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Cyclone nargis News

One Year After Nargis, Burma's Situation Remains Unchanged

While May 1 marks “May Day” a.k.a. “International Workers Day,” the people of Burma are by no means celebrating. Come May 2, it is the anniversary of Cyclone Nargis.

In Burma, Foreign Aid Agencies Now Wrestling With Loss Of Funds

The situation in Burma after getting hit by Cyclone Nargis is back in the headlines. This time, it has much to do with money issues.

Response of Asian Nations In Regards To Burma Are Questioned

In the wake of Cyclone Nargis that ravaged Burma, and the junta’s inadequate response, many have questioned the response of the Southeast Asian nations.

Bodies Of Those Killed By Cyclone Nargis Are Virtually Unidentifiable, Says Red Cross

In regards to the humanitarian crisis in Burma, if one thinks that things cannot get any worse, think again. A new startling revelation has been made.

Burma Prepares For Monsoon Season, Shelter Is Limited

It has been almost a whole month since Burma was ravaged by Cyclone Nargis. The victims are faced with a shortage of shelter as the country heads into monsoon season.

Burma's Junta Arrests Anti-Government Comedian For Aiding Cyclone Victims

In another act of lowness, Burma’s junta has detained a popular native comedian for taking a trip to the cyclone-ravaged delta to help those in need.

Burma's Junta Forces Cyclone Victims To Do Labor In Exchange For Food

Yet again, Burma’s junta never ceases to do anything to bring forth international backlash. Then again, the junta probably does not care.

US Naval Ships To Leave Burma After Junta Constantly Denies Them Entry

After being blown off by Burma’s junta, four US naval ships loaded with supplies for the victims of Cyclone Nargis will withdraw from the coast.

Cyclone Survivors Expelled From Refugee Camps By Burma's Junta

For the Xth time, Burma’s junta has taken an action that has once again brought backlash from the international community.

Those Hardest Hit Can Fend For Themselves, Says Burma's Junta

If you think Burma’s junta could not do or say anything else to warrant further backlash from the international community, you may want to reconsider that thought.

International Is Not Buying The 'Act' Displayed By Burma's Junta

Amongst the accusations it has received, Burma’s junta has brushed them off by saying they can handle getting the supplies in itself.

Burma's Children Could Die Of Malnutrition Within Weeks

A warning has been issued in regards to the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis, thousands of children will die of hunger within weeks.

Burma's Referendum 'Approved' By A 'Majority' Vote

On Thursday, May 15, it was announced that the new referendum on Burma’s constitution was approved by an overwhelming majority.

Burma Continues Its Rice Exports, At A Time Like This?

In the aftermath of the damage caused to Burma by Cyclone Nargis, the country is doing something unexpected and unprecedented, exporting rice.

Would Military Intervention By The US Into Myanmar Be A Possibility?

In the wake of the damage caused to Burma by Cyclone Nargis and the recent actions taken by Burma’s junta, there is the possibility that the United States could take military action.

First Love Born Just Hours After Cyclone Nargis Blew Away Village

In the face of sorrow from Cyclone Nargis comes new life. Than Win lost seven of her 10 children in the Cyclone. On Wednesday she gave birth to her eleventh child in Myanmar's Irrawaddy delta where over 10,000 are now dead.

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