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Dairy News

Afghan dairy entrepreneur walks political tightrope to stay afloat

Kandahar - Brightly coloured milk bottles whizz off the production line at the Milko factory in Afghanistan's Kandahar province, the result of entrepreneur Ghami Mia treading a careful line with both the Taliban and government officials.

Canadian dairy farmers criticize new trade pact with US

Ottawa - Canadian dairy farmers castigated Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government Monday for yielding to US demands for greater access to Canada's protected milk and cheese market as part of a new continental trade pact, but auto workers were pleased.

The 'Internet of Farming' is disrupting traditional agriculture

Generations of farmers have relied on knowledge and family expertise to grow food, but the sector is set for a surge of disruption at the hands of made-in-Canada artificial intelligence-powered systems.

Fonterra ordered to pay France's Danone $125 mln over baby formula scare

Wellington - New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra was ordered to pay French rival Danone NZ$183 million ($125 million) in damages Friday over a baby formula botulism scare.

India to close colonial-era military farms

Allahabad - Under a hot afternoon sun workers scrub down cows at the Allahabad Military Farm, the latest hangover of India's colonial past being forced into the 21st century.The 700-acre (285-hectare) farm in the city of 1.

Consuming low-fat dairy possibly linked with Parkinson's disease

A new study has found consuming at three servings or more of low-fat dairy a day is associated with a higher risk of developing Parkinson's disease.

Dispute in Canadian court over raw milk

Toronto - In Canada a group of farmers are locked in a legal dispute with officials over the right to produce and sell raw (unpasteurized) milk.

Probiotics are more effective in conjunction with dairy

Probiotics are more effective when used in conjunction with dairy products compared with other foodstuffs or beverages, according to a new study. The study does have some limitations.

Milk therapy results show some success

A gradual and steadily increasing dose of milk proteins appears to have some success in helping some people with allergies to dairy foods, according to a new research study.

Milk war in Australia

The supermarket giants in Australia have started a food discounting war. In a blatant marketing push Coles began the discounting war by reducing the price of two litre Coles brand milk by 33 percent from $2.99 to $2.00.

Proposed mega dairy causes controversry

Nocton - A proposed mega dairy in the UK, where cattle would rarely have the chance to get outside or exercise, has come under criticism from many people.

Dairy farmer supplies waterbeds for his cows

Glastonbury - A dairy farmer in Somerset believes that waterbeds and classical music are helping his cattle contribute toward the creation of a better quality product.

Vindication for Ontario raw milk producer Michael Schmidt

Master farmer Michael Schmidt had faced 19 charges following a raid on his farm in 2006. Schmidt had been distributing raw milk.

Chinese government issues warning over imported powdered milk

The Chinese government is annoyed over increasing demand for milk powder, as young parents across the nation have been buying up qualified milk powder in huge quantities because of melamine fears.

Nestle closes Zimbabwe milk plant

The Swiss multinational company Nestle is claiming that harassment is the reason it is closing the dairy plant in Zimbabwe.

Tanzanian female farmers increase wealth with 'lease-cow' herds

Household goods-recycling charity Estafette has donated € 4,000 to Farm Friends Netherlands. This organisation leases cows to Tanzanian women, which helps them generate income through dairy cooperatives. The scheme started in 2003.

Report: Chinese dairy firms will compensate melamine victims

Chinese dairy firms have finally agreed to compensate the victims and their families after their melamine-tainted milk sickened hundreds of thousands of people.

China: Recalled dairy products sold to students at a discount

The dairy product that killed four babies and made thousands of others sick were recalled from stores. But instead of dumping them, some were resold back to students at bargain prices.

Oh Dairy Me: Drought Hits Dairy Industry

It has been warned that the price of dairy produce is expected to considerably increase this summer. The news comes after the EU’s supply of surplus milk has run out and the butter mountain is now flat. Question: Could this have been prevented?

Cloneburgers, anyone? Farmer can’t wait

A dairy cattle farmer who is facing eviction considers breaking the ban on cloned meat

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Dairy Image

Spraying liquid cow manure.
Spraying liquid cow manure.
Kinnard Farms is the fifth largest dairy farm in Wisconsin.
Kinnard Farms is the fifth largest dairy farm in Wisconsin.
Treeline non-dairy cheese products.
Treeline non-dairy cheese products.
Beth of SomeDetect
A Wisconsin dairy has had  its Grade A permit suspended for 30 days.
A Wisconsin dairy has had its Grade A permit suspended for 30 days.
David Monniaux

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