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Cyberattack News

Revealed: The biggest cybersecurity breaches of past three years

A new report from Bitglass examines the biggest data breaches affecting companies from the last three years. This includes the Marriott breach of 2018, the Equifax breach of 2017 and the Yahoo! breach of 2016.

Army cuts power to large military base to simulate cyberattack

Last week, the U.S. Army's largest military base, Fort Bragg in North Carolina was purposely plunged into darkness for 12 hours. This was done to “determine the readiness and resiliency of the installation in a real-world scenario."

Why leading the cyber battle needs better people, not technology

Cyber threats are part and parcel of everyday business life. Better technology can, to a degree, help to combat the daily hacking and phishing threats. However, the key to a joined-up strategy is people, according to a leading expert.

Q&A: Report on how phishing got personal Special

Q4 2018 proved to be one of the biggest influxes of phishing attacks on enterprises ever, displaying the ease with which criminals can access, acquire and execute attacks across platforms. A leading expert offers advice to businesses.

New international standard to reduce cyber-attacks on machinery

Smart industry requires smart machinery and technology. Cyberattacks pose a risk to such systems, not only in terms of the Internet of Things but to individual machines. A new standard aims to provide guidance.

Largest public data breach by volume revealed

The biggest ever data breach has been reported, in terms of the volume of data exposed. Dubbed 'Collection #1', the data loss extends to 772,904,991 unique emails and 21,222,975 unique passwords having been exposed.

Q&A: Fortune 500s are turning to academics for cybersecurity Special

Fortune 500 companies are fighting huge security and privacy hurdles by harnessing ‘super radical math’ developed by cryptography expert Professor Nigel Smart. The academic explains his approach and how it can help.

IT security-focused predictions for 2019

Consultants Trend Micro predict the biggest upcoming technology trends expected to have an impact on security. A special summary of these predictions have been provided to Digital Journal readers.

Major security gaps in cryptocurrency exchanges

Research conducted by Dr. Vidy Potdar has found that nearly every exchange has massive security flaws in both their password protocols and their HTTP security protocols.

Why business have mixed reactions to cyberattacks

The extent that businesses are taking cyberattacks seriously is mixed and the level of response relates to the form of the attack (or perceived risk), according to a new study from Canada.

Op-Ed: A look back at the year of the Facebook scandals

Facebook has not had a good year, and least from the perspective of its users and the public at large. Crowning this was the involvement with Cambridge Analytica, but there have been other data privacy issues too.

Why time matters when dealing with cyber threats

IT professionals are engaged in a continuous arms race with threat actors. In relation to vulnerabilities, this arms race is between attackers' access to exploits and defenders' ability to assess, remediate and mitigate them.

BlackBerry bounces back as a cybersecurity consultancy

BlackBerry may still be associated with the first wave of smartphones, However the Canadian company has had more success recently with system security services and products.

Q&A: Cybersecurity solutions for data migration Special

As companies are undergoing digital transformation, many are inadvertently leaving themselves open to cyberattacks, according to Eitan Bremler, Co-Founder and VP of Product at Safe-T.

Huazhu Hotels investigating potential loss of guest data

A leading Chinese hotel group - Huazhu Hotels - is investigating a serious leak of millions of guests' data. This follows millions of its customers' records appearing for sale on the Internet.

Q&A: Why cybersecurity needs to be part of digital transformation Special

To advance with digital transformation, a robust approach cybersecurity is needed. This goes hand-in-hand with company strategy as more firms go down the DX path. Jumio Head of Global Marketing Dean Nicolls provides some insights.

Q&A: Insights into recent global malware attacks Special

Stealing data, credentials, payment information, etc. is a recurring theme in the realm of cybercrime, and much of it is the result of malware. As globalware attacks surpass 9 billion, cyber threats are dominating many business priorities.

Surveying international malware threats: Q&A Special

Malware attacks have caused major damage over the years to businesses. Threats include viruses, worms, Trojan horses and ransomware. Many of the perpetrators are hidden behind a veil of Internet anonymity. Douglas Crawford, of explains more.

Q&A: Cybersecurity risks associated with the smart home Special

Cybersecurity expert Alex Vaystikh recently bought a new dishwasher before realizing that it connects to his Wi-fi to download updates. In an exclusive interview with Digital Journal, Vaystikh expands on smart home risks.

AI has the potential to reduce cyberattacks: Interview Special

As data becomes more pervasive and more accessible, cybersecurity and privacy concerns continue to be on the rise as well. Can AI can continue to advance without risking highly personal and valuable information? Dan Baird of Wrench.AI shares his views.

Insider threats are inherent to every organization

All businesses are at risk from cyberattacks. While much attention is focused externally, a considerable risk exists internally, as new report from LogRhythm indicates.

Q&A: Why businesses still face cyber risks Special

Vertek Research recently uncovered a leak that exposed over 43 million email addresses to a massive spamming campaign. Why are businesses still vulnerable to this type of attack and what can be done to protect them?

Why businesses need extra vigilance to combat phishing attacks

New research shows how today's email system has no mechanism to fully prevent spoofing. This means extra vigilance required on the part of businesses in order to combat growing sophistication of phishing attacks.

New International Standard for information security

A revised standard for information security has been issued. This follows the changing landscape in relation to cybersecurity issues and the growing complexity of technology, which brings with it new vulnerabilities.

Interview: How businesses can safeguard their digital processes Special

Vulnerabilities exist in critical utilities infrastructures and the number of reported attacks grows. How can those who operate critical infrastructures best defend against such attacks? Security expert Stewart Kantor provides some answers.

How to stop cyberattacks on GPS-enabled devices

San Antonio - Technologists have devised a new technique designed to prevent cyberattacks on GPS-enabled devices. GPS, especially for utilities, remains one of the higher risk technologies in terms of cybersecurity.

GitHub suffers biggest ever DDoS, goes down for just 10 minutes

GitHub has reported a DDoS attack believed to be the biggest on record. Despite the scale, the company's infrastructure went offline for less than 10 minutes. The incident demonstrates the growing sophistication of both cyberattacks and cyber-defences.

Thieves stole over 600 Bitcoin miners from Icelandic datacentre

Police in Iceland have arrested 11 people in connection with the theft of Bitcoin mining equipment worth almost $2m. The suspects allegedly stole hundreds of computers during four datacentre raids. The incident has been dubbed the "Big Bitcoin Heist."

Cyber criminals are exploiting the machine identity crisis

As the number and type of physical devices on enterprise networks continues to rise rapidly, so does the risk of cyberattack. Businesses need to strengthen security, according to a new report.

Equifax admits data breach impacted 2.4m more people

Equifax has confirmed that over 2.4m more people were affected by its data breach than the company originally reported. The new set of individuals suffered exposure of information including their names and driving license details.
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Deloitte confirmed a data breach caused by an email admin account left without two-factor authentica...
Deloitte confirmed a data breach caused by an email admin account left without two-factor authentication enabled
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Three men have pleaded guilty to US charges stemming from the Mirai botnet attacks that shut down pa...
Three men have pleaded guilty to US charges stemming from the Mirai botnet attacks that shut down parts of the internet last year
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U.S. Cyber Command

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