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Curry News

Poop flavored curry being served at Tokyo-based restaurant

Tokyo - A Japanese chef and former adult film actor wanted to create a first, so he decided to give human feces a chance in the kitchen.

Bag of cat heads found near Manchester curry restaurants

Manchester - A bin bag of cat heads has been found on a street in Manchester. The discovery is close to Wilmslow Road, an area famed for having many curry houses.

Video: 'Holy Sorcery Story' character & gameplay trailer

A character and gameplay demonstration trailer has been released for an upcoming Japan-only role-playing game called "Holy Sorcery Story" where you go dungeon exploring to find ingredients to make curry.

Doctor eats curry and hallucinates

A British doctor has become the first person to finish the world's hottest curry, even after suffering hallucinations that were brought on by the dish.

Curry might actually be good for you

Researchers at Oregon State University have theorized that eating curry might actually be good for us. Specifically, the cooking spice turmeric can boost the immune system.

Study: Drug based on curcumin effective on 'Alzheimer's flies'

Curcumin, a turmeric plant root extract and key spice in curry blends, boosts activity and prolongs life for experimental fruit flies genetically engineered to develop an Alzheimer's-like brain disorder, Linköping University researchers have claimed.

NFL: Raiders acquire Carson Palmer from the Cincinnati Bengals

Oakland - Is it possible? Is it true? The Cincinnati Bengals made it clear that they were not interested in allowing their franchise quarterback go to another team. The Bengals organization was willing to let Carson Palmer waste his career away sitting at home.

Curry can boost male sex drive by 28%

Brisbane - Looking to spice up your sex life? New research has found that fenugreek – a herb often used in curries –can increase male sex drive by 28 percent.

Spicing up bovine diet could reduce greenhouse gases

Adding a touch of curry to the feed of cows and sheep may cut their methane emissions by as much as 40 percent, according to a new study from the UK.

Thai red chicken curry withdrawn by supermarket Waitrose

The British supermarket Waitrose has withdrawn its range of Deliciously Different Thai Red Chicken Curry with Wild Rice, Pak Choi and Red Peppers and issued an allergy alert.

How eating curry could prevent dementia

Research from the United States suggests that eating curry up to two times a week could be a useful aid in stopping Alzheimer's disease or dementia.

British Airways jet makes emergency landing due to curry stink?

A British Airways jet flying from Belgrade to London had to make an emergency landing as a result of both aircraft crew and passengers mistaking curry smell for poisonous gas.

Hottest Curry vie for Guinness World Record

A London restaurant is serving up what it claims to be the hottest lamb curry on the planet and the Guinness officials are invited to the taste test.

Woman Feeds Husband a Nasty Curry

Donald and Jill Martin weren't doing that well in their relationship. In fact Jill was tired of Donald's emotional abuse after the last five years of their twenty one year marriage. It was time to get even. Enter curry ala doggy doo.

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MOVING OUT: The Golden State Warriors basketball team hopes to have more than one extra championship...
MOVING OUT: The Golden State Warriors basketball team hopes to have more than one extra championship banner to hang from the rafters of their new arena in 2018.
nikk_la / Wikimedia Commons
Lentil dhal dish  served at the Oxo Tower  London.
Lentil dhal dish, served at the Oxo Tower, London.

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