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Customer service News

Interview: Optimized customer journeys for banking Special

The retail industry continues to innovate by developing optimized customer journeys for online stores. Is there a similar competitive situation facing major banks? Vizolution’s CEO Bill Safran thinks so.

Consumers are beginning to accept automated customer service

Consumers are starting to accept automated customer assistance. According to a report, people are abandoning traditional communication methods as they believe they're generally ineffective. Digital alternatives are seeing increased use as a consequence.

Bridging the social media and business enterprise gap: Interview Special

The company Conversocial is bridging the gap between the rapidly-shifting world of social and mobile channels and the world and needs of the large enterprise contact center. The aim is to modernize customer services.

Predicting consumer behavior is key to business success

Customer serving businesses can grow and remain competitive if they can predict what consumers are most interested in and how consumers might react to certain offers or incentives.

Improving patient engagement with new application Special

CareThrough is a 360° care management solution designed to improve quality of care and patient engagement, offering a new way to help navigate these value-based requirements. To find out more about this digital health offering we spoke with Craig Newman.

DigitalGenius raises $14.75m to develop AI customer service tools

Artificial intelligence startup DigitalGenius has raised $14.75m in a Series A funding round. The company is developing AI-powered customer service solutions that predict data as cases are created. The tech helps support staff work more efficiently.

Interview: Transforming customer engagement for big-name brands Special

The digital challenge is about how companies can create a better customer experience. This means not focusing on the status quo. A leading digital transformation expert expands on this and provides other business lessons.

Interview: How Customer Service affects brands Special

Customer Service can have profound effects on the marketing of brand, both negatively and positively. A new platform has been devised called HelpU to help businesses. To discovery more we spoke with Nick Francis, CEO of Help Scout.

Digital transformation is redefining the customer experience

There are a number of ways to achieve business growth that includes a wide range of communication and collaboration tools. But a business's survival is dependent on its ability to engage customers in "delightful experiences," says TeleSign.

How chatbots could change customer service over the next 5 years

Chatbots will enhance chat conversations by helping humans with micro-tasks and automatic replies, though it's unlikely that bots will replace humans entirely.

Man who filmed dispute with United Airlines agent denied flight

New Orleans - A traveller who got into a dispute with a United Airlines gate agent over the cost of his overweight bag began filming the argument. The agent said he did not have her permission to film her and when he refused to stop, his reservation was cancelled.

Op-Ed: Americans on average will spend 43 days of their life on hold

The mobile advertising analytics company Marchex found through analysis of more than 4 million phone calls from consumers to businesses, that Americans will likely waste more than 900 million hours waiting on hold this year.

Dell, HP caught telling customers not to upgrade to Windows 10

PC phone support representatives at HP and Dell have been caught telling customers not to upgrade their computers to Windows 10, apparently contradicting their own marketing messages.

Time Warner Cable ranks dead last among customer satisfaction

Turns out, the only thing Americans may be more skeptical of than government and big banks, is their local pay-TV provider.

Comcast labels customer 'A-hole' in new low for the company

For a long time, Comcast has been notorious among its customers for poor customer service, but in its latest stunt the giant telecom company proves its detractors correct and proves that the company is the problem, not its customers.

United Airlines: Monk upset after customer service makes mistake

Abiquiu - It takes a lot to rattle a monk, but somehow, staff at United Airlines managed to do it. Brother Noah of the Monastery of Christ in the Desert, located in New Mexico, is the monk in question.

Man tells of grueling 4-hour call to cancel Comcast account

A man spent four hours on the phone with Comcast in a series of calls made to cancel his account, John Biggs of TechCrunch reports.

Minnesota man ejected from flight for tweeting about bad service

Denver - Duff Watson won't be flying Southwest Airlines again in the future, after he and his family were asked to leave the plane because he tweeted about the bad service he received at the gate.

Op-Ed: Waitress deals with customer complaint about roach by eating it

A waitress named Zhang Yen responded to a customer complaining about roaches in his salad by popping it in her mouth and eating it. The diner reportedly had asked her if she would eat the bug and Yen immediately did.

Op-Ed: 6 Customer relations errors to avoid

It is four times as expensive to win new customers than to keep existing patrons happy — so be sure not to make any of these fatal errors.

Op-Ed: 6 Ways to prepare the world for your product

Launching a product can be nerve wracking and will often make or break a company - especially a startup. Here are some tips for ensuring the launch goes out without a hitch!

5 things you're doing to drive away customers

As online reviews become an increasingly important factor in consumer decisions, good customer service is paramount. However, providing it isn't difficult.

Customer service stars honored at ICMI awards gala Special

It may not receive the global media coverage of the Academy Awards, but for thousands of Americans, receiving quality customer service is more important than even a front row seat at the Oscars.

LEGO customer service email goes viral

Highworth - LEGO has proven once again that they truly care about their customers and are willing to go out of their way to help whenever possible, even if it means talking to a fictional "Ninjago Master".

10 hour customer service call sets record

Las Vegas - Good customer service can sometimes be hard to find, and one Zappos customer put the companies motto of "Powered by Service" to the test.

Survey: Toronto transit riders give TTC a score of 76 out of 100

Toronto - A lot of transit riders like to complain about the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), such as its operators, the service and fare hikes. But a new survey suggests that TTC patrons are generally pleased with the city's public transit agency.

Video: Waitress attacked for delivering the wrong food

Fairview Heights - A 20 year-old Missouri woman is facing felony charges after allegedly attacking a waitress along with three other women for bringing the wrong order to their table.

Study: Canadian shoppers want low prices over customer service

An item's price tag is more important to Canadian shoppers than customer service, according to a study of 3,500 Canadian shoppers by the COLLOQUY Canadian Retail Loyalty Index.

Oregon business puts the customer first Special

Poor service has been found to be a significant reason for customer dissatisfaction.. Sears Auto Centers have been rated the worst for service recently, and the cell phone industry is rated poor. So where are the good guys?

Poor Customer Service Causes Health, Money Woes Special

Everyone has experienced rudeness from a customer service representative or a monolithic company somewhere. The cumulative effect of bad customer service can cause many problems. So perhaps it’s time to get back to basics as in small town America.
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Things didn t go so well with Microsoft s bot Tay.
Things didn't go so well with Microsoft's bot Tay.
Microsoft/Business Insider
Contextual information is an important part of cloud technology  especially when talking to someone ...
Contextual information is an important part of cloud technology, especially when talking to someone in a call center.

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