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James Franco + Tim O'Keefe get what they want with Daddy project

The art band duo Daddy — actor, director, writer, artist James Franco and musician, producer, artist Tim O'Keefe — have released "This Charming Man," the first track from their upcoming album and full-length video/film "Let Me Get What I Want."

O.J. Simpson allegedly adds 'daughter' Khloe Kardashian to will

After media reports claimed that former NFL star O.J. Simpson says he believes Khloe Kardashian is his daughter, rumors have taken a bizarre turn with The National Enquirer reporting that O.J. has added Khloe to his will.

Video: Baby Jackson startled by Daddy's loud snoring

The video of a two-month-old reacting to his father's loud snoring has gone viral online with over 130,000 views. Jackson looks relaxed and smiles at the camera till he hears Daddy's loud snoring noise. His eyes widen with a startled expression.

DNA tests confirm boy, 12, not a father

DNA test results have proved that Alfie Patton, 12, was not the father of a baby named Maisie. The 15-year-old mother Chantelle Stedman previously claimed she had sex with Alfie and became pregnant.

Op-Ed: Daddy's Home: President Obama sets new tone for America

Like a good father, after boldly addressing the nation's ills and delivering a timely, firm, and reassuring message for the country in his inaugural speech President Obama moves decisively to begin the work of reshaping America.

NO sex please, we are daddy's little girls

It is being a trend in America among the conservative Christians, girls as young as nine are pledging to their fathers to remain virgins until they wed,

Who's the Daddy? Awaiting Paternity Test in Smith Case

Get in line, gentlemen. A number of men have laid claim to Anna Nicole Smith's baby, Dannielynn. Most believe the father is either Howard K. Stern or Larry Birkhead.

That's my Flat Daddy!

What a GREAT idea. Flat Daddy's of hero's for their children.

Banned GoDaddy - Super Bowl Ad that could not play

Stodgy senators get an eyeful of an energetic young babe psyched about her website. The wardrobe malfunction knicked this from airing on TV.

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James Franco
James Franco
The eye of Tim O Keefe
The eye of Tim O'Keefe
Cozy Music/Daddy
James Franco and TimO Keefe are the art band duo Daddy
James Franco and TimO'Keefe are the art band duo Daddy
Cozy Music/Daddy
Franco and O Keefe in the studio recording  Let Me Get What I Want
Franco and O'Keefe in the studio recording "Let Me Get What I Want"
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