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Cyberattack News

Lessons for the Universal Health Services ransomware attack Special

Following news that a major U.S. healthcare provider was hit by a crippling ransomware attack, there are lessons to be learned in terms of preventative actions to safeguard systems from ransomware.

Warning: Financial Services remain a target for cyberattacks

Accenture have issued a new report looking at the threats faced by financial services from various cyber-threats. Among the risks are deepfakes, cloud vulnerabilities, and a new threat aimed at emergent 5G technology.

Schools forced to postpone after ransomware attacks Special

For many the school year has just begun. Not so in Hartford, Connecticut, where officials were forced to postpone the first day of the new school calendar year after a ransomware infection impacted the city's IT network.

Just why did Canadian Government agencies go offline? Special

During mid-August 2020 many Canadian government services went offline. It has come to light that this was due to a cyberattack. Further evidence suggests the Canadian authorities are a regular target for rogue actors.

Phishing attack used Box to land in victim inboxes Special

It has been revealed that a phishing attack targeting government and security organisations used a legitimate Box page with Microsoft 365 branding to trick victims. Ed Macnair explains more.

DDoS attack against the New Zealand Stock Exchange Special

It has been reported that the New Zealand Stock Exchange was hit by a 'distributed denial of service' DDoS attacks that brought it offline on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

University of Utah caught out in ransomware incident Special

University of Utah revealed it paid $457,059 to a ransomware gang, despite successfully restoring the school's information technology systems following the attack.

Cyberattack fires Canon into action Special

The camera, electronics and office solutions firm Canon has experienced a cyberattack in the form of targeted ransomware. Up to 10 TB of data could have been stolen, and users of the firm's cloud storage may be locked out.

Pharmaceutical firms are increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks

The pharmaceutical sector has become one of the top targets for rogue actors in terms of seeking to exploit digital vulnerabilities. This means that continually assessing the cybersecurity policy and having a back-up plan is of great importance.

US actor casting company leaks private data of wanabee stars Special

It has been revealed that the online agency,, which is a popular website used to cast U.S. talent in movies and television shows, exposed the data of roughly 260,000 individuals online.

Premier league soccer club targeted in 100 million BEC scam Special

News has broken that an unnamed premier league football (soccer) club in the U.K. has been targeted in a £100 million ($130 million) BEC scam, based on emails intended to defraud the club of money.

Looking back at the NotPetya cyber attack anniversary Special

Three years on from a major global cyberattack, there remain lessons to be considered from the NotPetya cyber attack, according to David Grout, CTO EMEA at FireEye.

Cybersecurity and 75th anniversary of the UN charter Special

June 26th marks the 75th anniversary of the United Nations. The formation of the UN has probably led to a lowering of military conflict. How can it handle conflict moving into cyberspace?

Security weaknesses behind the Australian cyberattacks Special

Australia has experienced a major state-based cyber attack, affecting all levels of government as well as essential services and businesses. Tim Wellsmore, Mandiant Government Solutions looks at the lessons.

Expert says new Ripple20 bugs underscore need for action Special

New research revealing the Ripple20 bugs that impact hundreds of millions of IoT device - from printers to insulin pumps to power grids - underscores the need to put pressure on device manufacturers to take security more seriously.

Claire's Magecart hit is a serious cyber attack Special

Hackers have successfully breached the websites of the U.S. accessory giant Claire’s, plus a subsidiary company called Icing. Through this, they have gained access to customer credit card data. This represents a significant retail issue.

Honda suffers 3rd cyberattack in 12 months Special

Global automotive manufacturer Honda revealed that a major cyberattack had completely halted several parts of its operations, including customer service and financial services.

Budget airline EasyJet suffers major data breach Special

The budget airline EasyJet, which mainly operates from Luton Airport in the U.K., has suffered a cyberattack that has led to customer data being exposed. The issues have implications for the wider travel industry.

Australia: NSW hit by data breach via phishing attack Special

The New South Wales Government (NSW) has confirmed that it has fallen victim to a phishing attack, putting citizen data at risk. Some 50 staff Service NSW email accounts were accessed.

Texas Court network down after ransomware attack Special

Texas recently disclosed that its court system has been hit by a ransomware attack. The state discovered the attack and confirmed that it is not going to pay the ransom. The Office of Court Administration (OCA) has disabled the system.

How remote working creates cybersecurity challenges Special

Information Technology staff are extremely stretched under the current coronavirus pandemic, with fewer staff unavailable which means multiple task to focus. This means less attention paid to cybersecurity.

Coronavirus testing facility suffers maze ransomware attack

A UK-based medical facility that have plans to test coronavirus vaccines, Hammersmith Medicines Research, has been hit by an attack from one of the ransomware groups that recently pledged to not target medical organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Defending businesses against COVID-19 cyber-scams Special

Many websites and emails are promising vital information about COVID-19. The reality, however, is that a flood of them are scams that can enable malicious attacks to take place, notes Pali Surdhar of nCipher Security.

Looking behind the reason for the U.S. DHSS cyberattack Special

What was behind the recent U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHSS) cyberattack? The attack appears related to its coronavirus response, where malicious actors sought to slow down operations in response to the pandemic.

U.S. Health agency hit with cyber-attack amid COVID-19 crisis

Washington - The Department of Health and Human Services experienced a form of cyberattack Sunday night related to its coronavirus response in an attempt to slow down its operations, administration sources confirmed on Monday.

Research: Cloud misconfigurations costs companies $5 trillion

Newly released research from DivvyCloud spanning all publicly reported data leaks due to cloud misconfigurations finds that poor design costs companies time and considerable expense.

Personal information of 10 million MGM Resort guests hacked Special

Personal information belonging to 10.6 million guests of MGM Resort were published on a hacking forum this week. Impacted individuals include celebrities, reporters, government officials and well-known CEOs.

Personal information of 6.5 million Israeli voters leaked Special

An election app called Elector potentially exposed the personal information of all the 6.5 million (6,453,254) Israeli voter population. Anurag Kahol of Bitglass looks into the matter.

Buisnesses now face maturing cybercrime risks

Over the next decade, businesses will face maturing cybercrime and renewed nation-state cyberattacks. Both of these threats are key areas for which businesses need to be aware, as well as for governments to take action.

Mitsubishi Electric confirms major data breach Special

Mitsubishi Electric released a statement today confirming that the company was hit by a data breach dating back to late June last year. It’s speculated that the cyberattack is linked to a Chinese cyber-espionage group, Tick (or Bronze Butler).
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