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RNC chair says DNC chair is 'unhinged' and 'dangerous'

The Republican National Committee issued a statement calling Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez “unhinged.” The statement was in response to Perez’ earlier rant that, among other things, Donald Trump did not win the election.

Op-Ed: Bush's 'people need to work longer hours' remark stirs Democrat ire

Hudson - On Wednesday, Jeb Bush sparked a kerfuffle when he said that "people should work longer hours" in order to improve economic prosperity. The Bush campaign argues this was a reference to part-time workers who are underemployed.

Op-Ed: Michelle Obama believes in 'change and hope' stronger than before

Washington - Michelle Obama addressed the DNC Women’s Leadership Fund conference in Washington D.C., summarily dismissed naysayers of her husband's 2008 message of "change and hope." The speech was the most vigorous defense to date of President Obama's achievements.

TSA agents caught performing security checks at Romney event

Van Meter - In what appears to be a growing trend, TSA agents were seen conducting screenings at an Iowa campaign event for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Tuesday.

Bill Clinton says that Barack Obama helped him with DNC speech

Former U.S. president Bill Clinton, whose electrifying speech last week at the Democratic convention got rave reviews, said current president Barack Obama had a look at his speech and suggested changes. Clinton said he liked them and used them.

Op-Ed: President Obama addresses the DNC Special

Charlotte - It would have been easy for President Obama to try to match the emotional pitch of his wife Michelle's speech Tuesday night or the homespun whit of President Clinton on display Wednesday night. Thankfully, he did not try to match applause lines.

DNC delegate wants to kill Romney

A Puerto Rican emigre, now living in New York, and who is a delegate from New York has been shown on video stating she would like to "kill Romney'

Op-Ed: DNC 2012 - Michelle, Barack Obama and the American Dream

Charlotte - To summarize in the simplest terms for those who can understand, Michelle Obama's message was simple: Talking about the American Dream, the Obamas know about that better than the Romneys because they epitomize its highest ideals.

RNC mocks Obama on 51st birthday: 'You didn't bake this' cake

The Republican National Committee (RNC) sent the Democratic National Committee (DNC) a cake for Obama on his 51st birthday. The message over Obama's picture read: "You didn't bake this." Text written in icing read: "Happy birthday, Mr. President."

DNC raised $9 million in July

On Thursday, Michael Steele announced that the RNC raised $6 million in July. Now it has been released that the DNC raised $9 million in July

Op-Ed: The Greatness of America

In response to the inanity and the blustering rhetoric to the singularly most boring DNC Convention in my 40 years of following politics, I would like to present the greatness of America and what that greatness of America means to the world.

Fmr DNC Chair Thinks Hurricane Proves God is on the Side of the Dems

Everyone has a cell phone these day. Never underestimate who may be videoing and recording your conversation. A highly-placed Democrat DNC operative knows the pain.

Op-Ed: Obama = Celebrity? Johnny Boy, You May Want To Pull That One

With John McCain's Vice Presidential nomination coming on the heels of Barack Obama's DNC speech, it can't be denied that the timing was expedient. However, it was also narcissistic. And as to his choice, well, she'll fit right in.

Will Super Bowl Rematch Impact Obama?

With all the politics flying around this week, I just now realized that ABC is broadcasting it's last preseason game, a rematch between last year's Super Bowl contenders, the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. So what are you watching?

Op-Ed: Michelle Strikes a Chord During Keynote Speech At Democratic Convention

In what was the first major address of many at the Democratic National Convention, Michelle Obama gave a passionate speech that should go a long way in putting to rest any negative notions about her demeanor and patriotism.

Florida Man Reacts Badly To Michelle Obama's Speech, Leads to Standoff With Police

After Michelle Obama spoke at the Democratic Convention last night, evidently one person in Pasco County Florida was extremely displeased. His negative reaction led to a six-hour standoff with police.

DNC Protesters Say They Feel Like Political Prisoners

While the Democratic National Convention is kicking off its first day with multiple speakers preparing to speak to the crowds inside, protesters outside the Pepsi Center are complaining about feeling like prisoners as heavily armed police surround them.

