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Cyprus News

EU questions budgets of seven eurozone countries

Brussels - The European Commission demanded "clarifications" from seven eurozone countries over their draft budgets, expressing particular concern that Italy, Cyprus and Finland are not meeting EU targets.

Gay rights progress faces Europe backlash: activists

Nicosia - Europe has made enormous progress on gay rights since the 1990s, but those gains are now being threatened by rising intolerance, according to activists from across the continent.

Populism in Europe stoking violence, say gay activists

Nicosia - Activists at Europe's biggest annual gay rights conference warned Friday that populist political movements across the continent are stoking violence against minorities.

Cyprus orders plane hijacking suspect extradited to Egypt

Nicosia - A Cypriot court ruled on Friday that an Egyptian man accused of hijacking a plane and diverting it to Cyprus can be extradited to Cairo for his alleged crimes.

Meteorite explodes over Cyprus early Friday morning

Residents in Cyprus experienced a near-Earth encounter early Friday when a suspected meteorite exploded overhead with a flash of light and a thunderous roar that caused the ground to shake.

UN has 'high expectations' as Cyprus talks enter decisive phase

Nicosia - The United Nations said Wednesday it holds "high expectations" of Cyprus peace talks which have entered a new intensified phase of negotiations aimed at reunifying the Mediterranean island.

UN worried Turkey coup bid could hit Cyprus talks

Nicosia - The UN said on Thursday it was concerned that the failed coup attempt in Turkey could dampen prospects for Cyprus' peace process aimed at reunifying the divided Mediterranean island.

Cyprus sets another tourism record

Nicosia - Bailed-out Cyprus, seen as a safe destination in a region dogged by terror attacks, set a record for the number of tourist arrivals during the month of June, officials said Monday.

Turks cross Cyprus divide for Eid prayers

Larnaca - Hundreds of Turks crossed the "Green Line" dividing Cyprus on Thursday to pray at a mosque in the Greek-majority south, a rare pilgrimage made possible by a 2014 accord.

Shootout in Cyprus resort kills four

Nicosia - Four people were killed in a shootout outside a packed restaurant in the Cypriot resort of Ayia Napa that had the hallmarks of a gangland vendetta, police said on Friday.

Cyprus brings deadly wildfire under control

Nicosia - Cyprus finally brought a massive wildfire under control on Thursday after a five-day battle that saw two firefighters killed and five foreign governments send aircraft to help, a minister said.

Aircraft from Britain and Greece join Cyprus firefight

Nicosia - Aircraft from Britain and Greece have joined Cypriot firefighters in a battle to control some of the worst forest fires to have hit the island in years, officials said Monday.

40 years on, last chance saloon for cars abandoned in Cyprus war

Antique cars rust under the fierce Cyprus sun beside vintage motorcycles and gutted lorries, stranded for four decades on the wrong side of a dividing line that didn't exist when they were parked.

Cyprus leader calls off peace meeting after snub

Nicosia - Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades on Tuesday cancelled scheduled peace talks with the Turkish Cypriot leader over what he saw as an attempt to recognise the Turkish-held north of the divided island.

Cyprus far right enters parliament as voters protest

Nicosia - Cypriots disaffected by three years of economic downturn have protested at the polls, staying away in droves and electing two far-right lawmakers in an echo of the populist wave sweeping Europe.Final results released on Monday showed that 3.

Cyprus parliament shakeup after record low voter turnout

Nicosia - A record low turnout in Cyprus elections Sunday resulted in the biggest shakeup in the island's parliamentary history following a three-year economic downturn and amid disillusion with the political establishment.

Cyprus begins extradition of EgyptAir hijacking accused

Nicosia - Legal proceedings to extradite a man accused of hijacking an EgyptAir plane and diverting it to the Mediterranean island officially got under way on Friday.

Asylum-seekers arrive in Cyprus from Italy under EU scheme

Larnaca - Four African refugees arrived in Cyprus from Italy on Tuesday as part of an EU relocation programme for asylum seekers to help ease Europe's migration crisis, officials said.

Cyprus leaders say still on track for 2016 deal

Nicosia - To mark one year since UN-backed Cyprus peace talks resumed, Cypriot leaders said on Sunday they remain as committed as ever to reunifying the Mediterranean island in 2016.

EgyptAir hijacker claims Cyprus asylum

Nicosia - A man accused of hijacking an EgyptAir plane and diverting it to Cyprus is expected to fight his extradition from the Mediterranean island after claiming asylum, authorities said on Tuesday.

Turkish Cypriot coalition to resign

Nicosia - The ruling coalition in the breakaway Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) collapsed Monday, paving the way for its resignation at a time when talks over the island's reunification have been making progress.

Cypriot ex-wife recounts 'black years' with Egypt hijacking suspect

Nicosia - The Cypriot ex-wife of an Egyptian accused of hijacking a plane in a bid to see her has said their marriage was hell and he had shown no interest in her or their children since they separated.

Cyprus remands suspected hijacker who demanded to see ex-wife

Larnaca - The man accused of hijacking an Egyptian plane and diverting it to Cyprus has said he acted out of desperation to see his ex-wife and children, as he was remanded into custody Wednesday.

Egyptian suspect remanded as hijacking sparks online buzz

Larnaca - The man accused of hijacking an Egyptian plane with a fake suicide belt and diverting it to Cyprus was remanded into custody Wednesday, as social media buzzed with ridicule about the bizarre incident.

Unusual plane hijackings since 2001

Larnaca - Airplane hijackings such as the one that unfolded on Tuesday involving an Egyptian airliner have become relatively rare since the September 11, 2001 terror attacks led to increased security.

No explosives found on EgyptAir hijacker or on plane: police

Larnaca - Searches by Cyprus police found no explosives on the hijacker of an EgyptAir plane diverted to the island or inside the aircraft, a police source told AFP.

EgyptAir hijacking 'not terrorism-related': Cyprus president

Nicosia - The hijacking of an EgyptAir plane to Cyprus on Tuesday is not related to terrorism, the island's President Nicos Anastasiades said.

Hijacked EgyptAir plane 'carried 21 foreigners including 8 Americans'

Cairo - A hijacked EgyptAir plane diverted to Cyprus on Tuesday carried 21 foreigners including eight Americans, four Dutch citizens, four Britons and a French citizen, an Egyptian civil aviation ministry statement said.

Hijacked Egypt airliner lands in Cyprus, hijacker 'demands asylum'

Larnaca - A hijacker seized an Egyptian airliner on Tuesday and diverted it to Cyprus, before releasing all the passengers except four foreigners and the crew, officials and the airline said.

Turkey, U.S. agree Cyprus deal possible this year

Washington - Turkey and the United States agreed Monday that a political settlement may be possible this year in Cyprus, the Mediterranean island divided for four decades.
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Bank of Cyprus in Nicosia  Republic of Cyprus
Bank of Cyprus in Nicosia, Republic of Cyprus
STOP: Barbed wire and abandoned buildings mark the dividing line between Cyprus and Turkish forces t...
STOP: Barbed wire and abandoned buildings mark the dividing line between Cyprus and Turkish forces that invaded the island nation in 1974 and never left.
Jorge Lascar/Wikimedia Commons
Cyprus is a member state of the European Union.
Cyprus is a member state of the European Union.
A meteor streaks through the night sky.
A meteor streaks through the night sky.
Chanel store in Limassol  Cyprus.
Chanel store in Limassol, Cyprus.
A 4.4 magnitude earthquake hits in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Greece and Cyprus.
A 4.4 magnitude earthquake hits in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Greece and Cyprus.
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