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Leeza Gibbons talks about father, Philips Lifeline, Betty White Special

Emmy winner Leeza Gibbons opened up with Digital Journal about how she almost lost her father ("Pops') as she calls him to a heart attack but, technology, the Philips Lifeline, saved his life.

Actor Josh Hartnett is going to be a father

Josh Hartnett, 36, starred in Blackhawk Down and he currently stars in the series Penny Dreadful, and now he and his girlfriend are going to become parents.

Dad had sex on set tour of Coronation Street

A man recently appeared on the Jeremy Kyle show, being accused of having sex on the cobbles of Coronation Street, and it turned out he did do it.

Dad invites daughter's rapist to dinner and burns his genitals

New Delhi - A 36-year-old father is being accused of inviting his daughter's rapist to his home for dinner before torturing him to death.

Dad attacks 11-year-old accused of bullying his 9-year-old son

A furious dad escorted his nine-year-old son, who is autistic, onto a school bus last week. Once on the bus, he allegedly beat up an 11-year-old who has reportedly been bullying his son.

Gossip guru Perez Hilton to star in gay reality series

Los Angeles - Online media muckraker Perez Hilton announced on Thursday that he will star in Gay Dads of New York, a documentary-oriented series chronicling the trials and tribulations of homosexual fatherhood.

'Jersey Shore's' Pauly D is now a dad

DJ Pauly D, who gained fame from being a cast-mate on MTV's 'Jersey Shore', announced that he recently become a dad to a baby girl.

Dad accused of injecting his 4-year-old son with heroin

Seattle, Washington police say that a man tried to kill his 4-year-old son by giving him heroin on the day his divorce was going to be finalized.

3-year-old girl killed by blow from dad that 'severed her bowel'

A court has heard how a three-year-old girl died when part of her bowel was severed, after she was attacked by her own father.

Dad flashes cash on Facebook, then gets hit for child support

Christopher Robinson, of Milwaukee, is facing felony charges after he allegedly failed to pay his child support and flashing his money on Facebook.

Photo: Loving Dad's note to gay son goes viral

A father who overheard his son on the phone talking about his plan to reveal his gay sexual orientation did the right thing to help ease his son's fears. He wrote him a reassuring note displaying exemplary parental affection.

Dad makes daughter wear embarrassing T-shirt for breaking curfew

What punishment can a Dad mete out to his daughter for breaking curfew? One Dad followed an increasingly popular choice, humiliation.

Actor Channing Tatum is going to be a dad

Actor Channing Tatum and his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, are about to become parents for the very first time. A rep for the actor confirmed the news.

Video: Brie Lybrand names Dad in 'Message To My Rapist'

New Orleans - Subscribers to Brie Lybrand's popular YouTube channel got a big shock when they saw the beauty and shopping guru's latest video, "Message To My Rapist," a graphic video in which she accuses her father of having raped her for nine years.

Dad becomes mother to his kids after getting a sex change

Carla Lamprey believes that she is the perfect single mother to her two kids, because at one time she was actually their father.

Op-Ed: Intensive parenting — Worried moms and happy dads Special

Delhi - Kritika,11 and Tulika,15 are sisters studying in the same school. But their similarity ends there. In every other respect their characters are contrasting.

Audio: Dad interviews daughters about worst haircut ever

A 5-year-old girl decided to give her 3-year-old sister a free haircut, but both were surprised by the end result. Their dad, a reporter, decided to interview the duo to try and get the full story.

Brenna Martin's loving dad spent 13yrs on her graduation gift

Bryan Martin gave his daughter Brenna, a graduation gift she would treasure more than any he could have bought from a gift shop. Brenna was brought to tears when her father presented her with a "touching and thoughtful" gift on her graduation day.

Video: Watch Dad's terror on Dollywood ride but daughter loves it

Watch Daddy lose his cool, flap his hands and scream "Never again, Grace Elizabeth!" on The Screaming Swing at the Dollywood amusement park, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, while his little girl enjoys the ride.

Op-Ed: Zimmerman's judge father speaks out about Trayvon killing

Sanford - George Zimmerman killer of Trayvon Martin has not yet been charged with anything. Now his father Robert Zimmerman, 65, a retired Judge from Virginia has stepped forward and setting up his defence before he is even charged with anything.

29-year-old from Bridgend becomes Britain's youngest grandfather

Bridgend - A 29-year-old from Bridgend, South Wales, has become Britain's youngest grandfather after his 14-year-old (now 15) daughter, Tia, recently gave birth to a baby girl.

Absent dads should be shamed, says British Prime Minister

Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, has used Father’s Day to drive home a tough message on absent dads: he says they should have the “full force of shame heaped upon them.”

Suicidal father poisoned son, held on $1 million bail

Miami - Jorge Barahona, 53, was placed on a $1 million bail Thursday by a Florida judge after he attempted to kill his 10-year old adopted son by soaking him in toxic chemicals.

Op-Ed: My name is not Sweetie - I am your customer. Please call me Sir

There is a problem in American business that seems to have grown to epidemic proportions. It is a problem that has caused millions of patrons unnecessary pain, anger, aggravation and discomfort.

Dad arrested for stowing pot stash in son's Elmo backpack

If Elmo were a person and not a muppet, he’d be red-faced with embarrassment that the father of a kindergartener allegedly hid marijuana in his son’s Elmo backpack.

Police charge man for keeping two boys in car while he partied

Sheriff's deputies arrest two men they alleged drove around for two days drinking and partying while leaving two young children locked up in their vehicle.

Two-year-old is chained to post while dad works

Two year-old Lao Lu is chained to a post outside of a shopping center in Beijing. His father needs to work and there is no one to take care of the toddler.

Dad allegedly orders kids to bite police officers’ faces off

An allegedly drunk man ordered his children to "bite off the faces" of police officers as they were attempting to arrest him.

No prison for Dad who tried to hire prostitute for teen son

A father escaped a prison sentence after he tried to hire a prostitute for his son. The British judge let him go because of his good record.

Dad charged in family killings

What could bring a man to gun down his entire family? A Chicago man has been charged with shooting his wife and three children in their sports utility vehicle. Did he get the idea from a television show "Law and Order"?
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My dad and I at the Pacific Ocean near Westport  Washington
My dad and I at the Pacific Ocean near Westport, Washington
My dad and I at the Pacific Ocean near Westport  Washington
My dad and I at the Pacific Ocean near Westport, Washington

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