GOP Unveils Counter Convention Plans In Denver

When the DNCC opens it's national convention, the GOP hopes to counter the heavy press coverage that the Democrats are guaranteed to warrant this week by holding events that will immediately counter messages made during the Democratic National Convention.

Water Film to star at DNC & RNC

For the first time in U.S. political history, an environmental film named FLOW is being shown at both the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention. "FLOW" is the acronym representing "For Love Of Water."

Democrats and Republicans Unveil Convention Podiums

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Republican National Committee (RNC) both unveiled the podiums that will be used for their conventions.

Op-Ed: Could the DNC Be Another Kent State?

The Democratic National Convention has come under threats from liberal protestors, and in response the government has been utilized to keep intelligence on perceived threats.

Op-Ed: Denver Imposes Restrictions on Protesters Tactics

Field commanders and generals know that the best way to win a battle is to be prepared ahead of time for any tactics and tricks the opposing side will use in a pending conflict and confrontation. Denver is making plans now for the DNC convention.

Obama changes venue of DNC, to accept nomination at football stadium

Barack Obama has decided to shift the venue of his acceptance speech of Democratic nomination to Denver's massive open-air football stadium in an apparent effort to emulate John F. Kennedy, who did the same 48 years ago.

Op-Ed: Is the DNC afraid of its own base? The Denver Wall is going up

In the movie "V for Vendetta," the notion that people should not fear their government; government should fear the people is a prevailing theme. Is it possible that the Democratic National Party has reached this level of fear of the people?

Republican National Committee Out Raises The Democratic National Committee by 5 Times

One possible explanation as to why Barack Obama opted out of public financing, could be that the Republican National Committee (RNC) has 13 times the amount of money in the bank as the Democratic National Committee (DNC) does.

DNC Strapped For Cash For Its August Convention

It would seem that former Democratic hopeful Senator Hillary Clinton of New York is not the only one dealing with money problems.

Obama Takes The Pilot Seat Of the Merging Between Campaign and DNC

Ben Smith posts in his blog on “Politico” about how the Democratic National Committee is leaving tradition and will be consolidated with the campaign of presumed Democratic nominee Barack Obama.

Op-Ed: Crackpot Rumors on DNC Security Measures Have Protesters Dropping Pantloads

Conspiracy theories about security measures at the DNC in August are making the rounds on left-wing websites, including microwave guns, long-lasting tasers and the 'Brown Note,' a rumored high-pitched frequency that causes involuntary bowel movements.

Op-Ed: ACLU Sues City of Denver for DNC Police Weapons Information

The ACLU has sued the City of Denver to reveal what weapons and technologies the City is purchasing and planning to use as crowd control security measures during the Democratic National Convention in August. Whom would that information help?

Yelling Clinton Supporters Ejected From DNC Floor: McCain Will Be The Next President

The Democratic National Committee Rules and ByLaws meeting was controversial and as people yelled Denver! Denver!, they were escorted out, in one case a Clinton supporter left bruised and another vowing that John McCain would be the next president.
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The Time Warner Cable Arena  will host the first three days of the 2012 Democratic National Conventi...
The Time Warner Cable Arena will host the first three days of the 2012 Democratic National Convention.
The Time Warner Cable Arena
Bill Clinton at the DNC
Bill Clinton at the DNC
President Bill Clinton speaking at Democratic National Convention:  I want Barack Obama to be the ne...
President Bill Clinton speaking at Democratic National Convention: "I want Barack Obama to be the next President of the United States and I proudly nominate him as the standard bearer of the Democratic Party."
Media Pool
President Bill Clinton speaking at Democratic National Convention:  I want Barack Obama to be the ne...
President Bill Clinton speaking at Democratic National Convention: "I want Barack Obama to be the next President of the United States and I proudly nominate him as the standard bearer of the Democratic Party."
Media Pool
President Barack Obama addressing the Democratic National Convention
President Barack Obama addressing the Democratic National Convention
Media pool
Ex-president Bill Clinton at the DNC
Ex-president Bill Clinton at the DNC

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