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Canadian media firms launch 'dangerous' campaign to end piracy

The Canadian telecoms firm Bell has joined with several other entertainment and digital content companies to pressure the CRTC into acting on online piracy. The group is calling for a new federal agency to find and block sites which host illegal content.

CRTC declares broadband a 'basic' service for all Canadians

In a landmark ruling, the government of Canada has declared high-speed broadband Internet a ‘basic telecommunications service’ guaranteed to all Canadians.

Almost 160,000 Canadians cancelled TV subscriptions last year

Ottawa - Even though about 160,000 Canadian cancelled their TV subscriptions last year, conventional cable and satellite TV providers saw revenues decline just 0.1 percent to $8.9 billion

Toronto City Council will vote on 911 texting

Toronto - If Toronto City Councillor Norm Kelly gets his way, Toronto will become the first Canadian city to allow people to text 911 as well as call. Kelly will introduce a motion before council in an attempt to get the process started.

'Microsoft tech support' scammer recorded threatening to kill man

Nelson - In a scam that has defrauded Canadians to the tune of $347 million dollars, scammers are resorting to unnerving tactics, including threatening a man in British Columbia with death. That's what happened to Jakob Dulisse, who decided to be proactive.

Your porn is not Canadian enough, regulators warn adult channels

Ottawa - Canadian broadcasting regulators would like to see more Vancouver vixens, Regina vaginas, Montréal MILFs and Banff barebackers from the nation's X-rated cable channels.

Complaints cause Canada's CRTC to review roaming cellphone rates

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is reviewing the charges companies make to customers when they are "roaming." Friday was the deadline for some 35 telecom companies to hand over info on their roaming rates.

Op-Ed: A proposal to resolve Canada's wireless competition problem

We have a problem. Canadian consumers are fed up with high wireless prices; the government is listening and trying to introduce competition. Bell, Telus, and Rogers, are attempting to prevent Verizon from entering the market. Is there a win-win solution?

CRTC announces new wireless rules for Canadians

Under the new wireless code set out by the CRTC, Canadians will be able to cancel their contracts after two years without penalty and data and roaming charges will have monthly caps.

Op-Ed: Sun News, free markets, and Fox News North

Ottawa - Sun News is busy promoting its case for mandatory carriage before the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. Sun News says that its survival is at stake.

Canadians pressure CRTC to end three-year phone contracts

In a bid against long-term financial commitment and outdated technology, Canadians are urging the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to shorten three-year mobile phone contracts.

CRTC rejects BCE $3.4 billion deal to take over Astral Media

Ottawa - The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission rejected the Bell $3.4 billion deal to buy Astral Media. The Canadian regulatory commission claims that the deal would give BCE too much market power and threaten competition in the media.

Canadians spending more time, money TV watching, radio listening

Toronto - Canadians spent more time watching television and television on the Internet and listening to the radio in 2011 than in 2010, according to a new report from a Canadian commission. Consumers also spent more money enjoying this "creative content."

Canadian broadcasters forced to turn down the volume on TV ads

Ottawa - Have you ever noticed when watching television that as soon as a commercial comes on, the volume suddenly gets louder? Well Canadians can put down the remote, the government is doing something about it.

Report: 3% of Canadians still accessing Internet by dial-up

Toronto - Are you using dial-up Internet to read this article? According to an in-depth report that looks at the demographics of individuals who still utilize it, approximately three percent of Canadians use dial-up.

Bell Canada, Aliant seeking to charge $1 for local payphone use

Toronto - In this day and age of advanced mobile phones, are payphones becoming obsolete? Despite the outlook, Bell Canada and Bell Aliant are seeking to double the cost of local payphone use from 50 cents to $1.

GoodLife Fitness Centres fined $300,000 for violating CRTC rules

London - The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunication Commission (CRTC) fined GoodLife Fitness $300,000 for violating telemarketing rules.

Canadian TV stations can charge cable providers to carry programs

Ottawa - The Federal Court of Appeal has issued a decision that allows Canada's various private broadcasters, including CTV and Global, to charge cable and satellite providers to broadcast their programs.

CRTC to add third area code to rapidly growing 905 region

Ottawa - The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has announced that it will add a third area code to the 905 region to avoid a telephone number shortage.

CRTC denies Internet throttling appeal

A group of Internet providers has had their appeal to force Bell Canada to stop its Internet traffic management denied by the CRTC .

Canadian violators of 'Do-Not-Call' list identified

Two companies and one individual are the first to be fined under Canada's National Do-Not-Call List implemented by the CRTC in September 2008.

CRTC eases burden on cash-strapped Canadian networks

Canada's broadcast regulator announced a new kind of television license designed to give some of the country's cash-strapped small-market TV stations some relief in an economic downturn.

Children's Programming Needs To Be Protected, Advocacy Group Tells CRTC

Some of the best of Canadian television programming takes place on children's shows. No longer is Canadian kids TV just for the kids of the Great White North as in the days of "Mr. Dressup" and "The Friendly Giants."

More ads on Canadian TV and less time-shifting

That would be the future of Canadian television if networks have their way as the CRTC reviews its policy.

Ottawa To Block CRTC On Internet Phone Regulation

Stephen Harper's conservatives have decided to rewrite the CRTC's ruling on VOIP services.

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