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DS News

Archos entering portable gaming industry with the GamePad

Archos, historically being a smaller player in the mobile communications industry, is taking another leap towards making a mark with their latest release.

A new Brain inhancer for the DS, how original...

The new DS title Quicspot is a quick pull out game full of minigames and puzzles that quickly enhance reflexes, brain cells, blah, blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah and it probably cooks your toast for you as well.

Top 5 Nintendo DS Case Mods

Not all Nintendo DS systems look boring. These five examples take creativity to a whole new level. Highlights include the NES Controller mod, MegaDrive, and more. Which one do you like best?

Miyamoto's Wife didn't like Videogames until DS Popped up

Shigeru Miyamoto Talk Asia Interview

Xbox 360 beats PS3 & PSP in Most Played Survey

Nintendo systems voted most played over holiday season.

9 Nintendo DS sold every minute

There are about 9 Nintendo DS or DS Lite portable game systems sold every 60 seconds. Making it the fastest selling game system in the World

Diddy Kong Racing for DS not so BIG afterall

Diddy Kong Racing for the DS going downhill?

Godzilla Unleashed Announced

The game will be released for the PSP, DS and Wii...Wait a minute, why the hell is the PSP in there?

WWE ready to rumble on Wii, DS

Wii ready to fight.

Konami Announces GoPets for DS

Nintendogs Vs GoPets

Animal Crossing Banned in Japanese Schools

School bans Animal Crossing Game in japanese schools due to overwhelming popularity of the game.

How Nintendo owns it own parallel market now

Nintendo has moved away from the tradition gaming market to score great profits.

What's coming to the DS in 2007

A new DS coming soon?

DS sales top 10m in North America

The nonstop growth of the DS.

DS and owner reunited

You are on a stroll through your local park, minding your own business, when you stumble upon a DS Lite. It’s just sitting there, no people in sight. What would you do with it? I mean seriously, I really want to know what you would do with your finding.

Record year for Japan as DS boosts market to GBP 2.7bn

Japan can't get their hands of the DS

The ultimate Xbox 360/Wii/DS release calendar!

The ultimate game release calendar?

Evolution of the Handheld Gaming Consoles

The evolution of hand held gaming dating back to 1978.

Halo on DS!

The cancelled Halo DS Project

DS iPod clone!

Turn your Nintendo DS into an iPod!

Nintendo Toughens Up - Strong Wii Wrist Straps!

We all have heard many articles about how people have let go of their Wii motes, letting them flying though the air and smash in their TV's, but now Nintendo has a fix!

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