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Cyberattack News

Personal information of 10 million MGM Resort guests hacked Special

Personal information belonging to 10.6 million guests of MGM Resort were published on a hacking forum this week. Impacted individuals include celebrities, reporters, government officials and well-known CEOs.

Personal information of 6.5 million Israeli voters leaked Special

An election app called Elector potentially exposed the personal information of all the 6.5 million (6,453,254) Israeli voter population. Anurag Kahol of Bitglass looks into the matter.

Buisnesses now face maturing cybercrime risks

Over the next decade, businesses will face maturing cybercrime and renewed nation-state cyberattacks. Both of these threats are key areas for which businesses need to be aware, as well as for governments to take action.

Mitsubishi Electric confirms major data breach Special

Mitsubishi Electric released a statement today confirming that the company was hit by a data breach dating back to late June last year. It’s speculated that the cyberattack is linked to a Chinese cyber-espionage group, Tick (or Bronze Butler).

Iranian hackers hit Bahrain's national oil company Special

New Iranian data wiper malware hast struck Bapco, Bahrain's national oil company. The malware is dubbed “Dustman” by the Saudi Arabia National Cybersecurity Authority, as Chris Kennedy of AttackIQ explains.

Q&A: DomainTools — 2019 cybersecurity report card survey Special

DomainTools have recently issued their third annual Cybersecurity Report Card survey in which security analysts, threat hunters and other cyber professionals self-grade the security posture of their organizations. We examine the findings.

2020 security predictions that every enterprise needs to note Special

According to security experts at secure access provider Pulse Secure, 'Zero Trust' will continue to gain momentum and an increasing number of technologies will move towards security measures that adapt to the needs of the modern workforce.

Office365 Accounts compromised using OAuth Special

A recently discovered phishing campaign uses a novel approach to infiltrating Office365 accounts: through the Microsoft OAuth API. To counter such threats a leading expert recommends firms adopt a ‘zero trust’ approach.

Now hackers are breaking into Ring cameras Special

News has broken of a Ring camera being hacked and allowing the attacker to speak to a eight-year-old girl in her bedroom. Will LaSala, Director of Security Solutions, Security Evangelist at OneSpan tells Digital Journal about the risks.

New Orleans under 'State of Emergency' after cyberattack

New Orleans - The city of New Orleans declared a state of emergency after an attempted cyber-attack on Friday, officials announced on Twitter Friday evening. Just days before this attack, Pensacola, Florida computers were attacked by a ransomware virus.

New phishing campaign targets gov’t departments around the world Special

Computer analysts have discovered a new type of phishing campaign which attempts to the take login credentials from government departments, targeting almost very civil service center around the world.

Q&A: Nyotron discovers undetectable ransomware technique Special

Nyotron has announced its discovery of a major new cybersecurity threat that makes WannaCry look like child’s play, yet has been ignored by the industry (despite Nyotron’s best efforts).

Major Android bug discovered targeting banking apps Special

A dangerous Android vulnerability known as StrandHogg has been discovered by Promon, affecting all Android devices. Sam Bakken of OneSpan looks at the new risk to smartphone users.

December 24 & 25 are #1 days for cyber-fraud

New data shows that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are the top times for online fraud. This finding comes from Riskified, the payments and fraud-prevention solutions provider, who found that fraud at this time extends to over a billion dollars.

From cyberattacks to privacy issues: Top predictions for 2020 Special

From risks around cloud misconfiguration, to new and emerging threats by hackers, 2020 poses some real dangers to businesses. Chris DeRamus, CTO and co-founder, DivvyCloud provides an insight as to the challenges that next year presents.

Government services in Nunavut caught in ransomware cyberattack Special

A ransomware cyberattack has hit the Canadian territory of Nunavut, impeding an array of government services. Peter Goldstein, CTO and co-founder, Valimail looks into the issue.

Report: State of Enterprise Risk Management 2020

ISACA, an IT non-profit, has released a new study that reveals fewer than one-third of organizations can accurately predict the impact of threats and vulnerabilities associated with emerging technology.

World's first domain registrar Network Solutions in data breach Special

The domain registrar Network Solutions has disclosed a security breach, which during August 2019. The breach enabled a third-party to infiltrate the company's computing systems without authorization and potentially access customer information.

Report predicts rise in cyber threats in the eSports Industry

Trend Micro has released a report analyzing the current threat landscape to predict how cybercriminals will target the eSports industry, the sponsors and players. As the eSports industry continues to grow, so too does the threat risk.

UniCredit involved in major databreach Special

Italian bank UniCredit has uncovered 2015 data breach involving the personal records of 3 million clients. Delving into the issue is James Carder, CISO and VP of LogRhythm Labs.

CenturyLinks' suffers data breach with cloud computing system Special

CenturyLink has reported that a customer information database of 2.8 million records was found exposed. The database was affiliated with a third-party notification platform and has been exposed for 10 months.

Phishing campaign targets UN humanitarian organizations Special

An ongoing phishing campaign has been actively launching attacks against the United Nations and several humanitarian aid organizations. The campaign aims to steal user identities.

Q&A: Preparing security operations for the next generation Special

With enterprise attacks increasing, how can a Security Operations Center deal with myriad of threats. This comes down to having the right tools and strategy in place, explains Vinay Sridhara, the CTO of Balbix.

The big cybersecurity stories you need to know about

Each year, cybersecurity companies publish a number of research reports focusing on different aspects of cybersecurity and breach trends. We review some of the most alarming statistics from 2019.

Q&A: Former NSA Chinese espionage expert details cyber-threats Special

Charity Wright, former NSA Chinese espionage expert, and current threat researcher with global threat intelligence firm, IntSights, has released a new analysis on Chinese influencer campaigns. Charity shares with Digital Journal the main findings.

Q&A: Delving into Accenture's 2019 Cyber Threatscape Report Special

Accenture Security iDefense has released its 2019 Cyber Threatscape Report, which provides annual analysis into the main threats influencing the cyber landscape. Accenture's Howard Marshall provides some analysis for Digital Journal.

Q&A: Huge increase in cyber attacks against colleges reported Special

Cyberattacks against colleges and universities are increasing dramatically, and school officials are often completely unprepared to deal with these attacks. A security expert at Jenzabar, provides some insight.

North Korean spear-phishing campaign attacks U.S. firms Special

Several U.S. businesses have been targeted by a campaign seemingly to originate from North Korea and using the tactic of spear-phishing. The cyber-assault is sophisticated, using legitimate documents as the targets. Alexander García-Tobar explains more.

Report: Digital extortion schemes are soaring Special

Digital extortion schemes have increased by 319 percent, according to a new report released by Trend Micro. Of these, business email compromise remains a major threat, with detections jumping 52 percent, as Greg Young reveals.

Are IoT attacks on Internet-connected gas pumps imminent? Special

Reports suggests that Internet-connected gas pumps could be at risk from cyberattacks, with information appearing in discussion forums about how hackers are contemplating disrupting this part of the energy system. Eve Maler of ForgeRock weighs in.
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File photo: Three men have pleaded guilty to US charges stemming from the Mirai botnet attacks that ...
File photo: Three men have pleaded guilty to US charges stemming from the Mirai botnet attacks that shut down parts of the internet last year

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