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Cybercrime News

Software vendors will soon need to disclose all breaches Special

A planned Biden administration executive order will require many software vendors to notify their federal government customers when a cybersecurity breach has taken place. The bill stops short of consumers being contacted.

FBI report: Rise in cybercrime targets the older population Special

The latest FBI cybercrime report finds there has been an increase in the number of email account compromise complaints, leading to identity theft and funds being converted to cryptocurrency.

Ransomware: More of it and the payment demands are getting bigger Special

Ransomware attacks initially begin with a minor breach of a corporate system. This then grows as the cybercriminals methodically expand their control of a firm's technology. This is happening more often and with greater impact.

Over $4 billion is being lost to cyber crime each year Special

According to a new report issued by the FBI, over $4 billion was lost from the U.S. economy as a result of cybercrime. Trends show the number of complaints to the Internet Crime Complaint Center increased by over two-thirds compared to 2019.

Ryuk ransomware hits Spanish Government Special

It has been reported that ransomware has affected over 700 Spanish government labor agencies. The director of SEPE, Gerardo Guitérrez, has pointed the finger at the Ryuk gang, who are allegedly responsible for this situation.

Measures for healthcare to take to resist ransomware Special

Under the time of the pandemic many businesses and systems are vulnerable. As an example, ransomware attacks targeting healthcare organizations are a growing threat to hospitals and patients

Hackers continue to put out fake vaccine emails to get your data Special

The march of fake COVID-19 vaccines unfortunately continues. Social media users have reported receiving phishing emails claiming to be from the UK’s National Health Services offering recipients the opportunity to sign-up to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Police smash 'world's most dangerous' cybercrime malware tool

Den Haag - International police have disrupted the "world's most dangerous" cybercrime malware tool used to break into computer systems, law agencies announced on Wednesday.

Q&A: Advice for consumers to reduce cybercrime threats Special

Cybersecurity risks are ever-present but we can take steps to lower these risks if we stand back and consider where the risks derive from and take a hard look at our own activities, says security expert Myke Lyons.

Advice for combating the world’s largest cyberattacks Special

According to leading expert Jeff Brown CEO at Open Systems, understanding your cybersecurity, response time and smart security investments like managed detection and response (MDR) providers, is critical to keeping a business safe.

Just why did Canadian Government agencies go offline? Special

During mid-August 2020 many Canadian government services went offline. It has come to light that this was due to a cyberattack. Further evidence suggests the Canadian authorities are a regular target for rogue actors.

Q&A: Years of IoT hacking, but what have we actually learned? Special

Why are IoT devices seemingly so easy to hack? There are countless examples of device manufacturers and tech companies that have fallen victim to attacks. A leading expert probes the issues and offers solutions.

Should privacy act terms of service violations be a crime? Special

Researchers have warned that if violations of a company’s “terms of service” are deemed to be illegal, this risks stalling important research into voting systems, medical devices and other key equipment.

Top expert cybersecurity predictions for 2020 Special

From the growth in mobile access and muti-channel experiences to new threats from hackers, 2020 looks to be a tricky year for IT professionals tasked with delivering robust cybersecurity. Experts from OneSpan provide analysis.

Q&A: How PSD2 will impact fraud on Black Friday Special

With online spending continuing to rise online for Black Friday, web retailers need to consider how best to ensure PSD2 compliance in order to keep consumers secure without compromising their user experience.

Q&A: Huge increase in cyber attacks against colleges reported Special

Cyberattacks against colleges and universities are increasing dramatically, and school officials are often completely unprepared to deal with these attacks. A security expert at Jenzabar, provides some insight.

Report: Digital extortion schemes are soaring Special

Digital extortion schemes have increased by 319 percent, according to a new report released by Trend Micro. Of these, business email compromise remains a major threat, with detections jumping 52 percent, as Greg Young reveals.

