notre-Dame lead risks

Paris - Pressure rose on French authorities Monday after an environmental group said it had filed a lawsuit accusing officials of failing to quickly contain the risks of lead poisoning after the fire that ravaged Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris last April.

French NGO files lawsuit over lead risks from Notre-Dame blaze

Paris - A French environmental group said Monday that it had filed a lawsuit accusing officials of failing to move quickly to contain the risks of lead contamination after the fire that ravaged the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris last April.

Most Notre-Dame pledges not yet collected: archbishop

Paris - Most of the money pledged towards the reconstruction of Notre-Dame Cathedral has yet to be collected, the Archbishop of Paris said in a statement Wednesday.Donors had pledged about a billion euros ($1.

French MPs debate law on speedy Notre-Dame restoration

Paris - French lawmakers on Friday debated a controversial draft law for restoring Notre-Dame within five years, after the iconic Paris cathedral sustained major fire damage last month.

Officials warn of lead pollution risks after Notre-Dame blaze

Paris - The fire that ravaged the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris last month released lead particles that have settled in potentially dangerous amounts in areas surrounding the church, officials said Thursday.

Clean your homes: police warn Notre-Dame neigbours over lead risk

Paris - Neighbours of the fire-stricken Notre-Dame Cathedral should use wet wipes to clean surfaces at home or the office where lead-laden dust from the blaze may have settled, Paris police advised Saturday.

Notre-Dame organ dusty but undamaged: organist

Washington - Notre-Dame's grand organ will be cleaned of dust but will probably not have to be taken apart after the inferno that ravaged the Paris cathedral, the organist who was playing the it when the blaze broke out said Thursday.

Workers smoked at Notre-Dame cathedral, admits contractor

Paris - Workers renovating Notre-Dame flouted a ban on smoking at the monument, a contractor admitted on Wednesday, while denying any link with last week's devastating blaze that ripped through the cathedral.

Notre-Dame paintings removed amid lead pollution fears

Paris - French art experts headed into the stricken Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris to remove all the remaining paintings on Friday despite warnings from an environmental group that the site could be a toxic health threat.

In Notre-Dame's shadow, a 'village' faces uncertain future

Paris - Days after the catastrophic fire at Paris's Notre-Dame, around 30 business owners on Thursday gathered at a cafe in the shadow of the burned cathedral.

NY archbishop starts relief fund after Notre Dame fire

New York - The archbishop of New York on Thursday said he has set up a fund to help rebuild Notre-Dame cathedral, meant to give New Yorkers a way to help.

Rich vs poor: Donations row shatters French unity over Notre-Dame

Paris - France's culture minister pleaded Thursday for an end to the controversy over the 850 million euros (950 million dollars) pledged to restore Notre-Dame cathedral, which critics have suggested would be better spent on the poor.

Notre-Dame esplanade to get 'ephemeral' wooden cathedral during rebuild

Paris - Catholic worshippers feeling orphaned by the fire that ravaged part of Notre-Dame will be welcomed in an "ephemeral cathedral" of wood in front of the Paris monument until it reopens, Notre-Dame's chief priest said Thursday.

Scammers preying on Notre-Dame donors, France warns

Paris - Fraudsters are taking advantage of the Notre-Dame fire to fool donors into handing over cash believing they are helping to rebuild the gutted Paris cathedral, officials have warned.

Can Notre-Dame be restored in just five years?

Paris - French President Emmanuel Macron has promised to complete a painstaking renovation of Notre-Dame within five years after the historic cathedral suffered a monstrous fire that destroyed its spire and roof.

French artisans gear up to restore Notre-Dame

Paris - Thanks to a small yet enduring corps of artisans specialised in traditional stone and woodwork techniques, France's ambitious goal of restoring the fire-ravaged Notre-Dame cathedral within five years may be within reach, experts say.

Skill shortage could hold up Notre Dame rebuild: UK architect

London - One of the architects who helped restore Windsor Castle after a devastating fire said a shortage of craftsmen could hold up the reconstruction of Notre-Dame.

Firefighters form human chain to rescue priceless treasures

Paris - Risking their own lives as they toiled through the night, firefighters formed a human chain to rescue a swathe of Notre-Dame's "priceless treasures.

'Legendary' Notre-Dame roof astounded Middle Ages: carpenter

Paris - The charred roof of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris was once a legend that "astounded the Middle Ages" and still fascinates master carpenters, Thomas Buechi of the Charpente Concept group told AFP.What does the roof represent for master carpenters?

Macron vows to rebuild Notre-Dame within five years

Paris - French President Emmanuel Macron vowed Tuesday to rebuild Notre-Dame cathedral "within five years", after a fire that toppled the steeple of the 850-year-old landmark and caused major damage to the roof.

Trump expresses Notre Dame 'condolences' to Macron: White House

Washington - President Donald Trump on Tuesday relayed Americans' "condolences" to French President Emmanuel Macron over the fire at Notre-Dame cathedral, the White House said.

'Pillars of Earth' author Follett mourns Notre-Dame

London - The author of what may be the world's most popular book about a cathedral told AFP that watching Notre-Dame being eaten up by flames made him feel like someone was dying.

German far right tries to link Notre-Dame fire to anti-Christian 'attacks'

Berlin - A leader of Germany's far-right AfD party on Tuesday tried to link the devastating fire at Paris' Notre-Dame cathedral to rising "intolerance" against Christians in Europe, although French investigators believe the inferno was an accident.

'Paris is disfigured': Tears and shock as Notre-Dame burns

Paris - Crowds of stunned Parisians and tourists -- some crying, others offering prayers -- watched in horror in central Paris on Monday night as firefighters struggled for hours to extinguish the flames engulfing the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Swen Temmel talks 'After' film, 2019 Emmy nod, Dame Helen Mirren Special

Actor Swen Temmel chatted with Digital Journal about his 2019 Emmy nomination (for serving as a producer on "The Bay") and his work on the film "After." He also spoke about the impact of technology on the entertainment business.

Exclusive interview with Dame Vera Lynn: Turning 101 years old Special

Living legend Dame Vera Lynn chatted with Digital Journal about her 101st birthday. She was affectionately known as the "Forces' Sweetheart" during World War II, where she would entertain the British troops.

Op-Ed: Olivia Newton-John deserves to be made a Dame of British Empire

Olivia Newton-John is one of the most successful singers and actresses of our time. She deserves to be made a Dame Commander of the British Empire (DBE).
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