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Cyber attacks News

US government agencies suffer massive cyber attack

Even though there is a lack of evidence that Russia was responsible for a massive cyber attack that targeted several US government agencies, some US senators are demanding retaliation against Russia, even comparing the attack to an invasion.

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Youbit suffers second hack

Cryptocurrency exchange Youbit is shutting down after it was hacked for the second time in less than eight months. The exchange earlier called Yapizon lost 4,000 bitcoins in a hack in April.

Op-Ed: Why Target is as much a victim as to blame for cyber attacks

If you were one of those people that got a phone call out of nowhere stating that your account has been compromised, you're well aware that Target has been the victim of recent cyber attacks.

World's biggest cyberattack detected, 1.25bn email addresses sold

An Internet security firm has detected a cyber crime cache of personal data, said to be the world's biggest cyberattack event ever.

Adobe reports cyber attack affecting 2.9 million customers

Adobe has announced a data security breach affecting their customer accounts, including usernames and passwords and credit card information.

UK's Ministry of Defence to beef up cyberspace capabilities

London - The UK’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced at the weekend the formation of a new Joint Cyber Unit with offensive capabilities.

FBI and cyber crime: The rise and fall of the DarkMarket

An organization called the DarkMarket sounds like something from Harry Potter, but the actual organization was more ominous than anything Voldemort could concoct.

Iran hacks energy firms, U.S. says

Officials in Washington are claiming that Iranian hackers have stepped up attacks on the cyber networks of U.S. multinational corporations, focusing their attention on energy companies.

'Knowing the enemy' when it comes to global cyber security

Tampa - Cyber security doesn’t just deal with the phalanx of attacks and compromises of credit cards, bank information, smartphones and account passwords, it also includes homeland security. Is the United States prepared for the year’s cyber attacks?

Op-Ed: Foreign cyber attack risk rising as House, Google sound warnings

Sydney - The House Intelligence Committee referred to cyber-attacks from “unusual sources” just before Chinese communications firms were declared a security risk. Now Google is warning Gmail users of possibly being targeted by state-sponsored attackers.

F1: Anonymous plans to disrupt Canadian Grand Prix

Montreal - Concern is growing that the worldwide group of computer hackers known as Anonymous is planning to use the Canadian Grand Prix as a forum to raise awareness to the protests over rising university-tuition fees in Quebec.

Sixteen arrested in Anonymous hacking investigation

Washington - The FBI announced today that they had conducted a series of raids in 10 states this morning resulting in the arrest of 16 individuals associated with the hacking group Anonymous. The investigation was related to the cyber-attack on PayPal's website.

US Pentagon can declare war on cyber attacks

Washington - The US Pentagon has decided computer sabotage falls under the category of acts of war, opening the door for US response in the form of military retaliation, a move seen as essential in the government’s attempt to keep pace with cyber attacks.

Op-Ed: The massive network hacking of French ministries and the Elysée

The spectacular and highly-professional hacking of French state computer networks demonstrates yet again that the world must establish internationally agreed rules of conduct for state-sponsored cyber attacks.

Op-Ed: Time for a Geneva Convention on cyberwar?

Cyber attacks on government and industry computer networks are a threat to individual nations and global stability. The Munich Conference on Security Policy has addressed those issues and it calls for a kind of Geneva and Hague cyberspace convention.

The Citizen Lab wins Vox Libera Award

Toronto's Munk School of Global Affairs has been housing the research program, The Citizen Lab. The program documents cyber attacks and espionage with the idea that the Internet should be a safe public domain.

US set to detect infrastructure cyber attacks

The US government will set into motion a comprehensive program termed “Perfect Citizen” to detect cyber attacks on private and government agencies running critical infrastructures, reported The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday.

Op-Ed: ‘Anonymous’ group intends to continue cyber attacks on Australia

Cyber group Anonymous intends to continue denial of service attacks on Australian government sites in protest against proposed censorship and filtering of internet materials. The government is attempting to keep out objectionable content.

Obama and McCain Campaign Cyber Attacks Came from China

Although warned of the possibility earlier this summer by the Secret Service and the F.B.I, both Barack Obama’s and John McCain’s campaign networks were compromised by hackers from China. Large amounts of policy related information were downloaded.

Cyber Attack In Toronto? It's Doable Says Expert

If cyber terrorists were to hit Toronto experts admit they could achieve their goals. So far an all out cyber attack of a major city in North America is the work of Hollywood but those theories could wreck havoc if done in a major city.

Cybergeddon: How to crash a civilization, but there's a problem

Since the all out attack on Estonia last year, the threat of cyberwar has been reevaluated. Now it's considered a real possibility in terms of major attacks on whole nations. The NSA and other security organizations are looking at actual scenarios.

French government falls prey to cyber-attacks involving China

French information systems fell prey to cyber attacks "involving China", similar to those reported by the US, British and German governments, according to a top French security offical.

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