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Cull News

Siberian region to slaughter 250,000 reindeer by Christmas

Russian region of Yamalo-Nenets plans to slaughter 250,000 reindeer by Christmas because of overpopulation and fears of an anthrax outbreak. The animals will be electrocuted, have their throats slit and blood will be drained for export to China.

Controversial badger cull to be extended

Bristol - The hotly debated issue of culling badgers in the U.K. has arisen again with plans by the British government to extend areas where shooting badgers is permitted to Dorset.

War of words continues over badger cull

London - The U.K. government is pushing ahead with its badger culls throughout England. However, in Wales, where there is devolved government, the authorities are administering vaccinations instead. The difference is about responding to the risk of tuberculosis.

British badger cull misses target

London - Fewer than half the required number of badgers have been killed in this year's controversial cull in, according to the British Government.

British badger cull target announced

A target number of badgers to be killed in this year's pilot cull has been announced by Natural England and authorization letters have been issued to approved persons.

Was the British badger cull worth it?

Government-commissioned analyses, not yet officially released, suggest that the UK badger culls that began last year were ineffective and inhumane.

South Georgia to cull all of its reindeer

The British Government is preparing to cull what are described as “invasive reindeer” on the small island of South Georgia. There is no native population on the islands.

Animal welfare groups call for 'badger friendly' labelling

The RSPCA has called for "badger friendly" labels on milk and other dairy products, which are sourced from farms not participating in the badger cull. The Animal charity says farmers should be made to feel the commercial consequences of the cull.

UK: Government authorises badger cull

London - On Monday the government issued the first ever licence for the mass culling of badgers. It is intended to be the first of many licences, which are expected to result in the killing of 100,000 badgers, as a way of controlling bovine TB.

Thousands of horses face mass cull as recession hits Irish owners

Dublin - Ireland faces some tough decisions over the plight of the horses that people can no longer afford to keep. They're the four-legged victims of the Irish recession whose plight animal welfare organisations say can only be solved by a mass national cull.

UK conker cull sparks outrage over council's 'madness'

Nottingham - The city council of Nottingham, UK decided to remove all the conkers from a horse-chestnut tree near a school after an accident hurt one little girl.

Plans unveiled for badger cull in England

The government has revealed plans for a badger cull in England, even though it has been shown that culls do not stop the spread of bovine tuberculosis.

Oregon executing Sea Lions for doing what comes naturally

Portland - The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) is treating sea lions like criminals. Some are classified as repeat offenders and some have been executed and 'deported' for eating salmon, a perfectly natural activity for the sea lions.

First Swedish wolf cull in 45 years underway

The hunt was launched after the Swedish parliament ruled there were too many wolves and a cull was needed to reduce numbers.

Cattle Killed to Prevent Spread of Bovine Tuberculosis

Bovine tuberculosis has been found in British Columbia and cattle in both B.C. and Alberta have been killed in order to prevent the infections from spreading. The farmers will be compensated.

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