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Cybersecurity News

'Vigilante' worm fights Mirai botnet for control of your devices

A new worm is rapidly spreading across the Internet in search of vulnerable smart home appliances. Curiously, it's believed its author is a vigilante white-hat hacker, aiming to fend off the dangerous Mirai botnet that's coordinating IoT attacks.

Mastodon is an open alternative to Twitter

Mastodon is a rapidly growing social network that's like a more open, less abusive version of Twitter. Open-source and decentralised, Mastodon gives you a say over how your data is used. It takes away the algorithms and returns to simple chronology.

Microsoft patched Windows flaws in new NSA leaks back in March

Microsoft has said it patched Windows flaws allegedly exploited by the NSA in an update in March, before they were leaked. The company has not disclosed who alerted it to the issues in an unusual move that's added to the mystery.

Digital noise: How a new web plugin hides your footsteps online

A recently-launched browser plugin has introduced a new way to resist online tracking by creating "digital noise." Noiszy decreases the value of data collected by ISPs and advertisers by masking your activities with a "flood" of auto-generated web visits.

The way you tilt your phone could let hackers steal your PIN

Cybercriminals can calculate smartphone passwords and PINs by monitoring the ways in which devices are held. The warning comes from a group of security researchers who claim 70 percent of four-digit PIN codes can be identified after just one attempt.

Microsoft to patch Office exploit that allows code execution

Hackers have been caught using compromised Microsoft Word files to install malware on target computers. The flaw, yet to be patched by Microsoft, is in active use in the wild and can be used to silently run code and download executable files.

Malware made by the NSA released by Shadow Brokers group

Malware allegedly built by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) has been released online by hacking group Shadow Brokers. The tools have been confirmed to be authentic by cybersecurity experts but some of the software seems to be dated.

Hackers set off 156 tornado warning sirens in Dallas

Hackers set off all of Dallas' emergency warning sirens in a weekend cyberattack. The large sirens blared out for over an hour at midnight on Friday, continuing into early Saturday morning. Eventually, city officials took the entire network offline.

Insecure Samsung Tizen is riddled with security flaws

Samsung's Tizen operating system, used on the company's smart TVs and smartwatches, contains over forty serious security vulnerabilities that put devices at risk. The discovery was made by a security researcher who detailed Samsung's poor quality code.

Verizon slammed for installing 'spyware' on phones

Verizon has been accused of installing "spyware" on new phones. The company has developed an app that's supposed to help people find content from services they don’t have installed. The privacy policy reveals it does more than make recommendations.

New cybersecurity warning about desktop scanners

You’ve installed a firewall and you’re running virus scans regularly on your computer. Safe and secure? Perhaps not. A new study calls out desktop scanners as being at risk from hackers.

VPN usage is soaring, but alone they won't keep your privacy safe

In the wake of the U.S. Congress' landmark vote to repeal the FCC's broadband privacy rules, web users are turning to VPNs in an attempt to keep their browsing private. The apps route your data through a third-party service but can introduce more issues.

Facebook unveils location tracking 'Live Location' feature

Facebook has announced a new Messenger feature that lets you share your location with your friends and family for a limited period of time. It's similar to the location tracking feature recently added to Google Maps and carries the same privacy concerns.

Microsoft hit with lawsuit as Windows 10 'destroyed data'

Microsoft has been hit with a class action lawsuit instigated by a group of Windows 10 users who claim the operating system "destroyed" their data and caused damage to their PCs. It stems from Microsoft's aggressive attempts to get people to upgrade.

Instagram finally turns on two-factor authentication

Instagram has announced a series of changes to its app designed to improve security, privacy and safeguarding on its platform. It now blurs sensitive images by default and offers advice on staying safe. Among the new features is two-factor authentication.

Android Security Report – Malware installs drop by 50 percent

Google has published its third Android Security Report, detailing the progress it has made in securing its ecosystem and keeping users safe on their devices. Play Store malware distribution has fallen, although the number of affected devices has risen.