New analysis of passwords reveals too many that are easy to crack

How much have people learned from the high-profile hacking stories that seem to appear with increasing regulatory? Not so much if a new review of the simplicity of passwords is anything to go by.

Massive email data breach at Special, a "big data email verification platform," has suffered a major data breach exposing some 2 billion records. This includes the personal email addresses of many individuals.

Why business have mixed reactions to cyberattacks

The extent that businesses are taking cyberattacks seriously is mixed and the level of response relates to the form of the attack (or perceived risk), according to a new study from Canada.

Cybercriminals are exploiting machine-to-machine communications

Businesses are ever more reliant upon machines, and the range of physical devices on enterprise networks is significant. While this is key to efficiencies it opens up new areas for cyberattack.

Interview: How businesses can safeguard their digital processes Special

Vulnerabilities exist in critical utilities infrastructures and the number of reported attacks grows. How can those who operate critical infrastructures best defend against such attacks? Security expert Stewart Kantor provides some answers.

Hackers tried to cause Saudi petrochemical plant blast: NYT

Washington - Cyber-attackers tried to trigger a deadly explosion at a petrochemical plant in Saudi Arabia in August and failed only because of a code glitch, The New York Times reported.

Bangladesh to file US suit over central bank heist

Dhaka - Bangladesh's central bank will file a lawsuit in New York against a Philippine bank over the world's largest cyber heist, the finance minister said Wednesday.

North Korea's new front: cyberheists

Seoul - The messages are alluring, the pictures are attractive. But the women seeking to beguile South Korean Bitcoin executives could actually be hackers from Pyongyang in disguise, experts warn.

Google says phishing attacks are the biggest risk to web users

A Google study has found phishing attacks crafted by scammers are a far bigger threat than keyloggers and reusing passwords. Thieves obtain over 250,000 valid sets of credentials for Gmail accounts each week, illustrating the scale of the problem.

Rise in websites using your CPU to mine cryptocurrency

More websites are including cryptocurrency miners that use your device's CPU to generate digital coins. After a miner was found on The Pirate Bay last month, more torrent sites have added scripts. Hackers are also adding miners to websites they hijack.

Deloitte suffered silent data breach it took six months to find

Deloitte has confirmed a data breach allowed attackers to steal confidential client emails. The incident went unnoticed for months and only became public knowledge after a Guardian report today. It was caused by a basic email security lapse.

Google pulls 500 Android apps over spyware backdoor fears

Google has removed over 500 Android apps from Google Play after security researchers discovered they could be used to download spyware. All the apps used an advertising network that contained code capable of stealing data from users.

Shipping industry at risk of cyberattacks by hackers and pirates

Hackers are increasingly targeting shipping firms to extract business information, attempt audacious frauds and steal goods from vessels. Members of the security industry warned shipping firms are often unaware of the dangers.
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Pascal Pochard-Casabianca, AFP/File
Air Force Cyber Command Center
Air Force Cyber Command Center
U.S. Air Force
Gooligan malware
Gooligan malware
Check Point Security Technologies
Savas Keskiner/E+/Getty Images
Gooligan malware
Gooligan malware
Check Point Security Technologies
Anything connected to the internet -- from smartphones to power plant controllers -- can be manipula...
Anything connected to the internet -- from smartphones to power plant controllers -- can be manipulated, a Dutch military cyber official said
Gooligan malware
Gooligan malware
Check Point Security Technologies
Fake app reviews created by the Gooligan malware
Fake app reviews created by the Gooligan malware
Check Point Security Technologies
Gooligan malware
Gooligan malware
Check Point Security Technologies
A Russian national accused of hacking into US retail computer systems was arrested and ordered to fa...
A Russian national accused of hacking into US retail computer systems was arrested and ordered to face criminal charges, officials said Monday
Thomas Samson, AFP/File
The malware bundled with CCleaner targeted  at least  20 of the world s largest tech firms
The malware bundled with CCleaner targeted "at least" 20 of the world's largest tech firms
Pexels / Tookapic

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