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98% of UK firms have no cyber-attack insurance

A new UK government report has found that nearly all large firms do not possess any form of insurance that would help them to recover from a major cyber-attack, despite 81% of those surveyed having experienced a security breach in the past 12 months.

FBI may have made embarrassing mistake investigating Sony hack

A confidential bulletin sent by the FBI to companies across the US warning of further cyberattacks by the Sony hackers may have been based on fake posts and messages created by a prankster.

Signs suggest a cyberattack against North Korea

North Korea appears to be suffering a cyberattack that has made the country's internet connection intermittent since Sunday evening.

Op-Ed: Addressing security holes, vulnerabilities and mitigation tactics

The year 2014 has been characterized as problematic due to a fairly rising number of cyber-attacks, data breaches and incidents around security vulnerabilities.

TopFinds: Crimea secedes from Ukraine, biggest cyberattack found

Learn about how the Ukraine crisis is reaching a boiling point. Who was affected by a massive cyberattack? Our sports reporters break down the latest trade rumours in Major League Baseball. Welcome to this week's TopFinds. fights off hackers, refuses to pay $300 ransom

Social networking website is fighting a sustained battle against cyber-criminals who are demanding $300 to call off an attack that has kept the site offline for much of the past four days.

50 million customers affected in LivingSocial cyberattack

Washington - Popular daily deals website LivingSocial announced a massive cyberattack on its database. It is estimated 50 million customers across the globe are affected.

35-year-old Dutch man arrested for Spamhaus cyber-attacks

Barcelona - According to the media the 35-year-old Dutchman that was arrested in Barcelona as a suspect in cyber-attacks against Spamhaus is CyberBunker spokesman, Sven Olaf Kamphuis.

'Biggest cyber-attack in history' causes global Internet slowdown

The biggest cyber-attack in history is taking place now. A London and Geneva-based non-profit Internet watchdog group Spamhaus has been hit by a massive cyber-attack whose ripples are spreading on the Web worldwide.

NATO study: US-Israeli cyberattack on Iran was 'act of force'

Tallin - A study commissioned by NATO has found that the 2009 US-Israeli cyberattack on Iran's nuclear program was "an act of force" that was likely a violation of international law.

Op-Ed: South Korean broadcasters, banks hit by cyber attack

Sydney - South Korea was hit by a cyber-attack today which knocked out three broadcasters and two banks. That may not be the whole story, though. There’s a risk this may have been a dry run for North Korea’s bizarre threats to come into force. back online after getting hacked is back online after getting hacked during the week. The hack involved malware that was in the form of a trojan.

Chinese cyberattacks on New York Times and Wall Street Journal

Chinese hackers attacked one of the biggest and most respected U.S. newspapers, The New York Times, on its computer systems, breaking in and stealing the passwords of high-profile reporters and other staff members.

Video: 'CISPA pushed by spy & tech companies for profit'

David Seaman, journalist and host of The DL Show, talks in depth about the latest threat to internet freedom and privacy, The Cyber Intelligence Sharing Protection Act, or CISPA.

NSA: Anonymous cyber attacks could knock out US power grid

After flexing their "hacktivist" muscles on multiple occasions, the hacker collective Anonymous has drawn the attention of the National Security Agency.

Zappos accounts hacked, data stolen

Data theft is becoming more common, and Zappos is the latest to report the breaching of accounts, twenty four million accounts.

Security analyst posts list of 760 companies affected by RSA hack

New York - Following the March RSA security breach that threatened its SecurID tags, security analyst Brian Krebs published a list of 760 organizations on his blog Monday that were affected by the incident.

Cyberattack strikes Canada’s largest Asian grocery store chain

Canada’s largest Asian grocery store chain, T&T Supermarket, suffered a cyberattack and they were forced to shut down their website.

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