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AI can help boost customer service during COVID-19

The impact upon customer-facing businesses can be assisted by a greater use of artificial intelligence during the coronavirus era, according to a new report looking at ways to sharpen the customer service function.

Valentine’s Day: Five ways business can show customers some love Special

Businesses need to keep the customer at the heart of their services, both in the design of service provision and the execution. A leading expert, from UJET, outlines five important areas that businesses need to keep in mind.

Q&A: Integration over automation for customer service success Special

While much of customer service is shifting towards automated interactions such as chatbots, an increasing amount of users prefer a mix between human-led interactions and technological innovations, says expert Jay Reeder.

Customer support predictions for 2020 Special

UJET’s Anand Janefalkar, Founder and CEO has provided Digital Journal with some key customer support communications and solutions trends that can be expected during the course of 2020.

Q&A: Strategies for connecting brands and their customers Special

Why is Amazon a successful retailer? This is a question that many retail companies have pondered over. One answer, according to analysts at Elastic Path, is that the company more fully understands what the customer expects and how this can be delivered.

Q&A: Understanding speech analytics: What do customers want? Special

How can businesses keep the customer satisfied? It takes a mix of customer journey insight, surveys and measurement, an omni-channel experience, augmented reality and virtual reality tech according to Jeff Gallino, of CallMiner

Chatbots are revolutionizing retail: Interview Special

The rise in chatbot use is just one example of the AI revolution online retailers are facing. A key consideration that retailers face is using the technology to create individualized experiences to retain customers and drive sales.

Tips for improving chatbot design and functionality

Chatbots are aiding business to automate services and customers are becoming more familiar using them. However, to derive maximum business efficiency, chatbots can be better designed according to a leading expert.

Q&A: Why customer service channels need automating Special

Maintaining multiple customer service channels is vital for a modern business, such as phone, email, live chat, SMS and social media. To add to this list are chatbots, and new analysis from Helpshift provides an insight.

Lanier: Big tech firms need to be more like Netflix

Silicon Valley's Jaron Lanier has assessed the problems faces by many big technology firms and concluded that the solution is for firms to be a little more like Netflix.

Blockchain presents key advantages to businesses

Blockchain-as-a-service offers many advantages to businesses. While major companies can develop such services in-house or work with major technology companies, smaller firms need a different solution. Elias Chavando of Ideum explains more.

Why customer service agents fail to meet messaging expectations

A new report on digital customer service from Sparkcentral reveals that many brands are lagging behind today's demand for Uber-like experiences and instead are still asking customers to call and email for customer service and support.

Future AI: Predicting your needs and guiding your actions Special

Imagine knowing if a customer is going to abandon your app, giving you the opportunity to offer them a deal, or guiding them through your app before that happens? This future state of AI is not far away, according to Omer Rabin of WalkMe.

Rogers tops profit estimates as wireless subscriber base grows

Toronto - Additional spending on customer service helped Rogers Communications Inc. boost its wireless customer base in the first quarter as it reported revenue and adjusted income that topped analyst forecasts.

Op-Ed: Can A.I. perform Extreme Personalization customer service? Maybe

Sydney - If “Extreme Personalization” sounds like the most offensive, riskiest buzz phrase ever, you’ll be pleased to know it comes with a tonnage of management science crap, too. The new idea is to make A.I. effective with customers, but…?

Interview: Optimized customer journeys for banking Special

The retail industry continues to innovate by developing optimized customer journeys for online stores. Is there a similar competitive situation facing major banks? Vizolution’s CEO Bill Safran thinks so.

Consumers are beginning to accept automated customer service

Consumers are starting to accept automated customer assistance. According to a report, people are abandoning traditional communication methods as they believe they're generally ineffective. Digital alternatives are seeing increased use as a consequence.

Bridging the social media and business enterprise gap: Interview Special

The company Conversocial is bridging the gap between the rapidly-shifting world of social and mobile channels and the world and needs of the large enterprise contact center. The aim is to modernize customer services.

Predicting consumer behavior is key to business success

Customer serving businesses can grow and remain competitive if they can predict what consumers are most interested in and how consumers might react to certain offers or incentives.

Improving patient engagement with new application Special

CareThrough is a 360° care management solution designed to improve quality of care and patient engagement, offering a new way to help navigate these value-based requirements. To find out more about this digital health offering we spoke with Craig Newman.

DigitalGenius raises $14.75m to develop AI customer service tools

Artificial intelligence startup DigitalGenius has raised $14.75m in a Series A funding round. The company is developing AI-powered customer service solutions that predict data as cases are created. The tech helps support staff work more efficiently.

Interview: Transforming customer engagement for big-name brands Special

The digital challenge is about how companies can create a better customer experience. This means not focusing on the status quo. A leading digital transformation expert expands on this and provides other business lessons.

Interview: How Customer Service affects brands Special

Customer Service can have profound effects on the marketing of brand, both negatively and positively. A new platform has been devised called HelpU to help businesses. To discovery more we spoke with Nick Francis, CEO of Help Scout.

Digital transformation is redefining the customer experience

There are a number of ways to achieve business growth that includes a wide range of communication and collaboration tools. But a business's survival is dependent on its ability to engage customers in "delightful experiences," says TeleSign.

How chatbots could change customer service over the next 5 years

Chatbots will enhance chat conversations by helping humans with micro-tasks and automatic replies, though it's unlikely that bots will replace humans entirely.

Man who filmed dispute with United Airlines agent denied flight

New Orleans - A traveller who got into a dispute with a United Airlines gate agent over the cost of his overweight bag began filming the argument. The agent said he did not have her permission to film her and when he refused to stop, his reservation was cancelled.

Op-Ed: Americans on average will spend 43 days of their life on hold

The mobile advertising analytics company Marchex found through analysis of more than 4 million phone calls from consumers to businesses, that Americans will likely waste more than 900 million hours waiting on hold this year.

Dell, HP caught telling customers not to upgrade to Windows 10

PC phone support representatives at HP and Dell have been caught telling customers not to upgrade their computers to Windows 10, apparently contradicting their own marketing messages.

Time Warner Cable ranks dead last among customer satisfaction

Turns out, the only thing Americans may be more skeptical of than government and big banks, is their local pay-TV provider.

Comcast labels customer 'A-hole' in new low for the company

For a long time, Comcast has been notorious among its customers for poor customer service, but in its latest stunt the giant telecom company proves its detractors correct and proves that the company is the problem, not its customers.
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Things didn t go so well with Microsoft s bot Tay.
Things didn't go so well with Microsoft's bot Tay.
Microsoft/Business Insider
Contextual information is an important part of cloud technology  especially when talking to someone ...
Contextual information is an important part of cloud technology, especially when talking to someone in a call center.

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