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Cut News

CEO of Co-op asks for big cut in pay

The CEO of the Co-operative group has asked for his base salary to be cut by 40 percent because the job has become easier.

Warning: video shows man accidentally chopping friend's nose off

A gruesome video has surfaced, and it shows two friends messing around. One friend has a samurai sword, while the other has a a sausage in his mouth. The stunt goes horribly wrong.

Nationwide power cut paralyses Turkey

Istanbul - A massive power cut caused chaos and shut down public transport across Turkey on Tuesday, with the government refusing to rule out that the electricity system had been the victim of an attack.

Power supply restored after cut at Amsterdam Schipol airport

Den Haag - A massive power cut caused chaos in and around the Dutch capital Amsterdam on Friday, including temporarily halting all flights at Schiphol International Airport, an airport spokeswoman and news reports said.

Man hit by 100-kg chunk of ice while walking along street

A 56-year-old man was sent to hospital with a concussion late Tuesday afternoon after a 100kg chunk of ice landed on his head in downtown Ottawa as he walked along the pavement, leaving him in serious condition.

Once again, brands' reach on Facebook will get cut

On Friday, Facebook announced that unpaid posts will be curtailed. Organic posts, or unpaid posts, that are considered to be too promotional will be affected.

Man uses saw to cut both arms in Home Depot

On Wednesday a man entered a Home Depot store located in West Covina, California, and used saws to cut both of his arms.

Ireland year away from Greek devastation unless austerity stopped

Dublin - A video interview with Richard Boyd Barrett, a member of the Irish Parliament, about the devastation of EU-enforced austerity measures.

Egypt cuts natural gas supply to Israel

While insisting the move is not political, Egypt has cut the country's natural gas supply to Israel on Sunday. Egypt cited violations of contractual obligations.

Nokia to cut another 3,500 jobs

The Finnish telephone manufacturer Nokia is to cut another 3,500 jobs as part of its ongoing billion-euro cost-cutting plan.

Cuts to federal inspections puts Canadian workers at risk

A damning report out from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives says that Canada has been negligent when it comes to protecting its workers.

Los Angeles Times will cut 80 jobs

Los Angeles Times has plans to close printing operations in Orange County, California, resulting in about 80 layoffs. The Times has already reduced the newspaper's width from 48 to 44 inches

American Express to cut 4,000 jobs

American Express plans to eliminate 4,000 jobs or approximately 6 per cent of its workforce; the weakened economy has caused higher customer defaults.

Dallas Cowboys Dump Terrell Owens

In a story first reported by ESPN earlier on Wednesday, it appears that the Dallas Cowboys have released wide receiver Terrell Owens after a controversial three-year stay.

OPEC Ministers Weigh Another Oil-Production Cut

The world's big oil exporters are struggling to trim production enough to boost prices as demands plummets but now Saudi Arabia says that $75 is a fair price for a barrel of oil. OPEC may still struggle to keep prices at any set level.

Bank of Canada Cuts Interest Rates to 2.25 Per Cent

The Bank of Canada announced it is lowering interest rates by one-quarter of a point to 2.25 per cent. A statement released Tuesday morning says "three major interrelated developments are having a profound impact on the Canadian economy."

Medicare Patients May Find Doctors Unwilling to Treat Them

The payments made out by the state to medicare patient claims has come under fire as Doctors face further cuts to compensation for their services from the state health insurance.

Foul Mouthed Joan Rivers Gets The Cut Treatment On Live UK Television

Legendary open-minded comedian Joan Rivers, 75, was cut abruptly on UK live television after swearing profusely. TV bosses had to immediately put out a formal apology for the language Rivers had just used

The Future Of America's Critical Jobs Under Fire As Assistance Programs Are Cut

Very few individuals can afford a full 4-year college degree, even working full-time. Former options were birth into a wealthy family or obtain a student loan. Now it looks like being born to a millionaire mom is the only way become educated.

A Woman Who Cut Baby From Friend's Womb Gets Life Without Parole

An Illinois woman who murdered her pregnant friend, cut the fetus from her friend's womb and then killed her friends other three young children was finally sentenced to life in prison without parole on Monday.

Risk Of Developing Childhood Cancer Is Drastically Cut At Playgroup

A new forward thinking study has found that children are less likely to develop the almost fatal childhood cancer, leukaemia if they had attended a pre school playgroup where they would have fought an infection from another child such as a common cold

Senate advances bill to cut Iraq funding

On Tuesday Senate Republicans helped advance a democratic-pushed bill to cut off money for the war in Iraq and Senate Republicans also said that additional debating time would allow them to hail progress there.

UN Agency: Saboteurs May Have Cut Four Mideast Telecom Cables

Five underwater cables were cut across the Middle East and Asia recently, and UN investigators think at least four of them could have been damaged deliberately. The damaged cables disrupted Internet and phone services in a number of countries.

The Thin End of the Wedge: How Slimming Will Save You From Cancer

In a new report out this week, it would seem that the odds against fat people are being stacked even higher as we are now told that we need to get thin if we want to avoid getting cancer.

Praying For Time - How The Hours Of The UK Hospital Chaplain Are Cut In Half

In the UK, the Health Service is notorious for constantly cutting back on services here and there. The most recent item on the list for dumping now is the chaplaincies within our hospitals - a proposition enough to make Christian groups furious

Apple seeks TV price cut

Apple is mulling a plan to cut the price of TV show downloads in half, an idea that's not going over too well in Hollywood to say the least. Apple would like to slash the cost of most TV episodes sold on iTunes from $1.99 to just 99ยข.

Hanging Around On The Ride Of Your Life

When you step onto a fairground ride, you expect to get the thrill of your life, but then again, you might just fancy the idea of hanging out for a while like the passengers of a ride in Arkansas when a power cut left them holding on for dear life

Dollar gains as rate cut hopes fade

The dollar rallied on Friday as much stronger-than-forecast US employment data damped expectations of interest rate cuts.

Rough "Highlander" Cut Not Official

The assorted "Highlander" sequels always seem to have different cuts floating around, and the latest one is proving no different.

Ballmer: Every console has price cut in the first few years

Xbox 360 price cut coming sooner then we think?
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