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Europe revises its stance on GM crops

A new agreement in the European Union allows genetically engineered crops to be approved without member-state votes. This represents a U-turn for before all member states needed to agree. The new policy will allow several GMO foods to enter the market.

Barley was key to people moving to Alpine regions

The cold-tolerant cereal crop barley allowed humans to live and farm higher than ever starting more than 3,000 years ago, according to new research.

New treatment against wheat viruses

A technology has helped wheat become resistant to viruses. The technology involves genetic engineering, although more environmentally sustainable options are possible in the longer-term..

Europe agrees to GMO crops

Brussels - Member states of the European Union have agreed on a EU-wide directive for the authorization process of genetically modified crops, with an opt-out for individual countries.

Helping crops avoid plant pathogens

Helsinki - A study has found that ribwort plants in well-connected populations fare better when exposed to a fungal pathogen than those in isolated patches. This finding could help restrict outbreaks caused by plant pathogens.

Rising carbon dioxide lowers crop nutrients

Botanists have shown that plants grown in higher concentrations of carbon dioxide have greater yields, but lower amounts of essential nutrients.

Canada orders railways to boost grain shipments to ease logjam

Canada's government took the drastic step on Friday of forcing the country's two major rail companies to each ship at least 500,000 tons of grain per week to ease a ma...

Researchers breeding disease-free wheat

Researchers have found a way to breed disease-resistant wheat. The breeding is aimed at creating wheat that is able to cope with a fungus found mostly in Australia.

Extreme drought impacting California agribusiness

The end of 2013 left California with one of the driest years on record. As the "Golden State" braces for a third year of extreme drought conditions, farmers and ranchers say the conditions could have a far-reaching impact on the state's agriculture.

Parasites used to control locust populations

A Chinese study suggests that migratory locusts are less likely to aggregate into crop-devastating swarms when infected by a parasite.

Cryptic crop circle found in Salinas Valley, California

Salinas - An intricate crop circle has been discovered in Salinas, California, last Sunday morning of December 29, 2013. Early walkers saw two bursts of light, first thought to be a message from outer space, but now believed to be man-made, not alien, in origin.

Saving crops from whitefly

Scientists have introduced a new technique to select which types of plants are most resistant to whitefly. The aim is to aid the development of defenses against whitefly diseases threatening food crops worldwide.

Biofuel production becomes more complicated

Scientists trying to understand how the castor oil plant produces some very fatty beans from which oil is refined into biodiesel have found the plan to be more complex than previously realized.

Salt-loving bacteria help improve crop yields

The abundance of crops such as wheat, cotton, tomato and cucumber can be boosted through the controlled use of salt-loving bacteria, a new study reveals.

GM crop fails to kill caterpillars

Whether GM crops are right or wrong for the environment, they are supposed to pest resistant. In one case, however, African caterpillars have proved to be remarkably resistant.

Global warming and the spread of crop pests

Global warming appears to be triggering the spread of crop pests towards the North and South Poles at a rate of nearly 3 kilometres a year, new research suggests.

Crop rotation and the role of microorganisms

Crop rotation has been used since ancient times to improve plant nutrition and to limit the spread of disease. A new study reveals this relates to enriching the soil with bacteria, fungi and protozoa.

Trial GM Monsanto wheat ends up in a farmer's field

U.S. authorities are trying to understand how an experimental genetically modified wheat ended up in an Oregon farmer’s field. The concern is that GM wheat could be mixed up with other crops across the U.S.

Op-Ed: Indian farmers smash crop yield records without GMOs or chemicals

In a village in Bihar, India's poorest state, farmers are growing world record amounts of rice. This without any GMOs or artificial chemical fertilizers or herbicides of any kind.

Polish farmers protest sale of farmland to foreign multinationals

Warsaw - Farmers in Poland continue to protest against the sell-off of prime Polish farmland to foreign multinational corporations, who can then plant GM crops in the country. The fight has now spread to five Polish provinces.

African Civil Society petitions the African Union to ban GMOs

In the wake of the recent ban by Kenya on the importation of GMO products until proper health evaluation has been completed, the African Civil Society is now requesting the African Union (AU) to ban GMOs.

GMO giant DuPont hires ex-cops to 'enforce' patents

So far gone is the traditional act of saving your seed for the next harvest, now DuPont Co., the second-largest seed company in the world, uses former police officers to stop farmers illegally re-planting GMO seeds.

Video: Mariel Hemingway on #StopMonsanto film project

Los Angeles - In the video, Mariel Hemingway explains about the #StopMonsanto Feature Film Project, being created to educate and inform people on the dangers of genetically modified food and crops.

Jeffrey M. Smith: The GMO Threat (full length video)

If you have an hour to spare, this interview with Jeffrey M. Smith will be well worth the time. Smith documents how consumption of GM foods has been directly linked with health problems in humans.

British scientists awarded $10 million to research GM crops

London - The next in the list of countries to research and plant GMO crops is the United Kingdom. However, protesters say this is not a good idea.

New bill could make biotech companies immune to federal courts

An amendment to the Agricultural Appropriations Bill would not just allow, but would require the Secretary of Agriculture to grant permits for planting of GM crops, even if a federal court has given an injunction against it.

Monsanto convinces Nepal to accept GMO corn (updated)

Kathmandu - Notorious agricultural giant Monsanto has teamed up with the Nepalese government to force GMO seeds on to the country's farmers. Protests in Kathmandu ensued.

Argentinian farmers suing Monsanto for 'poisoning'

Monsanto is once again in the news. This time they and other corporations are being sued for allegedly "knowingly poisoning farmers" in Argentina.

Video: Dr. Vandana Shiva talks on genetically modified food

A lot of controversy is floating around about Monsanto and its genetically modified seeds, crops and pesticides. For those who wish to learn more, Dr. Vandana Shiva is an expert on the subject.

Reports indicate peanut butter prices about to soar

This past summer's scorching hot and dry weather has had a significant impact on peanut crops. Now as the fall season is here, the effects from the lack of rain many peanut producing areas experienced is becoming clear.
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Photograph showing the difference between wheat and goatgrass
Photograph showing the difference between wheat and goatgrass
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A woman stands outside of her temporary home and dried up maize crop in Epworth  in Harare  Zimbabwe
A woman stands outside of her temporary home and dried up maize crop in Epworth, in Harare, Zimbabwe
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Irrigation sprinkler in a field of corn  central Nebraska. It also waters half the yard.
Irrigation sprinkler in a field of corn, central Nebraska. It also waters half the yard.

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