Google adds real-time location sharing to Maps app

A Google Maps update has added support for real-time location sharing, a controversial feature that lets friends see your map position for a limited time period. Google said it'll help people meet at social events and indicate when you're running late.

'Critical' flaw in 300 Cisco switches lets the CIA take control

Networking equipment vendor Cisco has announced a "critical" vulnerability in over 300 of its most popular products. The vulnerability was found in documents stolen from the CIA and published by WikiLeaks two weeks ago. It allows remote code execution.

Smartphone owners neglect basic security, study finds

A study into the security considerations made by typical smartphone owners has concluded that most people ignore basic best practices when on mobile devices. Over a quarter of survey respondents said they don't even use a lock screen.

Google's 'Sideways Dictionary' teaches tech terms through analogy

Google and The Washington Post have announced a new tool designed to help the masses understand the often confusing terms used when discussing cybersecurity. The browser extension provides definitions for words in online articles.

Malware found preinstalled on almost 40 Android phones

Security researchers have discovered an alarming number of Android phones come with serious malware preinstalled. Devices seemingly fresh from the factory had malicious apps integrated with their storage and equipped with system privileges.

CAPTCHAs to disappear as Google unveils 'invisible' version

Google has developed a new version of its reCAPTCHA "I'm not a robot" box that lets you verify your identity to websites without clicking a button. The system checks you're a real person and not a robot behind the scenes, cutting out the waiting time.

Critical web server bug puts thousands of sites at immediate risk

Administrators in charge of web servers used by major apps, governments and banks are scrambling to install patches for a potentially catastrophic vulnerability found in a popular web development framework. The flaw is being actively exploited.

Security firm finds hidden backdoor in Chinese 'smart' products

Chinese smart products connected to the Internet of Things contain a hidden backdoor that sends data back to the manufacturer, according to a security research firm. The company behind the devices is ignoring the reports and hasn't fixed the hole.

New software continuously scrambles code to foil cyber attacks

A new approach to foiling cyber attacks and hackers has been proposed. This takes the form of software that is continuously scrambling its core code. The program is called Shuffler and it seeks to close every window that a cyber attack could get through.

Google discloses third 'high severity' Windows bug

Google has publicly detailed another "high severity" vulnerability in Microsoft's Windows, escalating a divide between its research and Microsoft's responses. Google has recently disclosed several major flaws, only for Microsoft to seemingly ignore them.

Phone surveillance in 2017: Are you being watched?

Phone tracking is now easier than ever using off-the-shelf software that anyone can buy. As Congress introduces a bill to require a warrant for the mobile tracking of Americans, over 80 percent of the population say they are concerned about being watched.

Chrome hackers use 'missing fonts' to get you to install malware

A new scam and malware campaign targeting Google Chrome users is claiming to help fix "missing fonts." The popup window claims a new font must be installed for websites to load correctly. Clicking OK downloads money-making malware.

Samsung phones will soon unlock your Windows PC for you

Samsung is preparing an update to its Samsung Flow app that will let you unlock your Windows computer using the fingerprint scanner on your phone. The long-awaited functionality considerably expands the app's usefulness, opening it to millions of people.

Microsoft postpones release of critical Windows bug fix to March

Microsoft has announced it's delaying its regular Patch Tuesday Windows security updates by an entire month. The unprecedented decision will leave customers at risk of attack for longer. The update includes a fix for a critical zero-day file sharing flaw.
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Samy Kamkar s $5 Raspberry Pi Zero-based  PoisonTap  hacking tool
Samy Kamkar's $5 Raspberry Pi Zero-based "PoisonTap" hacking tool
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Moscow-based internet security giant Kaspersky has estimated that there are over 1,000 hackers in Russia specialising in financial crime
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A hacker in action.
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No More Ransom helps people recover from ransomware attacks
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